Scared of Light


  • blood
  • some gore (not a lot, but there is some)
  • might be trigger momments

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(oh, and the main character is the bunny from my other story, Cyber Danger, if anyone wants to read it here: , if no jut continue :D )


Chapter 1

Being scared isn't wrong.

If we weren't scared of getting sick, we wouldn't have medicine.

If we weren't scared about our close ones, we wouldn't come helping.”

I woke up, everything hurt. I had a big headache, my heart was beating fast. I was laying on something cold, freezing my skin. I moved my paw, just causing myself more pain.

I yelped, only to realise no sound came out. My head was hazy, and I had no memory of where I could be.

I slowly pushed myself up to a sitting position, before noticing I was laying on ice.

In the middle of the street.

The street signs... were painted black, as a blanket of ice covered them. The road was covered with a thick layer of ice- there weren’t any puddles of water or slush anywhere, just... ice. The tree's leaves where frozen to the tree, stuck. What was the weirdest...

I wasn't cold.

I slowly got up on my legs, not able to remember what happened. A sudden stab of pain jabbed at my stomach, as I winced. I scanned the area around me- there was only ice, snow and a few trees scattered across the road. I slowly made my way over to a frozen bench that was sticking out from under the frozen water, sitting down. I then let out a small huff, before noticing something sticking out of the ice next to my bench. I leaned over, trying to make out what it was.

I gasped and jumped back when my brain registered what I was looking at.

It was a frozen wolf, a foot under the ice.

The wolf hardly resembled an animal anymore- just a lump of frozen fur and flesh under the ice. The only thing that pointed out the fact that it was a wolf, was its slightly opened mouth, rows of sharp teeth inside.

My heart stopped racing, as my headache died down. I stared down at my reflection in the ice- I was the same, green bunny from before and always. But my claws were a bit longer, and my bones felt stronger. I kept staring at the ice. One of my eyes where a dark shade of green, the other a really light shade of blue, glowing.

I don't know what going on.

I know what’s going on.

I ...don't know what's going on?

I know what’s going on.

I... do I know what's going on?

~ ~ ~

I woke up, happy as ever. I was turning 10, which was pretty exciting for me.

I was finally going to be a 10! Most of my friends were already older than me. Who wouldn't be as excited as me to be the same age as my friends?

I jumped out of bed and raced downstairs for breakfast, almost tripping down the stairs. When I got to the kitchen, I noticed a cupcake sitting on my spot, waiting for me.

"Mom? Dad? " I called, as my mother came hopping out of the family room.

"Happy birthday sweetie!" she called, hugging me. I hugged back, and after some time we pulled away. I jumped on my dad, who just laughed and sat me down on my spot.

"Even though you’re getting older, you're still as hyper" my mother laughed, sitting across from me. They both smiled at me, before frowning slightly. I sent them a confused glance.

"And sweetie... this... we told you, you were too young to know a certain secret, well, now you’re old enough..." my mother said hesitantly, glancing at my father. I was puzzled. I always asked why I am different from others- why I wear a mask every day I go out- a small red mask with a single letter at the top- K. They never talked 'bout why I wear it- but one way or another, I wasn't the 'I-trust-you' type of person, so I rather the mask. Besides, behind the mask I felt safer, and hidden.

"Yes... well... Snowflake, when you were born, something happened. You see, it was the time of war back then. Everyone thinking about themselves, not caring about anything. So, the people who helped us at the hospital noticed your heart was damaged, along with part of your mind. They inserted something to help you live right after you were born, but due to the rush they accidently inserted... something else. Something... they had no idea about. "

"The thing they inserted was a soul of demon, it was an old experiment, accidently mixed with the medicine. They injected it and now... your... well... stuck with a demon inside of you. BUT it hasn't showed up- we have no idea how. It had been said the other demons injected into jammers took over their body for about an hour every week, or even more. Here, we think maybe your fallen angel isn't 'fallen' anymore."

"We sure hope not. In case of any emergency... tell us, okay? And... we thought you might want to know it now. We are really sorry for... you know... not telling you, sweetie. We were worried how you would react at a younger age..." he said, nervously smiling up at me. I was shocked. Not because I had a demon inside of me, not because of any accidents or the fact he never showed himself-

I was amazed by the fact that they decided to keep me. I hugged them tight, thanking them for telling me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was a few long years after that, when something changed. I wasn’t very well known in my school, nor was I liked much. Plenty of people would chuckle at me, or talk behind my back. I tried to never let it get to me. Yet…

I was cornered, Adam about to pounce on me. Last time I came out with a black eye for walking into him in the hallway- I don't dare think of what'll happen now. I was thankful I was wearing my red mask, it helps cover up how hopeless I am. I never understood these Jammers- why they did it.

How would this help them? And more importantly, what did I do?

Suddenly, a weird sensation was filling my head.

I suddenly felt as if something was boiling inside of me, a horrible pain blooming inside of my head, poking at me like a bundle of needles, only to stop seconds later.

It was as if my brain was controlling me into hating the fox in front of me even more, even though I thought that would be physically impossible.

I felt a rush of energy go through my body.

You’re not going to get hurt again

Said a voice from the back of my head. I was too scared of the fox in front of me to notice what was going on. I felt a tingle in my eyes, and my claws slightly grow. The fox hit my mask, making it fall to the ground. I stood paralyzed, as he aimed for me once again, but... I felt a burn in my eyes. The pain was starting to get unbearable- I tried to claw at my eyes, but I was stuck in place. It burned.

He froze, panic painted across his face. ...this wasn't the first time he threw my mask off, so what was the problem? My face?

".... what happened... t-t-to your e-e-eyes?" he stuttered. I lost all contact with my body, feeling something else taking control.

My first instinct was to run, But my legs stayed in place, as if not my own. My paws ignored me, not moving. All I could do was stare.

"...I think it's better for you not to know" a metallic growl escaped my lips. I didn't know what was happening- then it hit me. It was the demon my mother and father told me about. But... It was helping me. Why?

I couldn't think about that, because all of a sudden, my feet kicked into the fox’s stomach, throwing him againced the corridor wall, making him fall to the ground. The metallic voice came back, only in the version of a small laugh. Whoever the demon was, made a few steps towards the fox. It put my paw around it's wrist, pinning it to the wall.

