I will show you who report in ANIMAL JAM [inspired by IM STILL ALIVE ]

Lost423 ~ Trying to hack my account

Daniel5 ~ Gross Jammer and make child with a girl

Elsaperpi ~ French Jammer, and he hack me the previously year !

Mailied8 ~ Copying my name and scamming

Jpupz ~ Scamming alls spikes of my brother and me too

Mailieperpi ~ He say "As***le to me ~ Being mean

Daniel57 ~ Pervert, he hoping alls under tails of any females girls Jammers.

[IMPORTANT JAMMER REPORTER] Daniel58 ~ Inappropriate behavior. 

WolfBravette ~ Trying to scamming and pretenting the Fman122.

Assumptions ~ Scamming famous jammers to be riche!

Love35791 ~ Scamming Slushy, hacking with site hack's.

13mars ~ Maybe, he have a reason, he log with members account and he steal alls items of my brother.

Grossape ~ [ BANNED ] if he replay to AJ and he answer you, report him, inappropriate behaviour. 

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