This story is completely fictional,and original. And blood warning, so yeah, only 11 and above read this. Ever notice the phantom in Sarepia Forest near Hedge Hog? Well, here is the truth. I've been the son of an AJHQ worker, his name was Dave. He invented the phantoms. Dave always let me play AJ everyday and made an item for me, called the Skully. But one day I found Dave lying on the couch. He seemed to be dead. His spirit whispered to me, saying, I don't remember but I took a videotape.

"My son, I have left a amulet in my toolbox that lets you warp into the dimension of Jamaa. Use it to defeat the Phantoms and reveal the true secret..."

I peeked into the toolbox and saw a necklace encrusted with some sort of yellow gem. I wore it on and surprisingly I was in Jamaa! I saw my buddy Happy and Eternal was on so I Jam-A-Grammed them saying "Meet me at my den!" They did, and saw a corpse of a fox, bleeding all over the wood floor.

"OMG, what's that?" gasped Eternal.

I ran to a place nobody was looking and threw up. I ran back, surprised to see that Eternal was bleeding, somebody had cut off her limbs! Once again, I threw up while Happy was not looking.

"Ugh, this in a kids game? I think not!" Happy protested. I started to feel queasy.

Then, Happy asked " Is that a bucket full of..."

"Don't ask... I was a bit queasy so sue me...", I interrupted.

We set off to Coral Canyons to see the "breaking" bridge. Happy was quite shocked to see the bridge was not there! There were millions of corpses down the pit and a bunny grasping on a crack with one hand, while holding her pet Arctic Wolf with the other. I grabbed the bunny's paw and got her up to safety.

"Thank you so so much! The name's Major."

"Mine's Happy!" Happy said.

"Well you sure do look like it! Now what's your name?" Replied Major.

"It's Happy!" Happy replied, angrily.

"I know that! What's your name!" Major said impatiently.

"THE NAME IS HAPPY!" Said Happy, fuming. There were flames literally bursting out of his head!

"Oh, uh, okay..." Replied Major, scared.

We decided to do an adventure, In Too Deep. But instead of the Phantom Factory Machines, there were bloody corpses around.


We explored around until we saw a Minion in a scuba gear.

He seemed to be in big trouble as he was running out of oxygen. We got him up as fast as we could, riding the speedy currents to get there faster.

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