Note from Moon: As this is AJ Based, there may be a few details that aren't what you might call... Star Wars-ish. So enjoy~

Chapter 1: A Beginning of an End

Mythical walked around slowly, admiring every little detail of the stars. It was nighttime, and the Dark Side had just invaded at least 10 planets in search of Luke's light saber. Luke Skybarker, the one who disappeared. He was of wolf species like her, an older wolf. She had been searching for him ever since Psanmea had been invaded.

"Myth," she heard a voice. It was her training partner, Wretched. Both of them had been raised since birth as they were of Luke's descent, and Jedis were needed. Wretched caught up with her and walked along. "We should probably get some rest," he said, panting from running across the hard earth. "Tomorrow we leave for the Empire."

"I know," Myth thought, thinking about how they both had to leave since the Dark Side was searching for them. "I just want to- enjoy the stars."

"You can enjoy them tomorrow when we fly out," said Wretched. "But you need some rest first."

When Myth finally agreed after having a little light saber dual, she hopped on her bed and thought to herself. "Tomorrow is the day," she muttered quietly.

Chapter 2:

"Rise n' Shine fun-sized," barked Myth's mentor, an arctic wolf named Incredible. "You're late. Wretched and everyone else are already on the ship.

Myth groaned and and put both paws on the ground after rubbing her eyes. "Yeah, yeah." she muttered. She hated when Incredible called her "fun-sized" because of her small appearance.

The ship was bigger than Myth thought. It had at least 15 entrances, and was probably a fifth of the size of the planet they were on.

"Move it!" Incredible pushed her towards the ship. "You're such a slowpoke."

Suddenly Myth heard a noise.

It was Kylo Den's ship.

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