When Animal Jam added the Roleplay update, everything changed. You see, AJHQ had been monitoring the chat system for some time, and they noticed the amount of roleplay that took place. That's when the idea struck them: why not create a special zone for roleplaying?

When the zone was added, it was like an adventure. You had to go through a portal to enter, and when you did get in (if it wasn't too full) then there was an identical one to exit through. In the room were various things: trees, rocks, water, etc. You got the typical adventure customizations, but there were no phantoms.

Jammers went to this new room to roleplay, but what happened was far worse. You see, when you selected "Actions", instead of the usual dance, sit, sleep, hop and play, you got pounce, stalk, sit, sleep and drink. If you provoked a fight on a player, the game would fade to a cutscene of which you could control what your animal did. A = attack, S = surrender, D = dodge and you used the arrow keys or the mouse to move. However, the other player could also control their avatar, meaning that they could attack you. Every time you were hit with "attack", you would lose a heart, but you would only have three. You could gain extra hearts by killing other players.

Not only that, but you had to eat, drink, and sleep. If you didn't, your animal would slowly die. If your animal ever did die, you wouldn't be able to roleplay as it again, but you could still create another one.

The strength of your animal depended on the size of it. If you had a bunny, you wouldn't last long. However, if you had a snow leopard or an arctic wolf, you had a pretty good chance of surviving.

You may think that this roleplaying zone isn't that bad, but oh boy you are wrong. If your animal ever died, you would experience a very long and graphic cutscene. If your animal died of starvation, you would see it crawl along the ground, it's bones showing and all. This was a similar ending to dying of thirst, but this time your animal would collapse and the viewer would see all of it's shrivelled up intestines.

If you died in a battle, you would see a very gory cutecene. Your animal would be knocked down with it's opponent standing over it, before they delivered various wounds to your animal's body. Sometimes they would gauge their eyes out, or they would rip half of a limb off so you could see the bone and the muscle sticking out. Sometimes they would tear your intestines out or even snap all your bones in half. This ending applied for the winner of a battle too, but their animal would be the killer.

So, Animal Jam soon turned into a child's nightmare, and many users quit the game. Thousands of complaints were sent in by parents about their children having nightmares because of the game. Animal Jam was shut down shortly after, but rumour has it that some files of the nightmarish game still exist today, deep down in the web.

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