If you have played Animal Jam, you have probably recycled something. It can be an
Commander Quietshark
item, a den, or even an animal. We usually ignore what happens to these items, but ask yourself this: What happens to recycled things?

Chapter 1: Recycled Shark

An everyday Jammer was saving up to get a new den, and he decided to delete his shark, Commander Quietshark, to get a few more gems. Without regret or sorrow, he clicked the "recycle" button. 

Who was that shark? Me. I am Commander.

When that button was clicked on, I saw the world around me vanish. I was falling, and I had no idea what was going on. Screaming, and yelling, I closed my eyes... And when I opened them, I saw a bizarre place I was going to have to get used to. The rest of my life would be spent here...

Chapter 2: The Recycled Kingdom

The new place resembled a large kingdom that looked like tons of dens smashed together. Expensive items were everywhere, and most of them were ones the average user would recycle. Animals (mostly crocodiles and other sharks) were wearing clothes that were mostly from the Diamond Shop... The people here had to survive purely on recycled items.

I had no idea how land animals and sea animals could live together in the exact same place, but then I noticed, it simply didn't follow the laws of physics, like an entire realm of glitches and bugs. The old Medical Center that had been taken down by AJHQ so many years ago was also here... While I was looking around, I felt a scaly claw on my shoulder. Frightened, I looked behind myself.

Chapter 3: The Glitched Creator

Behind me, there was a silent crocodile glaring at me with one blue eye, and one red eye. The red eye was covered by metal, and one of his claws was mechanical, with a blue swirl like the Spirit Armor set. A wire extended from the side of the claw, and it wrapped around the carnivore's neck, ending with a small microphone, close to his teeth.

Why does he have a microphone? He's silent, I thought.

Then, suddenly, the crocodile's hand transformed into a sword! He pointed it right at my snout. Looking deep into his unequal eyes, I felt like he was asking for my name.

"Uhh, I'm Commander Quietshark, and I was recycled," I gulped.

Two eagles flew besides both sides of the noble reptile. "That is our founder you are speaking to," the eagle on the left cawed.

Then, the eagle on the right explained, "He is a cyborg because he's glitched..."

I had no idea what was going on. I felt like everything was happening quickly, without any rhyme or reason.

"Allow me to explain," the other eagle said, while hovering above the crocodile.

I had no idea what was happening... Even though I was incredibly confused, I decided to listen closely to the eagle, as the crocodile slowly walked back into the old medical center.

Chapter 4: The Tragic Past

"When AJHQ was programming crocodiles, they made a prototype model... Due to a glitch, it only had one eye and three legs, and it couldn't even speak. Before they could delete it, it escaped into a debug room, that was never finished. AJHQ trashed the glitched model, and they never even touched the old debug room. That room was a prototype for Jamaa Township, and only the medical center was completed. Because the crocodile was so buggy, the area around him became darker and darker, as time went on...

"The crocodile, being debugging material, had no heart or soul. Using the scraps he found, he fashioned a metal eye, and a metal claw. He even built a microphone so his roars could be loud enough to grab the attention of anyone who could possibly be in the area...

"Before the crocodile's biggest move, recycled animals were killed, and their remains were scattered around the Debug Room. The crocodile tried to build a portal to get revenge on AJHQ for attempting to destroy him, and for using him as a tool...

"However, he accidentally built a portal that transported all recycled animals into the room. That's why this place is just a large collection of dens and items, and it's also why no animals in Jamaa truly die anymore... He always wanted to be alone... So, he lives over there," said the eagle. Then, the pointed to the old Medical Center. It was surrounded by barriers and fences...

Untitled drawing by ashleaf1-d7piysq

The Debug Room.

"He strives for revenge. He thinks that anyone who isn't a debug animal needs to go away. He still has hope in us, but he only cares about destroying the HQ, once and for all...

"He created an army of debug animals, animals like us eagles. He is the general of the Debug army, and his cruel sidekick is an old hacked wolf, named WOLFMODEL.jpg...

"This wolf's new name is Darkshard... He and the other debug animals have an actual working heart, but only the crocodile never did, and so he has no true friends...

"The crocodile only wants to survive. Nothing bothers him... He doesn't even have emotions. Turning himself into a cyborg didn't make anything better," the eagle squawked.

Upon hearing this, I was frightened, and thought to myself... An animal, with no heart at all... An animal, that only wanted revenge... An animal, who only wanted to survive... An animal, with no heart at all.

 I firmly believed there were no evil animals, only evil intentions. I felt tears rolling down my face... The crocodile could truly be evil... The embodiment of all evil, even!

I wondered if I could change him, but there was no hope...

