this is what i look like (no mask.)

Hello... my name is Knight Magic Joy... actually, my real name is Reda and I'm an alpha.... in training. Well you will never guess... I'm half phantom!!!!!!! I did have a mentor... Amelia... she was the closest person I had to a mother... she has a great sense of humor... clever too... but one day we got seperated and I never saw her since. I conceiled myself with a fethered mask and ran to the forest crying. I meet a shadow named Coach and challenged Coach to a battle... I lost and my mask shattered... revealing my true identity. Phantoms swarmed all around and we had to fight together to beat them. Then we developed a friendship with each other, but little did I know what would happen next.

Part Two, Smiles the Terrible

One day an animal virus named Smiles took over Coach and enslaved her. I came to say hello then I saw her turn an animal into a doll the doll left crying and I asked "Coach! Why did you do that!?" But he smiled, saying, "Who is Coach? I am Smiles." His voice was teenaged and a bit high pitched, The voice disgusted me! Then I asked, "Why did you send a "help!" jam-a-gram?" Smiles said, "I want to make you into a doll.". "NOOOO!" I screamed. I ran and I escaped to the forest, but Smiles cornered me. "Fine!" I said. "You can have me if you let Coach go!". So Smiles let Coach go and ran. So since then, the word smiles has brought a bitter feeling.

Part Three, Is This the End???

I was just strolling, but then came an eagle red with orage flames and yellow eyes.

"You're gonna battle me! To the death!" I could tell he was a phantom is disguise, so we battled. After two hits, he turned into his phantom form. "Traitor!!!" he yelled. "You will pay for betraying the phantoms!!!!". I fought and I did a magic blast, but I was too close so I got hit.

Is this the end

is this the end?????

(to be continued. I need more animals to continue)

If you want your animal in there, I require a few rules.

  1. this is not supposed to be creepy! too scary animals are a no!
  2. say your animals name
  3. say her/his weapon of coice
  4. tell me if your animal would belive im an alpha in training
  5. add other funny info about your animal (don't get mad if i give it a new personallity!)
  6. if you add a picture, add on of your animal straight from animal jam, I'll acept no subsitutes!

anyone who does not follow the rules cannot qualify, No more animal requests, untill later.


Reda woke up to see a black cheetah and a fox with two braids.

Reda: what kinda dream am i having?

Siaska: Dream? you mean this is not real?

Midi: No, this is not a dream!

Reda: Whaaaaa............!

Midi: My names Midi

Siaska: im Siaska

Reda: The name's Reda!

Midi and Siaska: Im not buying it!

Reda: huh?


Reda: Oh come on guys! Do you really need a flashlight in a dark room to prove anything?

Both: Yeas!

Reda: sigh...

(Siaska turns flashlight on)

Reda: hey hey HAY!!!!!!!! it's getting in my eyes!

Midi: tell us the truth, and nothing but the truth

Siaska: yeah! what she said.

To Be Continued

ways to support...

I love it when you show support by drawling non gore fan art! and please continue to share your opionions!

Final announcement...

Bad news guys... I HAVE MOVED ON!!!!!!!! But fear not! i will not leave you at a cliffhanger, i will retell the story on . Best Wishes! [1]

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