Every so often, a snow leopard will appear in my den. It looks like a Maine Coon. Its name is Sammy. Like my cat. I stalks me around, and every so often a shrill screech will erupt and I log off.

A few of my buddies have this happen to them as well, if they have a cat. This is known between us as the cat virus. If we stay online when our cat is stalking us, our cats in real life start acting creepy. Once, I decided to ignore the virus. About an hour later my cat sat down right in my doorway. What she did still haunts me today, even though she's returned to normal.

Her eyes were extremely dilated, and she started panting like a dog, even though it was only 68 degrees in our house. It sounded like she was saying "Hi...hi...hi...hi..." over and over again.

A few days later, I was playing Animal Jam, and without warning, a scream sounded off and showed an odd picture of my cat. I shut my laptop.

About a week later, my family got a new puppy.

I haven't has the virus since.

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