"Now, 'lil angel, keep away from... me" it growled, letting the animal drop to the ground. I once again felt the ability to move around my own body. I felt as if I could just break down crying, but instead, I darted for the exit.

All though I was terrified, I... I felt like I finally beat him. But he'll be back tomorrow... I just know it, Adam won't let me out that good. I... I don't want his hurtful words again, I don't want... I don't want to see those eyes, those eyes full of hate. Those eyes of a-

"Don't worry. I shouldn't care for you, I really shouldn't, but I'll help you- after all, no matter if I'm a fallen angel or angel...

A voice in my head whispered.

From that time, I started talking to myself- well it looked like it, but I was actually talking to Deper, originally, he was called Depression, but no, he wasn't like depression at all- he actually pulled me out of it. He said he likes 'Deper' more. From then on, I kept him a secret- only my parents and Adam knew he showed up- talking about Adam, he tried to stay as far away as he can from me. I always seemed to smirk from under my mask.

~ ~ ~

I remember- It was winter now- I live in the coldest place in all of Jamaa. I was... homeless, my mother and father died in a car crash two months ago-I wouldn't have taken it if it wasn't for Deper's comfort. Now I was here, on this bench, as Deper navigated me around the town, helping me find a dry place to stay.

I would just have to do him one favour;

Hide from the light

(role credits!)

Chapter 2

I walked my way to school, hiding in the shadows so the sunlight wouldn't hit me. I had my mask over my face. I was attached to it from the first time I had it on. It hid me well.

I walked the long way through the forest- at least I was hidden from the light. Deper told me I couldn't go stupid so I should go to school at least once a week- eh, I don't have anything better to do, so I go daily.

Although it's mainly Deper's nagging that makes me go there.

"Tell me, Snowflake, why do Jammers hate you?" he questioned, from the back of my head.

"You see, Jammers... are... so heartless now days" I answered, kicking a stone from in front of me. It continued to tumble along the path.

"...but you have a heart, it pumps blood, right?" he said, as I felt him poking at my heart. I laughed at this answer, slowing down.

"...what?" he asked, nervous, probably asking about what was so funny. I stopped and leaned forward, trying to support myself from the laughter.

"...yes Deper, but, being heartless means being rude, mean, and thinking all about yourself. Of course, we aren't like that, you think about me, and I about you" I answered, starting to walk again.

"OHHHH THATS what it meant! Well, now my head is clearer, so we can continue" he said, adding a small chuckle.

Once I got to school, I headed for class. I didn't have any books with me, because I leave them under the desk. It's amazing how lazy our teachers are to not even look around the classroom.

I slipped into the room, heading slowly to my desk, my paws searching under it. Once I felt the books in my grip, I pulled them out. Checking twice if I hadn't left anything, I exited the room. Few... that was lucky.

I leaned againced the wall, sighing. I was the anti-social type, didn't.... didn't trust no one to be honest- besides, who would want to talk to the rabbit who 'speaks with themselves?'

This, all of this might just be me thinking; 'hey. I'm scared of everyone else.'

Nobody really sees it, but I'm scared; of what people think about me, about what I do. I'm afraid of what I think, about what I do.

"Hush, you’re okay. Besides, you have me and Slash" said Deper, calming me down. Oh ya- Slash.

Slash was a made-up friend I had. Deper created her, I could talk to her when I wanted to calm down, and, she was like a real jammer, just... invisible. She was a white artic fox, with blue snowflake marks on her body. She was awfully pretty- but held an extremely careless and outgoing personality.

She was weird. But I liked her for that.

Seconds later the school bell rang, but something was different. Adam wasn't staying away from me. Eh, he didn't notice me... maybe... I hope...?

"Hello students. Today, we have a new friend joining!" I heard Ms. Wish announce.

"why, don't we have enough idiots for one class? Do you want to kill me?" groaned the voice in my head. I just sighed and rested my head in my paw. More and more weirdoes...

", our friend-come here, bud" she said, pulling a bunny towards her, and continuing;

"This is Commander. He's come far from Femaa! Sweetie, sit in the back, next to our 'lil bunny!" she said, pushing him forward- it was amusing to watch him fall on his face after the teacher 'pushing' him. The class giggled, as I rolled my eyes. Deep inside though, I felt bad for this bunny- being the point of attention on your first day isn't something you'd be keen on during your first day of school.

"gawd 'mam, ya should go fighting or something!" The voice said, adding Zios, if she ever hugged someone, that someone would get crushed on the spot" Deper muttered, as I smiled. Zios, wait... He is coming up to the empty seat next to me.


I just shook it of- sooner or later I'd have to sit with someone next to me. I opened up my book and dug my nose into it.

"...Snowflake, you have work to be done with- you can't skip lessons like that" said the teacher handing me my tests. I sighed and took them, leaning down to the floor to pick up my pencil case. Once I finally got a pencil out (it's hard to find that ONE pencil out of a hundred broken ones) and started writing down answers to the questions. I didn't have to do much- I just read the question and I would know the answer- and if I didn't, Deper would tell me it. I felt someone's eyes staring at me, as if trying to burn into my skin. From the side of the hole in my mask I saw the brown bunny staring at me.

...probably my mask. Darn...

"Hey, if you don't mind, I would like to continue my work, and I know my mask is 'cool' and all, but please, don't stare." I deadpanned, as he turned red and looked down into his own book.

Oh, my friend, this 'll be a funny day...

"...are you going to scare the heck outa the newbies again?" questioned Deper, I could feel a smirk on his face.

"...there’s no reason for me not to" I muttered, as the bunny once again looked my way. I was done with my papers, so I pulled out my book, searching for the right page.

".... what was in 1921 again?" I asked Deper, as I heard him hum as he reached through my memories- ya, he can do anything in my head... I regret some of that.

"...the killer camp of Mira the second was built" he announced a few seconds later.

"Well, Mira the second-" started the bunny, but I didn't let him finish.

"I wasn't asking you" I snapped, as he jerked his head back to his book. I felt Deper grin, as I sighed and wrote a few sentences in my workbook- there, lesson done. Besides, the teacher just repeats herself over and over again... It's super boring. No, I’m not the nerd type-I just have a small demon in my head browsing through my head. Slightly unfair, I know, but it wasn't exactly my choice.

" got on the masked jammers bad side, so don't even bother..." one of the penguins muttered, leaning to Commander who was talking to it. I smirked and decided to join the small conversation.

