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  • Don't be violent. There is no reason to kill or harm this character, unless his personality intimidates you, in which you should ignore it or file a complaint on my message board. I do care about my fellow jammers, and want to do anything to improve my character
  • If this character is murdered, he/she will simply respawn into the roleplay, since I don't want to end the party for everyone else, so killing him is basically pointless.
  • Post your animals name in front of your roleplay. For example Precious Arcticmoon: Hello, characteror Gaia: Hello, character
  • Each character has their own personality. Some of them have more joke-like personalities, so if they are rude, please, don't take it personally.
  • Please write your roleplay in italics. This is so I can tell the difference between your roleplay and mine. Thank you. Just don't be rude. Make it fun for everyone.

Plot and etc

Plot: N/A

Setting: By The Slide In Sarepia Forest

Character: Angel

Character's Gender: Male

Character's Species: Arctic Wolf/Angel Hybrid

Additional Characters: None

Picture: N/A


Angel: *sits by the slide, tapping his paws to the beat of some music being played by another person on the other side of the forest*

​Silver Sea (Enchanted): *Quietly sings to the music*

Angel: *notices the person near him and greets her with enthusiasm* Hello! How are you today!

Silver Sea: Are you... talking to me? Good I guess..

Luan (Sneaky): Well Nick, that was fun in school!

Nick (Swimming); D-D-Did you see those people!

Luan (Sneaky): Well duh!

Nick and Luan (Sneaky and Swimming): Hello there! We're Nick and Luan! *they both kneel down*

Silver Sea: Oh um hi. I'm Silver Sea

Midnight (Mythical): *hums quietly to herself as she sits by the slide* ... i wonder if silk is anywhere in the forest...

Midnight: *notices the people beside her and jumps* S-sorry, y-you scared m-me. M-my name i-i-is Midnight. *she becomes more confident after saying these, and sits up proudly*

Stardust (rabbit, Apprentice): *curiously peeks over the edge of the canopy to survey from above* What is going on down there? I want to go down to the forest floor, but I'm not sure. What if it's something important is going and I interrupt it? What if I say something wrong and get exiled from the forest? *shakes her head and begins talking to herself* Cursed anxiety! You can't get exiled from Sarepia, just like you can't get exiled from Jamaa Township. *begins to poke at her own head* Get. Out. Of. My. Head. Anxiety. *finishes mentally scolding herself and walks towards the slide, her Cupid Wing accessory flaps as if they were real wings (Stardust/Apprentice is not a real angel. She has a bit of a childish nature and pretends to be one.)*

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