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  • Don't be violent. There is no reason to kill or harm this character, unless his personality intimidates you, in which you should ignore it or file a complaint on my message board. I do care about my fellow jammers, and want to do anything to improve my character
  • If this character is murdered, he/she will simply respawn into the roleplay, since I don't want to end the party for everyone else, so killing him is basically pointless.
  • Post your animals name in front of your roleplay. For example Precious Arcticmoon: Hello, characteror Gaia: Hello, character
  • Each character has their own personality. Some of them have more joke-like personalities, so if they are rude, please, don't take it personally.
  • Please write your roleplay in italics. This is so I can tell the difference between your roleplay and mine. Thank you.
  • Just don't be rude. Make it fun for everyone.

Plot and etc

Plot: You have been suctioned into the Jamaa Void (a corrupted and inverted Jamaa Township). There you are greeted by Crazy Koala, a koala that has been a resident in the corrupted village for a long time.

Setting: Jamaa Void

Character: Crazy Koala

Character's Gender: Genderless (but it's okay with being referred to with male pronouns)

Character's Species: Koala

Additional Characters: Corrupted Animals Scattered Around the Void

Picture: N/A


Crazy Koala: HeLlO tHeRe StRaNgEr. WeLcOmE tO tHe JaMaA vOiD!

​Serafina (Duchess): W-were am I? Get me out of here! *looks around with terrified look on face*

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