Note that none of this is true - The scammers, protagonists and antagonists are fictional.



As I was born, my nose was flooded with unusual scents - Other foxes. I had never used any of my senses, form as I had mentioned, was just born. As I am now, my sealed eyes and ears have opened. But for some reason, I considered myself different.

"Come here. You need to learn the basics of trading,", my mother called.

"Coming, Mum. But why must I learn to trade if I can consider stealing or fending for myself? What are spikes? I don't care about fashion, dear old creature.", I answered, trotting over.

"You're barely a yearling. Where did this language come from, Glaumora?", my mother sighed. It was true. I felt a thousand years old, yet stuck in such a tiny body with no significance at all.

"Come on, honey. This is how you trade.."

I payed no heed. I felt no respect or emotions towards some situations, instructed by certain people.

"Mum, What's wrong with me? Am I Cursed?", My final three words echoed through the den. Crowdiing Jammers stopped, and started to stare at me with lifeless, disdainful eyes. It was forbidden for a young animal in Jamaa in those days to question such things.

"You are barren. You act as if you have so much, yet I have no idea wha what to do with you.", my mother hissed, raising a rock against my head, and THWACK. I'd fainted.

As I had awoken, I found myself in a forest. Flourishing with life, yet it seemed so... Dark.... No, not literally - The sun was shining, and the Rays stirred my black pelt, rippling with the wind. But yet, I couldn't move. I turned my head weakly towards my paws.

"Zios Almighty!", I had screeched. They had abandoned me! Cut off my 'frinking limbs in case I survived, and this place - It felt uneasy, dangerous, deceitful - I was going to probably die of starvation?!

"No. No I won't.", I said to myself. I put my head in my ruff, and tried to rest. Perhaps my limbs may grow back, like in those silly fairy tales Mother read to me. No, probably not. Either ways, I feel so insignificant once again. Nothing matters.

Back To Jamaa

I woke up in a nest of thorns. I thrashed my tail, yowling, trying to break free. But then I realised my paws were back! How?

"Heh. Declared cursed, right? I wouldnt worry about any of those dumb Jammers if I were you. Rares matter. You sound lost and muddled, from your sleep-talking. 'A patched up ya limbs for ye, robotic. Made them out of my spikes. Oh well, lives and costs, pretty much the same. I'd kill for rares.", A muscly, yet slender figure chattered. It felt more like he was talking AT me, not TO me.

"wh-what's your name? Thanks, by the way. No idea what rares, that you speak of - happen to be?", I stammered.

"Oh, I'm just little Ao, Entirely robotic, and I love all this blood here. Take a look around, Glaumoura, I know you're name because you kept saying it in your sleep. But anways.", the strange animal, who firstly was NOT little, or humble, proceeded to explain. I took a look around. Yuck! It stunk of old rotting corpses, the metallic stench of blood, and worst of all, I realised this thing had a half-pulsing heart in a metallic RIBCAGE!

"Well, I- I've heard of scamming. What is it?", I started.

"Well, my child, scamming is an easy, efficient, fun and clever way to get rares - Rares are useful if you want to look good, well - I don't scam. It's tricky finding boneheads - And I'd probably get transported to the GAME animal jam - I'd be an avatar, controlled by some lousy little kid, forced to dance, squealing, 'Trade me, trade me!', But, you'd get control when they'd 'log out'. And, I'd start off as a plain old arctic wolf - Yes, I used to be one. Or just a pile of flesh! Feh! But yeah. Scamming is basically tricking people out of their stuff. Doesn't work as easy here....", explained Ao.

I began explaining my short life and that I wanted to go to Jamaa - Ao shown me how to do an incredible skill - I had grown accustomed to that gory, ripping, and screaming the victims made - But I'd start off like this... I was in Jamaa...

The Spree

I'd go to Jamaa Township, lift my head, and formally greet a jammer, whenever he or she liked it or not, I'd ask to exchange an item. I'd snatch it, and run for my life - Or, I'd give a fake, hand-made item. My robotic paws gave me this illegal skill. Scamming in Animal Jam is so much different than the literal meaning, and that is still quite different in those days.

Anyways! I met a tough young lady who refused to trade.

"No! I'm Duchess Fierywolf, and I declare you a scammer!", the jammer yelled. People watched this defiant little hero fight back. I decided to use my precious skills. Without letting her react, I grabbed her head, wrenching it until it snapped straight off. Her paws were flailing, gave a spasm of agony, slowed, then I ripped out a bloody tendon, stabbing the corpse until is was shredded. Jammers backed away.

"That's a nice piece of art, sweetie!", Ao cooed. "Would you care do dine with me, honey?", Ao continued.

"Oh of course. Bon appètit, but seriously. I don't feel female. That confuses me.", I muttered.

"what does...?", Ao asked, tearing out Duchess' eyes, and began chewing them, spitting the mess out onto the floor as a pulpy mess.

"Nothing. But I'd prefer killing than simply 'scamming'. I don't want to risk being.. Possessed, as you said - by a human child..", We talked together, discussing matters that constantly changed subject.

Many years later...

I felt so alone without Ao. Such beauty as he ripped and cursed and spat at those who defied him stunned me so. If I was out here in the cented of the township, I'd know I'd be done for.

And oh, yes, I was right. I was brutal, yet I was not strong.

I was thrown into a cage. Just simply, like 'just another dog in the pound'.

They tried to kill me. I always survived.

The agony was unbearable. I found hope in my blood and my organs that I was losing every day.

My life was confusing, torn, betwixt - But it will never end. Until I read about how I could get into the 'Animal Jam' game..

I shall strike at Aldan.