"...masked jammer? I thought a better nick would be made-that one’s a bit long, I guess" I said, wondering about the last part. Maybe I should change my nickname... I saw the penguin freeze at the sound of my voice.

"Pfft, okay Snowy, how about... I don't know- Kass?" Deper muttered, as I snickered at him.

I ain't calling myself that I muttered to him, before he let out a chuckle.

"Waddabout Kat?" He asked, as I nodded. Kat was my middle name- it would make an okay nick. Although I'm not sure why I'm dedicating any time for this.

"Well then Commander-bunny-what-so-ever, I'm Kat" I said, then glancing at their workbooks.


What were they doing this whole time?

" didn't do anything... you're going to get some problems, but hey, good luck" I commented, before looking back at my workbook.

Silence lasted till the end of class.

Chapter 3

I skipped from shadow to shadow, not touching the light. The sun was higher, so the shadows seamed small and it was uncomfortable jumping from one to the other. I never actually felt light for the past 5 years-I always had a hoodie on (like now) when I went to school so the light didn't touch my skin-It didn't hurt Deper that much, but when it did I felt guilty.

"Snowyyyy" sang his voice, as I entered the woods. I was slightly irritated when he sued the 'sing-song' voice...

"The newbie is stalking ussssss" he sang, as I sighed. I wasn't that stupid to not notice the chocolet-fured bunny hiding in between the bushes, walking after me.

"I'm not blind, Deper..." I muttered under my breath, but not quiet enough for the bunny not to hear me. I saw it from the corner of the hole in the mask, stopping, fear in its eyes. I slowly turned my head around (hey, scaring the heck outa kids always works like this in horrors, right? No? okay....) I could see his nose twitching about ten times a second...

A laugh echoed my head, as I slowly started laughing with him. The sight of the bunny just standing there was so funny-and besides, Deper's laugh makes you yourself NEED to laugh along. The bunny just stood there, now puzzled, as I had to hold on to my sides from laughter. Pfft, I probably look like some drunk jammer who wanted to murder someone...

"...N-n-next time t-t-t-ry to hid-de be-tt-tter..." I forced out, still laughing hard, gasping for air. Now, he stood there no longer scared, but probably thinking: '...what was I thinking? Following this Psycho around...?'

"O-okay S-s-snowy we should be PFFT hahaha.... l-leavin..." called Deper, as I calmed down a bit.

"Ya I-I-I’m coming... s-s-see you t-t-tomorrow kido" I said, still half laughing myself to death, and half dragging myself into the forest.

Aren't I wonderful with meeting newbies?

-time skip because there was a hole in time so I can't tell you what happened. Oh, and also. Time skip because of upcoming food. I'm hungry.-

".... this tastes better than the one yesterday" I said, eating a loaf of bread I 'borrowed' from the pigs. I'll give it back after I die.

"...that's cause it's fresh... I think" sighed Deper, as I leaned back againced a lemon tree. I moaned in annoyance and let my head rest on the bark.

"Kay, Snowy, I think we better get going if we are to get your books..." he mentioned after some time, so I slowly got up. Pfft... another boring day.

-time skip cause I have power of timeeeeee (it magically turned night...)-

Eh school sucked. Not that it ever was any good...

My paws pit-patted on the cold ground, covered in weeds and green grass. A small field flooded into vision, a red moon hanging over the small town I used to call home- now it's plain torture. I knew a few secrets- for example this world was pixeled- heck I have no idea what it means, but all I know is those born from the ASKSA hospital are... eh... pixels or whatever... heck do I know. I was from a ASKSA hospital, but didn't know I was a pixel, whatever that was...

"...'ello, I’m sorry didn't think anyone would pass by... Sorz" a deep voice said from behind me, pulling me out of my thoughts. I jumped, turning around to see a grey wolf with a green bandana over his head, his ears sticking up. He had white fur and grey socks, but I didn't see his eyes, he was back to the sun so it was hard to see his face.

"No, it's kay... " I sighed, placing my head on my paws once again. He nodded, and sat down next to me, staring into the far-red light the moon shinned upon our small town. Well, ya, red moon, blue moon and black moons don't come often, but when they do, everyone-almost everyone is too scared to go out, so it was rather calm and quiet- besides we were on a never-ending field... and uh... the cows are long gone, we have too much wolfs- wait this here was a wolf... welp let's hope he doesn't eat cows or... uh... bunnies.

"Welp... what are ya doing here tonight, buddy?" he questioned, his head low.

"Eh... I... just wanted to get my mind of my life" I responded.

"And to relaxxxxxxxxx" I heard Deper's voice, as he cracked up laughing. I grinned and gave out a small chuckle.

"You have a good friend there, don't 'cha? I can tell Deper and you are quiet a team" he said, as my head shot up. Nobody knew about Deper... exept the weirdoes from the hospital who injected him, and my family... So this took me by surprise.

"How do you know about Deper!?" I exclaimed, jumping up, frightened. Was he going to try to kill me? After all, Deper is a demon...

Pfft, heck, if I met someone with a demon in their head, I'd probably run away.

" guess I am from a ASKSA hospital...?" he said, his voice uneasy. Same hospital I came from... WAIT did he also have his own demon...?

"Do you also have a demon?" I questioned, then noticing how stupid that question sounded.

"Oh, come on! I liked being a secret..." said Deper, I could feel him rolling his eyes, then he let out a soft laugh.

"...well, I kind of got a demon tracker inside my ear... I promise you, as many times as I tried to cut it off, it'll regrow the next day. I gave up, because it wouldn't work... besides the pain was huge..." he let out a small laugh then lowered his head even more. I looked at his ear- it had plenty of cutes- only that... they were sewed together, as if someone took and needle and threat, and sloppily put the ear back together I tried to look away but ZOIS was that uncomfortable...

"...sorry, Imma just go" he said, as I watched him get up. I felt kind of bad, well, after all, it's been FOREVER from my last 'real' chat with someone else but Deper.

"See ya around then" I said, placing my head on my paws again, staring at the moon. He came up and lifted my paw up into the air, pulling me with it. I looked at our paws, which turned a weird blue colour... it was... weird. My paw all of a sudden started vibrating as I felt something crawl up to my eyes.

"Woah... Zios Snowy! this is awesome!" announced Deper, clearly amazed by the heck is happening.

I on the other hand was clueless as I studied my paw, it was glowing blue- I could see though it- and I could see small sparks inside my wrist, my vines blue.