Later that night, I cried myself to sleep. I now knew that my belief, 'that there was no true evil,' was wrong.

Chapter 5: Isn't This Such a Utopia?

When I woke up the next morning, I decided to stop wondering about the history of this kingdom, and focus on the town itself. I tried not to think about what my owner did to me, the heartless crocodile, and the fact AJHQ might be going to war with a bunch of powerful Debug animals... Instead, I took a stroll around the area. I looked at the hybrid dens, and the cleverly-placed items scattered around, and also the nostalgic resemblance to the old Jamaa Township.

I tried not to look at center of the kingdom, as it looked like the beta version of Jamaa Township, with the gem instead of Jammer Central. When I looked up at the Mira Statue, I teared up a a bit, remembering a normal life in Jamaa. I would play with friends, participate in games, dance everyday, and the best of all, I was not able to be harmed... In this Debug world, you could die.

My happy, cheerful days were long gone. It was impossible to go back to Jamaa. How could my owner do such a thing? He seemed to love me... But then, I was sold just for a den. Now, I was stuck in a world with a heartless ruler, who was going to go to war with AJHQ themselves. After looking around the nicer parts of the kingdom, I hid in a corner, and opened my old diary. I stopped writing in it the day before I was sold... The first page brought tears to my eyes.

"I just got bought by this awesome user! He uses me all of the time! His other animals are awesome company for when I'm not in use, his dens are awesome, and he's amazing and nice! I'm looking forward to an amazing future for me!

October 18th, 2012"

I flipped through the pages, and got to one with a tear stain in the middle of the page...

"Well, my owner recycled his crocodile, my best friend... I wonder why... He was my best friend! He bought an Arctic Wolf to replace him, and the wolf is very strict, and acts like an annoying teenage girl who talks about texting people all the time. 

September 2nd, 2012"

This hit me hard once I looked at an old monument, and found out this kingdom was built in January of 2013, long after my friend was recycled. I cried a bit, knowing the crocodile, Count Spiritmoon, wouldn't be here, and that he was dead. I noticed this was the point my owner became cruel... He started deleting his animals for more wolves, Arctic Wolves, or even a new den every single month. He himself said that I was his favorite animal, but soon, it was my turn to be deleted... Then, I looked at the last page. 

"My owner just got a bunch of rares. I could care less about rares, but I feel good for him! I wonder who will be the next animal to be recycled... I hope it's an Arctic Wolf.

July 4th, 2014"

I teared up looking at the page, remembering that he trashed me for a den. I closed the diary, feeling anger towards my owner. "YOU NEVER DID ANYTHING NICE, YOU HEARTLESS BEAST!" I cried out loud... Then, a bunny stared at me, and slowly walked up. "I was recycled happily. My owner's account was deactivated, and I lived a good year with him..." she squeaked. 

At least you got a happy ending. If an animal has to be recycled, that's the happiest way. But falling to your owner's greed is awful, and that's how I got here, I thought.

"Why aren't you speaking?" the bunny asked me.

Then, a sea turtle approached me. "Why are you crying? I got here the same way Twinkle did." he said, pointing to the small bunny.

I noticed that most of the animals around me got here the happy way. Heartbroken, I ran into a corner, and as I tried to fall asleep, I heard the sound of a wolf paw tapping a microphone, at the center of the Kingdom.

Chapter 6: Darkshard's Speech

Everyone, including me, watched the wolf, who had his muzzle over the soulless crocodile's microphone. "I would like to announce we are attacking AJHQ tomorrow!"

I gasped, upon hearing the low voice of the glitched wolf.

"We will take them down with our Debug Army! However, you may be asking, 'why are we attacking AJHQ'? Well, instead of giving us a happy life after use, they tried to kill us off! Thank Zios we escaped to this nice kingdom, ruled by a debugging animal himself. They programmed Animal Jam so that recycled animals would die! Thanks to the crocodile, we all go here, and live with prosperity!" he protested.

"The Debug Army is leaving tomorrow!"

All of the debugging animals went into a large hut, lead by the wolf, Darkshard. The crocodile was behind them, but I felt my heart racing as he turned around, and looked me in the eye. He walked towards me, and all of the animals near me ran away at the sight of him. I looked at his cold, soulless eyes. Without warning, he bit my nose!

Using my fins, I tried to escape back to my den, but I was too slow. The crocodile grabbed my tail with his strong jaws... Screaming in pain, the crocodile dragged me through the dirt, and into the gathering place of the Debug army. I was so frightened, that I actually bit the crocodile's robotic arm in my defense, but he shook me off, and... I have no idea what happened next...

