Don't know who King is? Check out his past and what his current position is in So Close to better understand him!

King sighed. He was in the corner of the Pillow Room a.k.a. The Adoption Center, as usual. No regal wings for him to bear yet - the Alphas had already condemned him one stormy day for this current role, yet he never actually had his own wings to bear. Laying his head on the floor, he watched the crowd of Jammers begging to have a home to call their very own, but Jammers never chose him, for they believed he was the 'poisoned one'. Everyone left him alone as if he was a ghost, and sometimes they would come up to him and pretend to kill him, or at least actually hurt him in general. He decided to do something he knew he would eventually regret, but knew he would at least draw sympathy from someone brave enough to believe his pain. But this was his only option left. In the past he had tried begging, pleading, crying and showing his own pain, but the so-called 'Alphas' had convinced EVERYONE to not believe what the poor animal had said. They were monsters in their own right, and he wouldn't allow that to happen to anyone else. He decided to do it - politely ask people for avalible recolors of items or simply plain old items you could buy at the Jam Mart Clothing and promise to turn it into a rare. King knew that noobs were especially going to be the ones raging at him the most, but he didn't mind so long as it meant he would escape to long-lost freedom.

A few minutes later, a girl artic wolf named Scooter Quietwolf was merrily minding her own business, strolling about in Jamaa Township. It was a notably fine day - the sun was shining bright, the sky was clear, nothing could go wrong today! She had just bought a pair of wings at Jam Mart Clothing colored to look similar to scary bat wings in anticipation of the upcoming season of Halloween. All she needed to do now was play some games, earn some gems, and buy some things at the Summer Carnival, then she would go home for the day. Eagerly padding over to the Sol Arcade, Scooter was suddenly stopped by a nooby Jammer, who obviously had a look of anger in his eyes. The noob shouted to her, "OMG! CUN U GU TO DA ADUPTION CUNTER RITE NAO? SUMTIN EXCITING HIPPININ THURH!" Sighing, she reluctantly agreed - however, she quickly corrected him that the 'Adoption Center' was really titled the Pillow Room, but tons of people treated it like an adoption center. The noob raging, she padded over to the entrance of the Pillow Room. Pressing her ear against the door, she could already tell that the 'exciting sumtin' the noob was talking about wasn't a good something. Scooter guessed that the noob didn't have pro friends, but instead nooby friends like him.

She still couldn't hear the commotion clearly, so she pressed her ear harder against the door. The unlocked door gave way to the force Scooter had user, swinging open and allowing her to tumble into the room. It happened so quickly - the shouts, yells, and screams just invaded her ears like warriors invading a fortress. Perking her ears up, she could make the sound out more clearly, as she had gotten used to the noise already.

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