The wolf after some time let go of my paw, as it turned back to normal. I looked at him and tilted my head, to notice his eyes where pitch black.

"...I guess this proofs we are both pixeled. Well... I guess see you then" he said, walking away, his head hung low. Well... that was some experience.


Too bad I don't freakin know what happened and-

"...that was awesome" commented Deper, braking my sentence.


Can you call a though a sentence, if it isn't said out loud?

I mean, it's still a sentence, but...

"Dang it Deper! I'm trying to say a line to myself about what happened and you bite right into it" I muttered, getting up and walking to find a place to find before daylight would harm us.

" pleasure" he just answered, then I heard soft snores.

Finally, Deper, you have a good night sleep, while I try to do the same... I stared at my paw again.

'pixeled? ...the heck? What does that even mean anyways?' I just left the question hanging, in hope of sleep.

Chapter 4

Clutching my books tightly to my chest, I sat in the hallway with the worst lighting. Well, I was STILL covered by my hoodie, but I was worried that even though I had that over my head, the light might fall onto my face every once in a while. It was a typical break between History and Math, which I wasn't the best at... neither was Deper, so I couldn't really count on him.

Not counting the whole 'I can read in your mind to find the answers but I'm just too lazy' thing.

I silently stared at the passing animals that hardly even glanced over to me. Well, I attended this place from my first small days. I knew every corner and every spider that haunts each room- well, it's good to know which spider lives where so you could help them if they 'have a big-foot-is-about-to-crush-us' emergency. Besides that, I know a lot about light.

I know every reason the sun might explode, I know how the light bulb works (took me 11 days to understand any of it but who cares) I know how to use light and change its colour with only simple materials, and I feel good observing it- I can even reflect its light with black material (which seems impossible, but I've practiced long enough to be able to do it)

A small movement caught my eye.

It was Adam, walking towards me. I sighed and hung my head lower, in hope that he was just going to walk past me, but instead, he stopped in front of me.

".... freakin bunny, time for a small revenge, ey?" he muttered, as three more of this 'gang' friends walked around me. I am beginning to think this looks like some school fight from some movie... you now, those moments when the small wimp gets beaten up by four bullies? Like why four? Do they think they are that hopeless that they need four foxes on one rabbit...?

"...we heard you caused a bit 'o trouble for Adam here" growled a white fox, clawing at the ground. I felt my mouth turn into a smirk, as my body started to feel numb.

"Yesh, maybe there was a small misunderstanding. You need anything?" I questioned, trying to pretend that a demon totally did not take over my body a second ago.

"Yes, we need to take care of a small problem standing in front of us..." answered the pitch-black wolf, probably Adam's girlfriend... I think I’ve seen her around the school a couple of times. Just then I felt a familiar pain hit my eye, causing me to let go of my books. I felt Deper crawling around in my head, causing my smirk to widen, scaring one of the foxes, who looked a bit panicked.

"...the small problem isn't that SMALL no moreeee...." grinned Deper, a metallic voice escaping my mouth. Deper leaned over and gathered the books as one of the foxes jumped on me, only to be pushed off with great force. Deper's deep metallic laugh filled the air, as the other wolfs stood wide- eyed. I couldn't blame them- I myself was scared of Deper sometimes- I really didn't want to be controlling my body with blood on my paws and animals running away from me.

Well okay I don't really care about the animals running away but the red liquid might be hard to wash of.

"" growled the black wolf, getting ready to attack. Oh, that's what got Deper into another laughing fit. I could feel the black dog’s claws againced my snout, slashing my skin leaving a long cut from my eyebrow to my mouth. Deper let a growl escape my lips as I pounced on the wolf, the other two foxes yelping and running away. I saw green sparks around my eyes, and Deper going into total control... a few seconds later, I only saw... a green flash of light- and that flash didn't go away. It felt like I was asleep... yet the darkness was just the green light flashing before me.

chapter 5

I woke up to a... interesting scene.

I was sitting on top of a desk, and light scars painted up my arm, as did a red liquid that stained my fur. I looked around me, to see I was in an office.

Probably the nurse’s office- although, why wasn't she here? I thought-

Oh wait, yes, I forgot she didn't work on Thursdays and Fridays.

Getting up, my back about to snap in pain, I raise my eyes to the ceiling- and what I saw made me want to gag.

It was painted with blood, a few words smeared out with it. The fan was slowly turning, acting as if it was tiered. The quiet hum of the ventilation filled the room, as I sat on the desk.

"Pathetic fox" was spelled out, the letters dancing around the edges of the slowly turning fan.

My eyes glided along the walls, the pictures that once hung where now shattered on the ground, the memories ripped up and scattered across the room. I gulped, slowly walking to the main door.

I then realized It was dark- probably already late, seeing as it gets dark at about 9 pm.

Looking into the dark hallway, I still shook, probably from the shock. My paws where trembling, but my mind was blinded at the moment.

I made my way back to the place I always spend the night- this time I didn't have to avoid the light; it was already dark.

A fox scurried past the gates, her tail shimmering in the moonlight.

"Phantom, why in the name of Zios did we come here?" she muttered, her paws beating againced the sidewalk, as the lights of the lamps dimmed down when she passed them, as if the flames bowed before her.

"It's because the gang wanted you to be a mole in the other gang!" chirped out a voice, as the fox rolled her eyes.

"Yeah well, why can't I just stay at home? Everyone knows I can kill them, so why don't they act like that, instead they just boss me around like they own the place, as if I couldn't snap their necks right there?" she huffed, continuing down the sidewalk, every so often glancing at the lamps.

"Because honey, they do own the place. It's their gang, your just part of it" sang the voice again, yet this time the fox growled.

"Then why don't they give me a raise of some sorts? Been keeping the other gangs of their tails ever since I joined, and they don't move a paw to rank me higher!" it yelped, as five of the closest street lamps started to flicker, before the lightbulbs exploded.

The fox's angered expression softened, before letting out a sigh. She heard the voice in her head curse at her a little, muttering how she could have been seen.

"Shut up, I haven't been this angry in a while..." the wolf growled, as the voice just laughed.

"To bad sweet cakes, too bad." The fox huffed at the nickname, before deciding to quicken her pace to get to her desired location faster.

"Hey, you know, maybe if Jess would have not chucked your pie at Casper and you wouldn't have raged out and destroyed her lamp, you would have a higher rank" the voice chirped, as the fox's face turned red.

