Rhodochrosite: Are you forcing me to eat chocolate like you forced Amethyst to?

Me: Yes, you can either eat the chocolate yourself or be forced to. Either way, you'll have chocolate.

Rhodochrosite: I'll go with willingly eat it myself. Where is it?

Me: *airdraws a chocolate bar and it appears in front of Rhodochrosite the Flamingo Alpha*

Rhodochrosite: *bends down and tries to grab chocolate bar using oddly hooked beak but can't reach any further than her knees* Help please?

Me: *lifts the chocolate bar a bit so Rhodochrosite can reach*

Rhodochrosite: Thank you! *grabs chocolate bar in beak, tilts head directly up and opens and closes beak so the chocolate bar falls into her throat*

Rhodochrosite: Aaand now I have to wash off my beak. *dips head in water nearby*

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