This page will just be a list of user on Animal Jam you should report. Please put the username and what they did. Scamming, innapropriate behavior, etc. Feel free to add pictures! If the user has any alts that you know of, please mention them too ONLY if they were taking part in the scamming.

  • Puggybubbles-Scamming
  • sillyseal75-Scamming
  • Cannoncool-Scamming
  • Iseeapotato-Scamming
  • Mythical05-Scamming
  • Artfulatol-Scamming
  • Moorew-Scamming
  • niminugent1-Scamming
  • Connorpants- Scamming/innapropriate behavior
  • Catcatcatt- Innapropriate den/Innapropriate behavior/bad language
  • Chewymojo and Cupcake099- Scammers in cahoots 
  • shorty92 for lying about having a spike, so basically scamming 
  • girly998 for being a bully 
  • xfounderz for having auto accept and scamming
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Report theright12 for scamming and hacking. He kept spamming me with jamagrams, game requests, friend requests, and more. If you see this person don't go to their den. block them, report them, lock your den, turn off your jammer wall, turn off buddy requests, and turn off game requests.
  • Arwen419- Scamme a whopping tan headdress, red and blue long collar, and beta green tail armor
  • SwagSplash-AutoAccept and scamming
  • Fluffycandle-bullying
  • amazingwerewolf- bullying, name-calling.
  • Township for being a real fman, seriously, they hack non-members
  • Naewhipas - Inappropriate username and behaviour
  • 20imbac89- Inappropriate den.
  • Thexx - Scamming, stole a skull helmet, feathered mask and two den items, one being a rare.
  • REALLY IMPORTANT: Report grossape(Banned) for being inappropriate in every way. His den may not have it now, but it had pillows spelling out sex. Also, he rapes unsuspecting jammers. Just, report him
  • Collecti0n- Innapropriate behavior, swearing, talking about sex
  • Whut- Innaprorpiate behavior, bullying, swearing, talking about sex
  • Jonah174922- Innapropriate behavior, bullying, swearing, talking about sex
  • Dysmorphobia for scamming people in the past, also a recent scam of a blue long collar
  • REALLY IMPORTANT: madison26 - Doing "It"
  • REALLY IMPORTANT: madison26's girlfriend (I don't know the user) - Doing "It"
  • Hoodchina-Scamming
  • Lol17083 and Lol17081-Same person, different accounts (Claimed they had a spike(Never put it on trade) and told people to gift or trade something good(Also cursed(Ran around screaming "BEACH")(Not sure about these two accounts but be careful around them)
  • Antasmabowser- Called all girls pigs and stupid, insulted me in various ways, was rude to other jammers.
  • Report Daniel5 for cursing. 
  • Report ValentineLemons100 for hacking AND scamming 
  • Snickerss- Hacking, scamming, being rude, lying

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