"It was a pie I worked on FOREVER. It was HER fault!" the fox snickered, before a lamp-about ten feet away started to flicker, and it blew, sending the glass everywhere.

Suddenly a quiet groan was heard from where a tree- not too far away.


"ZIOS DAMN IT, DON'T SHOUT!" a voice muttered out, as a slim figure jumped from the tree branches.

"WHO ARE YOU?" the fox growled, as Phantom smirked to himself.

"Who am I? I could ask you the same damn question! Who do you think you are, going around the throwing glass into trees and shouting in the middle of the night!?" it hollered. The fox stood, ready to pounce on the animal.

The fox smirked, before jumping at the figure, about to sink its claws into it- but the shadow moved slightly, sending the fox tumbling next to it.

Growling, the fox turned around, it's teeth slightly larger, and eyes glowing a slight red. The animal could now make out a rabbit, no larger than itself- probably even the same age.

The fox quickly pounced at the rabbit, but to its surprise, the shadow of the bunny disappeared, as its eyes started to glow a dark green.

Using the fox's confusion, the rabbit kicked it off, sending the other againced a tree.

"Shuddup Deper..." a quiet murmur was heard, before the fox was once again ready to attack the rabbit.

But before anything could happen, a sudden force stopped both animals, frozen in place, then letting them collapse to the ground.

"Stop it, damn it! People will see!" a voice said, as a golden furred artic fox emerged from the trees, a frown on his face.

"Who are YOU!?" the fox barked out, as the rabbit continued to lay motionlessly on the ground, while the newcomer just rolled his eyes.

"I'd be asking the same thing to someone who just turned up in this town. What did you think, nobody will notice two pixilated animals fighting?" he growled, as the fox tilted her head in confusion.

"Pixel-what?" she asked, before one more shadow escaped the woods, walking over.

"Oh, hello again" the second figure said, sitting down next to his partner, looking at the rabbit- who was still laying on the ground.

"...Helix, you know them?" asked the arctic fox, as the wolf shook his head.

"Only the rabbit. Good soul. Fox is new around. Also mind demon." he muttered, almost too quiet to hear. Suddenly the rabbit got up to her feet, and stared hatefully at the fox.

"What was happening?" question one of them, as the fox snickered.

"This idiot scared the heck outa me, when I was trying to mind my own bisnes" it growled, flicking its tail, as the rabbit scowled.

"This here fox threw glass into my tree, and started screamed at me!" exclaimed the rabbit, pointing to the fox.

"Okay, um, let’s start with, your names maybe?" asked the artic fox. The other three just rolled their eyes.

"Helix." said the grey wolf.

"Umbrey..." muttered the fox, as the others nodded.

"Snowflake" said the rabbit, biting her lip.

"Howie" said the artic fox, smiling slightly, then looking around.

"Okie dokie, since we haven't seen you around, Umbrey, what brings you here?"

"...can't tell."

"Well, what about motives?"

"Isn't that the same thing?"

"I guess. Is it so important that you had to throw glass everywhere?" asked Howie, as Umbrey's eyes lit up.

"It wasn't my fault! It's just- if I'm on edge or mad, well, lightbulbs flicker or burst apart. The rabbit was just sitting in a tree to close to a lamp post!" explained the fox, as the two nodded.

"Well, let's just pretend it didn't happen- okay? We don't want others seeing two pixilated animals, do we?" Howie said, studying the other two, as Helix sat down, placing his head on his paws.

"Fine. 'll be on my way, then" the fox said, turning around.

"'G night bud. Now, I'm going to go back to sleep." the rabbit yawned before climbing back up into the tree she sat in before.

"See you around" called Howie, before nudging Helix to get up.

"You wish!" shouted back the fox, which was now on the other side of the road.

"Heh, you'd just be surprised..." mumbled Helix, before the two walked back into the forest.

chapter 6

A snow leopard and a wolf scurried past a house, the falling rain soaking their fur.

"What the heck, Shrickie? Where is this 'shelter' you said?" whispered the snow leopard, as the wolf pointed to the torn-up house.

"What?" growled the leopard again. The wolf stared at her for a while, before straitening her shirt.

"It's the house. It's a bit mangled up, but it isn't wet" the wolf announced, before walking into the cabin through the backdoor- which was non-existent, like the rest of the back wall. The leopard clenched her teeth, trying to not lose her temper after wandering around for three hours after some wolf she met.

Shrickie- the wolf- promised a safe place.

Little did the leopard know it was just a broken-down cabin.

"Takona, I have some warm clothes for you here!" called the wolf, as the leopard followed the voice into a what-seamed-like bedroom.

The roof was still standing, but half the outside wall was broken, and glass was surrounding the window frame.

Takona turned to the wolf, who was holding up a green jacket and a brown and red shirt. The leopard took the cloths, before thanking the wolf and walking into what was meant to be the bathroom.

A few minutes later Takona got out, and noticed Shrickie- who was sitting on the mattress- or what was left of it- seeing as it was eaten up by bed bugs or from old age.

Shrickie had a top hat sitting on her head by now, covering the stumps of her old antlers the Leopard noticed she once head. The wolf was reading a newspaper, while Takona made herself comfortable next to the bed, her head in the clouds.

She missed the people she once knew, and was determined to make it back to them somehow. But she was trying for so long- and her hope was slowly going down with every passing day.

Thoughts kept running in her head, not letting her thing straight.

She always knew she was a bit different- she wouldn't always be by the leader’s decisions, while others didn't even question the ideas, even if they were bound to turn out wrong. From a young age, she was taught to treat elders with respect, because they knew more, and were wiser; seemingly, that also meant any of the younger age didn't have any right to correct an older civilian. The leopard never agreed with that; taking it as stupidity. She disliked being after the group, she was always keen on being a bit different, being unique. Yet others her age tended to correct her, to follow the group, which would lead them to safety.

Which- they were already safe, so she didn't quite understand that.

The pitter-patter of the rain againced the remaining glass in the window frame was quite calming. A distant sound of thunder was heard, but the both of them didn't as much as bat an eye.

"You fancy a good book?" asked the wolf after some time, turning to look at the leopard that was now curling up by the foot of what was left of the bed frame. She watched as Takona wrinkled her nose, a huff escaping her lips.

