Kailu was on a majestic throne, sitting above everyone else. She smiled cruelly, she had everything she ever wanted -
Cruel Kailu
and the majority of Jammers were her slaves. The other free Jammers were simple peasants, working as hard as they could for oh-so-little pay. But it suddenly went poof. Kailu sighed.

It was only a dream. A simple, little dream.

But Kailu dared to make it real. Except - every time she tried to crush Greely's Alpha Bead, Greely would constantly stop her. It was annoying - it was getting to her - but she was working on a horribly complicated portable machine that was meant to trap him. Smiling, Kailu remembered that the machine would be finished today - after all, she had be working on it for 3 weeks now! Heading towards her workspace (it happened to be a very large abandoned factory), she tinkered away at it, adding the last 5 pieces required to make it work properly. In a matter of 20 minutes of toil, she had completed the machine, and all she had to now was to test it.

Greely was pacing madly in circles in the Alpha's private garden - pretty normal for him in the afternoon - grinding his teeth. He was so enraged at Sir Gilbert's death - Sir Gilbert was his only friend, and he was taken by the dreaded Phantom Touch. He was so mentally deaf (his mind was overrun with voices) that he didn't hear a particularly loud machine-like sound which got louder and louder as it approached closer. Nope, he didn't suspect a thing! He sat down for a rest on the grass - a few seconds later, an iron cage was dropped on top of him, trapping him inside. Greely, being the respectable insane Alpha he was, started shouting questions at Kailu, mostly screaming "WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?!"