I woke up in a place that would heavily scar me... The stunning amount of death that would happen here makes me wonder why I didn't become soulless and heartless, just like the crocodile...

Chapter 7: The Truth is Revealed

When I opened my eyes, I saw the crocodile staring at me. I screamed, with his snout right in my face.

"You will be fighting with us," he said, with no emotion whatsoever.

Even more frightened, I screamed again. Did that crocodile just... Speak?! I know it was emotionless, but he still spoke... I thought.

All kinds of animals bursted out of a door, and got in order. Seals, wolves, tigers, monkeys, you name it... a bunch of them were in the army. The crocodile tied me to a pole, and I was forced to look at a large gem. He broke the gem using his claws, and then, it transformed into a large portal.

The crocodile crawled back to my pole, as Darkshard ran into the portal head-first... All of the other animals followed him.

"No! There are better ways to settle things! Please don't!" I cried.

After the last of the animals went through the portal, the crocodile slowly started walking to it, but he stopped, and just stared at it. Then, he turned around, and looked up at me. My heart raced as he lowered the pole. Now, we were snout-to-snout. He looked behind him, as if he saw something, and actually cried.

"No... No!" he said, and he cut the rope. I looked at the crying crocodile. "I... I must fight, and get rid of this shark!"

Suddenly, Mira appeared behind the crocodile, with all her feathers in their blazing blue glory.

"You're not "The Crocodile," she said. "You, are Count Desertstone!"

Chapter 8: Count and Commander

"Darkshard made up pointless lies and made you the king! You are truly Count! You are only here because of a glitch!" Mira screamed.

"Count, listen to me! Darkshard used you... You aren't a puppet!" she yelled, trying to convince the crocodile.

"AJHQ had nothing to do with this! You were a happy soul that fell into this world, and into the paws of Darkshard! He's the only evil debug animal!" Mira started to tear up a bit...

The crocodile lost his control. Dark beams sprouted everywhere, as his scales became natural again, and his eyes looked friendly, and not like some emotionless robot.

"Count! Count Desertstone! It's one of my old friends!" I finally remembered Count. He was a good friend of mine...

"No, we must settle this..." he said, as Mira faded away. Count deactivated the portal, and now all of the debugging animals couldn't escape AJHQ's building. Count created a ray of fire using his Lava Glove, and I closed my eyes, afraid he would attempt to kill me with it.

"Don't hit me, Count! We were friends, remember?!" I screamed, but then I noticed it wasn't heading for me. Count made the flames dance around himself, coming closer and closer to his scales, until he was fatally wounded by the fire...

"I-I'm so sorry Commander...

...We meet each other, one last time...

Tell Darkshard I'm gone...


Count paused, and said his last word.


I looked down at Count, as he let go of his final breath, and then as he collapsed to the floor. He now laid motionless on the ground, his scales and clothes singed by flame.

"It's okay, your friend was just hasty..." a small voice said. I looked behind me, and saw the bunny from earlier. The turtle from earlier was also next to her.

"Will you forgive him for what he did?" the turtle asked. I nodded yes, and looked down at his corpse, and shed a tear.

Chapter 9: All Hail King Commander!

For the rest of time, all of the evil debug animals-- including the cruel Darkshard-- were now gone. They were trapped for eternity in AJHQ's dungeons.

Darkshard was a special case, however. He was trapped in a small capsule, and since he was only debugging material, he would watch the world go through it's end, while he would remain in eternal emotional pain, stuck in a tiny capsule for all of eternity.

I looked down at Count Desertstone's silent body. Every recycled animal in the kingdom gathered around me, mourning the crocodile as well.

"Commander Quietshark... I'm Sorry..." another crocodile said. My name was spreading around the Recycled Kingdom quickly. I didn't care about any popularity, I was just sad about Count.

"Well, Darkshard is trapped forever, and Count is gone..." an eagle cawed, as he circled above.

"Who will be our king now?" a dolphin asked, nervously.

I started to cry uncontrollably, overwhelmed with emotion. I didn't want to be famous!

"All hail king Commander!" another shark chanted. I looked down at Count, as the animals gave me limitless honor and glory. I was now king of the Recycled Kingdom.

Chapter 10: Of All Things

To this day, I haven't gotten over the loss of Count.  

"What will you like to do first, king?" a penguin asked me. Instead of responding, I just stared into open, glitched space, and then I asked myself a question... What were these last 72 hours of your life truly about, Commander? You were recycled... And your best friend is dead, too. 

I went completely insane, and felt as if I would become the next brainwashed Count.

The loss of Count greatly changed me...

...I felt as if my soul vanished...

...My innocence is dead...

...I remembered Count.

Here's another question: What will I do now?