"I was never told how to read. I don't expect myself be able to read a sentence out of any book you have around here" she muttered out, as the wolf nodded slightly. They sat in a comfortable silence for another minute, before Takona looked up to see the wolf picking up some kind of book, handing it to her.

It had a pretty brown cover, some words scribbled out carelessly at the top. An illustration of a small house was painted across the front.

"What's this?"

"It's a memory book. It has what is History for this town. It's mainly pictures- maybe you'll enjoy it" shrugged the other, going back to reading the news from before.

Sighing, the leopard opened the book, to see a picture of three houses next to each other. Each of them were surprisingly small, and they didn't seem to have any colour- probably because it was an old photo.

The next few pages were scattered with plenty of drawings or pictures of the town from years ago.

"What do people see in this?" mumbled Takona, as Shrickie glanced down at her.

"This one tells about the history of Jamaa. I have plenty of others- some about adventure, some about romance, although those are probably more dull and older than the rest. They are back in the shed, a short walk from the house. I think I'll pick up a book for myself, seeing as the weather will be keeping us in for longer then we'd like it to. You coming?" Shrickie asked, placing her paper on the bed.

After the leopard agreed, they both made their way down to the main door, which was slightly open already, due to the fact it couldn't fully closed.

As they walked past the trees that seemingly started surrounding them the more they walked, there was less raindrops falling onto them, instead being caught by the leaves of branches.

A calming silence filled in between the two. They were both in their own worlds, as if they didn't even acknowledge the other.

The peaceful night was yet to take a turn when a sudden shadow jumped from the side, catching both of the Jammers of guard.

"Gah!" called Shrickie, stumbling backwards, recovering from the sudden movement of whatever it was in the bushes.

"What-" but Takona was cut off, by a second leopard jumping in from the bushes. Both of them flinched back, Takona crouching down to grab hold of a pocket knife from her shoe (don't even question it- old habits die hard) and stuck it in front of herself.

"Quit sticking that stick in front of my face" growled the other.

Their grey fur seemed quite soaked, as did their clothes. A neckless made of small bones hung loosely around their neck, while a ranger-like hat covered most of their face.

Scraed of light

They stood for a while, everyone’s tails swishing at the ground nervously.

"...Can we help you?" asked Shrickie, finally braking the tense silence. The leopard stood frozen for a while, before nodding.

"Yeah. Yeah-okay. I mean- just point me in the way of someplace I can hide for the night. The storm doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon" she answered, their voice unemotional.

The wolf thought for a bit, before answering.

"You can come to a little cabin close by. It's empty- only me and Takona will be there. You can spend the night there" she answered, as the Leopard hesitated for a moment, before nodding her head slowly.

"Only one night."

"Of course- Only one night. Oh, where are my manners. I'm Shrickie- this is Takona" the wolf said, as Takona sent a short nod to the other

"Echo" the leopard said, before pointing in the direction the other two came from.

"It's that way?"

"Yes- blue house without the back door- or the back wall in general" said the wolf, as the other just raised their brow.

"We'll be back soon" Said the wolf, before continuing forward. Takona let out a deep sigh, nodding towards Echo before walking after the wolf.

Echo watched the for a while, before turning around and following the road to the cabin.

chapter 7

The three sat in silence, listening to the rain as it slammed againced the wooden cabin. The room the three shut themselves in was quite small, supplied with only one window (which was, miraculously, not broken). It was nothing special, just some old supply room, with cobwebs decorating the ceiling and grass growing through the planks in the floor.

A chair was placed in the corner under a dusty shelf, several books scattered carelessly on top of it. Two blankets laid next to the door, which was shut tight to keep the howling wind out.

Echo sat curled up on one of the blankets, an obvious scowl present on her face. She couldn't believe she was stuck with this pair of idiots. The leopard was heading towards Sarepia Forest, her childhood home. Or at least, what she thought was her childhood home.

Let's put it this way; she had no idea what to do with herself, after what happened to...

Never mind.

She just didn't have anything to do, before she heard something about a carnival being held in Sarepia Forest. Probably the largest (if not only) carnival that involves actual living creatures to be used as attractions and games. Such as phantoms.

"The Summer Carnival."

That, for some reason was going to be set in the middle of winter.

But that wasn't important.

Echo remembered being a child, running around the Summer Carnival. She'd play game after game, either throwing balls at targets or aiming darts at balloons. Somewhere after lunch, she'd return just in time for a small show. The show was held on a stage a bit farther away from the games, on top of a small hill.

A large tiger would then come out, a long red cape flying behind him. They called the guy 'Sir Gilbert'- one of Jamaa's well-known entertainers. He often put on a show featuring a famous dance crew, or showed a bunch of tricks, using phantoms for them.

Echo wasn't sure why she wanted to go back to the carnival.

Maybe it was just because everything was so complicated lately. Every place she'd been in, something awful happened. No place she visited let her feel happy, free. She couldn't feel happy ever since-

Never mind.

The carnival.

When someone mentioned it in a passing conversation, her ears suddenly stood up straight. The Summer Carnival.

The only place that held any happy memories sealed within it. Maybe, maybe if she'd see it again, she'd be happy.

Or at least a bit happier.

Unlike the other places she'd been to, it didn't remind her of death, hate or grief. It reminded her of the innocence her child-like self had back then, the dumb smile that was always set on her face when she played the Carnival's games. The weird sense of excitement that always filled her before Gilbert's show.

Ever since...


"Echo, this is getting repetitive. Can't you think about literally, anyone else?" a voice clouded her thoughts, farther deepening her scowl. Stupid Wern.

"No, as a matter of fact, I cannot." the snow leopard thought to themselves, before looking at the other two who were present in the room.

Echo didn't like them already.

Takona sat quietly on the chair, flipping through one of the picture books Shrickie gave her.

The books were stupid, but they were better then sitting in the awkward silence. The wolf gave her three of them, explaining that they were 'comics'. Truthfully, it was just a bundle of drawings jammed onto one page. Apparently if you read them in order, they made a story (obviously). There were still words, but Takona was able to work around that.

The leopard was flipping through the book, picking up parts of what seemed to be the plot page by page. It seemed to be about a horse, a fox and a wolf, (along with who-knows how many other characters. Jeez, couldn't they just stick to a single main character, instead of thirty?) who have to go through a large number of tests, or some kind of games. Currently, there was an illustration of a croc, rocks and glowing gems surrounding them.

