It was a normal day in Jamaa, and a girl and her friend were walking and they saw a Seal saying, "Trade me!" Then, the other girl's friend, Julia, said: "If u gift me ur rare hd, ill send u my black long." "Wow! Ok!" Was the Seal's reply. The Seal sent Julia her Rare Headdress. Then Julia left. The Seal started crying. Julia and Mia went back to Julia's den. It was locked. "Dude wut did u do that 4?!?!" Typed Mia. "It's 4 u XD." She said. A one appeared in her mailbox. She send her a Jam-A-Gram saying, "Thanks!" "Ok girl" Said Julia. "U need 2 start scammn'." "Ok ill try it." "Good." And Mia started scamming. So far, she scammed an Orange Wrist, a beta robot, a non rare headdress, a rare headdress, a Mira statue, a black long and the rarest item: The Magenta Furry. She had EVERYTHING she wanted. All the items in the game. ALL OF THEM! She had even hacked Julia. She had become as famous as Fman122. She was terrible, just terrible. She would spend hours finding passwords to hack. Then her moment came. She hacked in to the main server in Animal Jam. She made her inventory larger and gave herself 5 of every single item. She was so rare, so rich, that it just got weird. But beware of her jammers. Turns out the only time she gets on AJ, is 12:00. And don't ever go into her den. Jammers who go in there never come out. The End.

Drawing 7


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