This story was made up,which means some things may or may not be true.

When foxes were released on Animal Jam, almost everyone rushed to get them.

My name is Admiral Vonclaws, and I used to have a fox on Animal Jam. Everyone used foxes when they were released, no more making your wolf look like a fox, no more putting on a fox hat to be a fox, buy the fox, and BOOM. You were a fox.

How do I know? I was THERE when the foxes were released. I watched the jammers happily enjoying their new animals from the shadows, waiting, patiently waiting. For what? I don't remember, but the only thing I remember was the return of the foxes.

New animals were soon added, like the artic wolf, and took the place of the fox. Pretty soon, the popularity of the foxes went down a bit, and more and more jammers appeared with artic wolves. The jammers with foxes were green with envy. They all tried to switch to an artic wolf, but kept the foxes as one of their animals.

I was still a fox. A black fox, pure black, with red swirls. My eyes were green, and I only had a couple of rares and den items. What were the rares for? You'll see in a moment.

I sent one rare to every fox I saw, sending them a message that read,

Take over Jamaa.

And they did.

The return of the foxes, and how terrible it was. Every single fox in Jamaa were crammed in the servers, leaving little to no space for jammers to join Animal Jam. I was there, and I could tell you all about it. Animal Jam kept on creating servers, until Jamaa reached its limit.

All the foxes possible were crowded in Jamaa, and nobody could move from one room to another. All the foxes did evil grins, and danced around. There was one artic wolf, I remember, who was the innocent Major Grandmoon.

The foxes kept on saying mean things to the poor artic wolf, and everyone reported him many times. Major did crying faces and before he logged off, he said,

"Foxes are not cool anymore."

Then Animal Jam was closed for the day, because of all the full servers.

There you have it:

The ugly return of the foxes.

And I started it.

But you won't see me around on animal jam much....

Because I'm not even in Jamaa....

I'm just in your imagination.

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