It was decent, to say the least.

After a bit more flipping through the book, something fell out of from in between the pages, fluttering to the ground. It seemed like a slip of paper, something scribbled over it. Raising her eyebrows, she picked up the paper, flipping it to the other side.

"Gah, no pictures." the voice was quiet 'till now, startling Takona. Yes, there were no pictures, thank you for announcing that, Captain obvious.

"Your welcome."

The leopard grimaced. She really wanted to know what it says, but asking Shrickie... well, Takona was already a bit embarrassed by her lack of knowledge when it comes to reading, so why embarrass herself any farther?

"It's not even embarrassing. It's understandable- you haven't ever been told how to read, nor were you ever thought that it's important. Besides that, maybe they can read, but I bet you, you're stronger and faster than the both of them. And if you really want to, you could ask Shrickie to teach you." Bluejay said, humming afterwards.

They were right.

Takona bit her lip, before nudging the wolf who sat cross-legged on the blanket next to Echo, her nose dug in some long novel. The wolf looked up at the leopard, placing her book down.

"This fell out of the comic. Could you read it for me?" the wolf nodded, taking the paper from the leopard. Her eyes scanned the messy handwriting, her eyebrows raised.

"Where'd you get this again?" the wolf asked, flashing a glance at Takona.

"...It fell from the book" the leopard answered, waving the comic in front of Shrickie's nose. The wolf grabbed it, looking at the cover, before quickly glancing through the book.

"How... why was this paper inside here..." she muttered, as Echo eyed the note that was still in the wolf's paw.

"What does it say?" she asked after a moment. Shrickie stilled for a moment, not looking through the comic anymore. She quickly glanced at the leopard, then back to the book.

"Translated, it says; "Out of my home, out of my storm, give me your every bone, give me your every heart"-what could that mean?" the wolf muttered, as the leopards raised an eyebrow at her.

"...What tongue was it written in?" Echo asked, as Shrickie closed her eyes for a moment, as if trying to remember.

"Possibly some farther phantom tongue. Ancient, if I must say- probably two-three thousand years ago? Not sure. The phantoms started using their current tongue about two thousand years ago. It's forgotten by now" the wolf said, as the other two nodded. Echo suddenly gave Shrickie a suspicious glance.

"If hardly nobody knows it, then how the hell do you know it?" Echo questioned loudly. The wolf, unfazed by the leopard's tone, just shrugged, and tapped on the side of her head.

"Got two guys up there. Una 'n Gle. I believe Una knows plenty of phantom- even the oldest tongues. It's either that, or someone just doodled across this page for no reason" she said, holding up the paper for Echo to see. The leopard took it from her hand, before scanning through the words.

Pfft, if only you could call it words.

It was basically a bundle of circles, triangles and random lines.

"This just looks like some idiot had a seizure while holding a pen" the leopard snickered, throwing the paper at Takona. The other two just stared at Echo, a questioning look on their face.

Echo just stared back.

"...Okay. Let's leave the note for now. Would you like a book, Echo? I'm sure you're quite bored sitting in that corner" said Shrickie, picking up her book from the ground, flipping though it to find a certain page. Echo just snickered, shaking her head.

She was fine; besides, she had an irritating voice that bothered her nonstop. How could you be bored with such a good friend as Wren?

"Shut up- I can literally sense your sarcasm from over here." muttered Wren, as the leopard simply laid her head againced the back of the room, letting out a quiet sigh.

Oh, how she did not want to be here.

Closing her eyes for a moment, she let herself rest. She had a long day, she was tired and emotionally finished. She deserved a nap.

On the other hand, Shrickie was sitting with her nose buried inside one of her books- which she was re-reading for the tenth time.

A sad tragedy about a bird that lost its wings. An outcast, unwanted. The story told about how he dealt with changing his life from flying with his pack, to living in a small town.

Shrickie really took a liking towards the book, reading and re-reading it every so often.

She was lucky enough to never be an outcast, never be thrown away by her family, nor did she ever have to drastically change her life, but there was one thing that she had similar to the bird.

The bird lost its wings- it's freedom, it's happiness.

Shrickie lost her antlers- her pride, her respect.

Shrickie grew up with plenty of other Dear Wolf. Living with them, she'd learned a few rules that have been burned into the back of her brain; rules she'd never be able to break or forget.

The first was, frankly, quite simple.

Don't eat anything you aren't sure won't poison you. Don't touch anything you aren't sure won't kill you.

As simple it may be, she'd seen plenty of others ignore this rule. And what happened with them? They're somewhere, hanging from the stars by now.

Shrickie knew better then to take food from strangers, touch any unknown or dangerous looking plants in the forest.

She didn't want to end up like Lenna, who she had to watch be devoured by a wild chomper plant (those used to be jammer-friendly- before all the phantoms were killed, meaning the chomper plants had to find other ways of not starving to death).

The second was; do not throw your anger or negative emotions at someone else. If they are the ones who stand behind those certain emotions, you may still not hurt them in any way.

They still have a heart, which means they have a life; meaning they feel pain.

If you feel pain, work on getting rid of it without reflecting it on someone else- they'll feel the same pain you feel right now.

And the most important rule; be proud and honoured. Act a way that makes you worthy of respect. Respect everyone, even if they disrespect you.

Honour and pride, they were always kept in a Dear Wolf's antlers.

If a Dear Wolf challenged someone else out for a fight, they'd do it fairly- with only the use of their antlers. Honour. Pride.

Her kind always made sure to keep their antlers in good shape. Polished, clean and shiny. Respect. Pride.'

Antlers were something that made them stand out;

No, we're not wolfs,

No, we're not deer.

They could be proud of who they were; they were special.

And about a year ago, Shrickie lost all of that. In one swing of a blade, she had them taken away-

But Shrickie knew better then to think about that. Now, she was reading a book, two new (hopefully) friends were in a room with her, everything was fine for now. Nobody disrespected anyone yet, nobody hated anyone, so it should be fine.

That is, until she heard Takona gasp.

The wolf quickly lifted her head, realising the leopard was staring at the ceiling. Puzzled, Shrickie followed her gaze.

Above them there were words scribbled out, in what seemed like a deep, almost golden colour.

