"You idiot, sand cats can't eat chocolate."

I don't care, it's for the viewers! You won't die- you've been through enough without dying. Halfway decapitated by wires, rotted, blood loss- you've lived through that all, so you'll live through this.

"Tech, I am not eating that sugary toxin. That will ruin my-"

//shoves chocolate into Sahara's face// Eat it!

//coughs before swallowing// "It's not that bad... But I still hate you for this."

I created you, I brought you to life. You hate me?

"Fine... I still like you. But don't do that to my daughter Mojave, alright?"

She's gonna try chocolate, and you knew it was coming. Mojave should like it. That hyper snowball loves sweet things. Ever realize?

"NEVER do that again-"

//shoves choclte into face


Eat it or all the sand cat population will go down!

-- song chocolate rain plays with the screaming CHOCOLATE guy from spinglebab in background --

"Are you done yet...?"

Yes. Say hello to the viewers!


Lighten up! The birds had to eat chocolate, like the CROWS, the winged heroes! They went through the same "horror."

"Tell Onyx I said hi."

Alright. Bye Sahara!

"Bye..." //walks off//

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