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So this is a continuation of my wattpad book where a bunch of characters get stranded on an island. I thought I could continue it here.

Character Overview:

The Doctor-1000 year old alien who has a time traveling house called the TARDIS, who is a time lord meaning he has two hearts and instead of dying, turns into a new person (regenerating)

Amelia-The doctor's best friend for her entire life, who travels withy the Doctor in his TARDIS

Rory-Amelia's husband who also travels in the TARDIS

Rose-The doctor's girlfriend who was separated from him hundreds of years ago. She is now living in a parallel world where the doctor cannot get to her

What's happening here-Amy and Rory were sent into the past, but end up in the parallel universe where Rose is, without the Doctor. Rose?~Chapter 1, Rose's POV


I never really felt the same after it happened. I kept returning to the place we were separated. It brought back sad memories, but at least memories of him.

But then they showed up.


"What year are we in?" She said, near crying. "What?" I respond. "All I remember is the angel--and the scream--and the Doctor begging for us to not do it- but we did... Are we dead?" She said. "T-the doctor?" I respond. Tears form in my eyes, remembering the unfinished sentence, the hologram, the burning sun. "You knew him?" The girl says. "I'm Amelia by the way, and this is Rory." She continues. "Yes. We were in love, actually. But then it happened, the horrible thing happened." I say. "Don't worry. He'll come back for us. He always does." She says. "Were in another universe. He can't come back for us." I say with a sigh. "But he can." Rory adds from behind Amelia. "What?" I say frantically. "You know where he came from?" Amy says. "Yes, he came from gallifrey." I say. "Gallifrey stands. Timelords live. Because of that, he can travel between universes." Amy says. Before I can say anything, the old, but famillar, sound of the TARDIS plays.

"Doctor!" I run into the TARDIS. He looks different-not like he did, so many years ago. "Rose!" He calls back from the control center. We hug and laugh, just like we used to. "It took you long enough." I say with an uneasy laugh. "Yes, it did. This is way overdue. And I'm sorry. But I'm back. And I want you to know that-" I cut him off. "It doesn't need saying." I say. "I love you, Rose." He says. Amy looks from behind us and looks as Rory. "You're rose?" She says. "Yup." I say, looking back to them. "Did everyone else make it back to their place?" Amy says. "Yes, they did. They all lived happy lives from then on. Percy and Annabeth got married, so did Piper and Jason. Both Tobias and Tris died, but I can assure you they did not die in vain. Katniss and Peeta grew old together and eventually died and were reunited with Prim and Finnick. The wizards lived on for years and years, then the same thing happened to them. And we-well we'll have to find out!" The Doctor says, walking up to me. "I'm never letting you out of my sight again." He says. I just sort of sit there, staring into his hazel eyes. He is a man of so much, it is hard to comprehend. And he is weighed down by everything that has happened. Everyone who he had let down.

But just this once, he didn't let anyone down. Everything horrible that happened-and just this once-this one occurrence-he isn't let down. It may not last long, but for now, nothing is weighing him down. He is happy. As a quote from him-"Just this once, everybody lives!"


We spend the rest of the night in the TARDIS, huddled together, watching old movies. We even watched a bit of the show about us. I guess my favorite movie was Frozen. Come on, it was cute. But then it happened. The moment that can't be replaced.

The Doctor and I are getting married.

CH. 2-Katie's POV ~ And I was stranded there. Not knowing where I was. I didn't remember blinking, or maybe the angel had touched me. Al I saw was darkness, and a box. Nothing special, just an old police box. No real reason for being here, so it probably was just thrown here for inactivity. I guessed that I should find out where I was, because there's probably no chance of getting back to my old home. Probably for the best.

"Ello, how'd you get here?" A voice calls. "I-I don't know... I just blinked and I was here." I respond. "What were you looking at-when you blinked?" He said. "It was-was I don't know. I was behind my house and noticed a statue in front... And all of the sudden I was here." I said, trying to calm down. Another person looked from inside the police box. "Was it by chance an angel statue?" She said. "Uh... Yes? Why would that matter?" I say. "The weeping angels have spread. We have to get them out of earth or they'll take over again. Remember your first death, Amy?" The man says. "F-f-first death?" I say. This man is obviously mad. What is he talking about? "Yeah, first death. Very long stories." Amy says, looking over to me. "I'm Katie, by the way." I say, trying to get off the topic of the angel statues. "Hello, I'm the doctor, and this is Amy and Rory" the man says, pointing to the two other people. "And I'm Rose." Another girl says. "Doctor who?" I ask the 'Doctor'. "How many times do I have to explain this?" He whispers to Rose. "Just the Doctor." He says. "I'm an alien. I fly around in a big blue box that's bigger on the inside. I'm 1100 years old and am just a madman with a box. Does that clear everything up?" He says. "Madman, yes. Everything else, no." I say. I feel like I know him, though. Somehow, he seems familiar.

But how would a 15 year old girl from California know about him?

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