In this story, you're a HUMAN! You can have animal feet, ears and tails. If you chose a bird, you cannot have wings. This is going in the non-AJ-related category, since this doesn't have anything to do with Animal Jam. I feel a lot better submitting to AJStories and I feel at home here. Please understand that. Thanks!

You groan as your eyes slowly open. Your head begins to throb as if something hit you. You place a hand on the spot the pain is coming from, fingers brushing against a bandage wrapped around it. You didn't know where you were, but all you knew was that it was dark and there was a faint light above you. You push yourself up, feeling a pillow where your head rested.

You turn your head, barely able to see anything. You could make out a bow and arrow hung on the wall, a large vault with a panel on it, a long table with a box of art supplies, a gun on the table, a large chair and a painting canvas. Turning your head again, you saw the head of a buck mounted on the wall, having twelve points on its antlers. On the wall, there were a few dark scratch marks that were very hard to see.

Shrugging, you sit up on your knees. You turn to see a closed door, the knob shining dimly from the faint light. You stand up, cringing from the pain on your head. You slowly turn the knob to see a bright light hit your eyes, causing you to shut them. Slowly opening your eyes, you adjust to the sudden light. You step onto a carpet floor as you look around.

Not too far from you were two curving, white couches, both of them connected. There was a flat screen TV not far in front of it with an Xbox 360 connected to it, along with a Wii. There was a stack of games in a box beside the TV. You look at the dark wooden walls and notice a picture.

On it was a tall girl with dark blonde hair and blue eyes wearing glasses, a black shirt and jeans crouched beside five puppies. They weren't like any others you had seen, though. They were all dark gray, one of them being black. One with curled ears had a back that glowed fiery orange, its fur black and its ears folded forward. A lighter one had pale orange horns curling down, like a ram's horns. The others had small horns pointing back, the black one having none. A pale gray pup had broken horns. You realize that the dogs all have red eyes and longer tails, each having a different fur length on them.

Hellhounds? No way... You also notice that there was a tortoiseshell cat on her shoulder, its green eyes staring at you, seemingly. You walk away and find yourself on a short staircase.

You saw a dining room downstairs. There was a large table on the pale carpet floor, a long bench on one side and chairs on another side and the ends. You see that one of the wooden boards on a wall was pulled back.

You stopped dead in your tracks as you walked to the sound of a demented bark. You began to grow nervous as you heard footsteps coming your way. There was a closet by a washing machine that was currently turned off. As the steps grew louder, you heard multiple barks and a meow. You run to the closet, closing its doors. You slowed your breathing as the steps stopped, but a few dogs kept barking.

You froze as you heard a loud bark and clawing against the doors of the closet. You held your breath as you saw the doors slowly open. You shut the closet in response. Whoever was on the other side slammed the door open and grabbed you by your throat, pinning you against the washing machine behind you. It was the same girl from the picture on the wall, although she wore a pair of black pants and a white shirt that read "BRUH." She looked taller than she was, also.

"Who the hell are you!?" The girl snapped at you, her eyes darkening as her irises turned ice blue. Piercing white rings began to form in her eyes as she clutched your throat, her grasp tightening. You could barely see the two gray dogs barking, biting at your legs. The girl raised you up by your throat and slammed you against the ground, three more dogs leaping at you. They were the dogs from the picture, also.

You scream as a pain struck your arm. It felt like it was burning badly. You grasp the girl's fist as she dives in for a punch. You pull yourself up, but get knocked over by the dogs. They bite you all over, one of them running into you, its curved horns slamming against your face. The girl shouted at the dogs, and they ran over to her.

This was your chance! You rush up, dusting yourself off. You can see that your shirt and pants have many holes in them from the bites. You rush down a long, spiraling staircase to find yourself in front of a steel door. You see that part of it is open, so you slip through the open gap.

Oh no.

You run down a long hallway. You eventually begin running through darkness, the echoing of footsteps far behind you. You hear a voice.

"Stop, right there!"




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