Rosy223 had all the rares she wanted, all of them.

Now, you may think, how?

One easy answer:

She scammed.

Her user was Rosy223 because she had 23 accounts.

All of them were Rosy2 and then the number of the account.

She was:

The poor bunny that was in need of items,

The fox that "loved" you,

The arctic wolf who was "recording",

But she just wanted items,

She enjoyed seeing them beg for their items back,

But she never gave them.

One day as she danced in Jamaa Central as her arctic wolf yelling "send me stuff for mailtime", a black arctic wolf walked over to her yellow one.

He looked at her

"I've got a very special item for you"

She turned to him, showing the member smile emoticon "thanks! The YouTube Community will know of your kindness!"

A small "ding" signaled that he sent it and she clicked to her den.

She clicked on her Jam-A-Grams and saw the present and clicked it and saw what she thought was a skully

But oh was she wrong

Rosy laid back in her chair with her arms up in the air. The rarest item was her's!

She hit keep and went to her change your look screen and clicked it.

And the power went out.

Rosy stared at the black screen with disbelief

"How?" she asked.

There wasn't a thunder storm.

It was dark,

And she was supposedly alone.

Then something metal was put on her throat

"Don't scam"

And the world went dark


And now for the top story this evening

A young girl was found dead in her bedroom with her throat slit and the words "scam" carved into her arm. All that was left was a note that said "Don't scam signed Arctic Black"

It is unknown who Arctic Black is but until he is caught all residents in the town of Pheonix, Arizona should be advised


"What was that all about? Oh well, my mom and dad are out of the house, it's time to scam kids on Animal Jam"

"Don't scam "


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