Static covered everything else except my fox. The noise rang through my headphones, crawling through my mind and leaving the never-ending blurred sound there. The same white fox I saw earlier was still there, its empty purple eyes focused on nothing. It had a hole on its side, the skin and fur ripped back, revealing flesh and muscle. Maggots burrowed through the wound, ripping through the warm flesh and blood. A few of the larvae fell off, blurring away in the static. Blood ran off the wound, pooling around the canine's paws. A rope was fastened around its neck, similar to the lasso.

"Stop doing this!" I typed in.

"AJ has left me behind, now I have to leave everyone," the fox replied.

My screen began to flicker black. Screeching noises ran through my headphones, along with other random beeping noises. My ears began to throb from the noise. I threw the headgear off, only for the noises to continue, but even louder. I covered my ears, growling. Quickly, I turned the volume down, silencing the noise. I sighed in relief.

But the beeps rang back into the air.

Right then, I slammed my fist on the keyboard. I jerked my hand back, shaking it a few times. I wondered if my brother was hearing this. If he did hear all the noise, he would've said something about it. I guess I was the only one able to hear it.

"It may be their fault... But you were the only one who could help. And you didn't...."

I uncovered my ears as the noise died down.

"And now I'm rotting to the core... Because of EVERYONE!"

My computer then shut off. I'm typing this with a new PC. My previous one wouldn't function properly after the incident. If someone is in need of help, don't forget about them, or they'll forget about you...

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