I advise you not to do this.

This game involves risks that affect your life, and I hope you have sense not to do this.

Red Light Green Light is a game where you summon something on Animaljam.

As you all know, in red light green light you chase each-other at green and at red, you stop chasing them.

I will now put down the instructions

  1. Buy Pillows and make them into the shape of a Cross, this will be the summoner.
  2. Add Tiki Torches to every Pillow
  3. Repeat the words ' I am Dead.' Ten times with your eyes closed
  4. After repeating that ten times you will know there is someone in the den with you, keep your volume up so you will hear the 'ding'
  5. Shut down your computer and go on with your daily life, without playing the computer,
  6. The next day when you open your computer the game begins, you will get loaded into Jamaa as usual, anyone could be your follower.
  7. Soon, you'll realize your seeing someone more than once, and their getting closer every time you see them.
  8. Don't let them come too close, if they are shout 'Stop' outloud, and go to the farthest Jamaa land from where you are.
  9. The game should end before midnight, or when you close your computer it gives the 'thing' a chance to come even more closer.
  10. To stop the game yell " I cut you." and erase your den.
  11. The thing will probably sense it coming, so do it by surprise.
  12. Do not play the game twice, or it might continue where it first started which could be dangerously near.
  13. If the thing comes too close and gets you its game over, kiss your computer goodbye.

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