aPlease note this story will have some relation to the game Buzz! Junior: Robo Jam. I do not own this game in any way whatsoever. All copyright towards the original game belongs to Magenta Software, FreeStyleGames, and the game developers of the PlayStation. If you do not understand what this game is, I highly recommend you check out the Wikipedia page provided here. Now, without further ado, I shall begin the story!

The Training Camp

Orange nervously stepped off the bus designed to fly through space. Nobody could blame her for being worried, as slowly, one by one, Orange's friends timidly stepped off. There was Yellow, Blue, and Green, her best and currently only friends. Blue and Green were the boys, while Yellow was a bit more of a tomboy girl. In front of them was the large training camp that their parents had signed them up for, which was the thing making them nervous. The head of the training camp was often known to be strict and strived for perfection, and prefered being called 'Lieutenant' or 'General' to 'Head'. Orange cautiously approached the camp, but before she could even take another step foward, 'General' suddenly landed in front of the group of nervous robots, naturally causing his students to jump back.


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