Out of my house,

Out of my storm,

Give me your every bone,

Give me your every heart



chapter 8

Helix and Howie were both in the local bar, currently stuck inside because of a random storm hitting the city. Howie was currently being accused by the manager for dropping his drink, along with braking the cup it came in (which, the manager, as Helix should mention, looked as if he was ready to throw the broken glass into the fox’s face). Helix, in the meantime was quietly sipping his coffee, watching his friend from one of booths in the back.

Howie kept getting himself in trouble, and the wolf usually had to help him out from time to time.

Some would question why he always hanged out with the fox. They were both so different, no matching hobbies, no similar tastes.

Helix always enjoyed quiet walks in the forest, or simple nights in the field, when he could just lie there without a care in the world. He enjoyed watching the moon from the attic window, point out a constellation or two. He also fancied books, mainly ones that told stories of fantasy worlds, were everything was beautiful, and everyone lived in comfy houses made of leaves.

Helix loved little moments, in which he was able to appreciate the world around him. He’d always loved to stare into the sky, amazed by how large it was. He’d love to pick apples from the trees in the west forest, aimlessly gathering them for hours.

Howie preferred jumping around town, checking in with his favourite places (such as the local Juice Hut and Coffee Shop). In the summer, he loved running in the fountains that were placed in Town square, while in the winter he’d take out his skates and glide across the frozen water. He loved playing games, often calling out random people, determined to win a game with them.

He was an animal of the moment, not wanting to waste anything. Everything that happened around him, was something he’d never be able to see again. He made sure to use his time as best he could, not wanting to miss anything.

And here was the question people often asked;

Why have Helix and Howie stuck together for all those years?

Everyone said that they clearly don’t fit together, nor do they seem as if they have anything in common.

But truth be told, those people were wrong.

Maybe they didn’t have anything in common, but they did fit together quite well.

Helix remembered the day he met Howie- the fox was a new addition to his family. They both, from a young age, lived in a foster home. They were something close to ‘’brothers’’, but truth be told, it was more of a ‘best friend’ thing.

The reason they fit together perfectly, was because one filled in the other. Helix was calm and quiet, often avoiding anything going on around him, stuck in his head all day. Howie on the other hand, ran around everywhere, trying to keep up with his insane schedule, tiring himself out to the core.

When the two had to live together, they quickly became friends. Helix helped Howie relax from time to time, while the fox kept the wolf from fully forgetting about everything around him.

Helix put down his cup of coffee, sighing. The manager was stuffing a mop in Howie’s face, screaming at him to clean up the mess.

That fox will get himself killed one day.

The wolf looked to the window besides him, that showed nothing but a blur of dark colours. The rain seemed to be mixed with hail, falling upon the dusty streets. Now all there was, was a stupidly thick fog along with falling Ice ‘n water.

Helix’s eyes scanned the bar’s inside. It was quite fancy, it being a pretty large place and all. It had a few booths along with two tables, plus a few stools across from the main desk. The walls were covered in a pretty red, that was calming to the eyes. The ceiling was a bit lighter shade of red, with patterns thread into it with a golden material. A few lights hung in the corners, making everything seam comforting.

Helix looked back to the fox, who was just done with sweeping up the glass, a pout visible on his face. From the looks of it, the manager probably won’t let them in again.

Pity, since the coffee tasted excellent.

Drowning down the rest of his drink, the wolf got up to throw away the paper cup.

Winter sat under a bridge, her tail curling tightly againced her waist. Today’s weather turned from a cloudy sky to a full-on snowstorm. She didn’t have where to hide, seeing as she’d just came from the other lands without any clue of where she’d spend her night. She was in a hurry after all.

Not many understood her situation, or, at least, they didn’t want to. Her life was a confusing mess.

Barely of age, maybe around 7 or 8 years old, Winter was witness of one of the neighbouring farms receiving a threat from the head council of her country. At the time, she didn’t understand what it was about, seeing as all she did back then was play around with dolls and run around in her family’s crops.

To her it was some rude man knocking and shouting on a young cheetah in the middle of the night. Living in the country, she was already used to loud noises in the night and morning. No matter the time, there was always someone hammering on something or tending to the crops.

But there was never any vulgar shouts, brutal shoving or angry snarls.

Winter stared outside the window, as the cheetah was bossed around by a taller, angrier looking bear. The next day, the cheetah was gone, as was the farm and the crops.

They’d burnt it all to the ground.

The cheetah’s burial was the first one she’d ever been to. Everyone was dressed in black; black scarfs, black boots and heels, flowing black dresses and tight black suits. Black ties decorated everyone’s necks, black hats with black roses sitting atop their heads.

“Mama, why is everyone dressed in black?”

“Because we’re sad. We’re sad that we’re saying goodbye to our friend.”

“Where are they going?”

Winter almost thought her mother hadn’t heard her, as she sat in silence for a longer while. She followed her mother’s gaze to a slick, long box, the name ‘Bell Operin’ was printed out with silver letters on its side.

“They’re going to their little heaven.”

“Can I go visit them? They made good apple pies!”

Winter’s mother only looked at her daughter with sad eyes, before scratching her behind one of her ears.

“You can’t. Everyone has their own, little heaven. It’s where you feel safe, where you don’t suffer. It’s where you’re happy. But- everyone has a different little heaven. Tell me, would you like to talk to our friend?”


“Picture them in your head- picture the happy and sad memories. Picture the apple pies- and talk to them, they’ll hear you.”

Winter narrowed her eyes. How’s that possible?

“Try it”

And Winter did- she told them to have fun in their ‘little heaven’, she told them about how her crops are growing wonderfully, she told them about her dolls. She told them how Jeremy from school got in a fight with Amie and lost, owing her ten slices of cherry cake. She told them how much she’d miss them, but she’s happy that they’re somewhere safe. She promised she’d talk to them often.

During the next few years everything was great. The crops grew large, the income from them even larger. When twelve years old, she was told to sell the fruits and vegies at the farmer’s market. She’d learned how to count quickly, taught herself how to deal with customers.

A year later she’d already learned how to work with the clients. She’d learned to watch how they act and look, knowing the rich from the poor. She knew where most of them came from- some talking different languages which she taught herself to recognize, each wearing their countries typical wear. She’d higher the prices for the ones she knew could afford it, while lowering them for those who were simply looking for the lowest prices.

With these skills, her family’s business was getting better and better- until a certain event stopped everyone like a deer caught in headlights.

Her mother’s death.

Everything went downhill from there- her father’s love for tending to his crops died along with his wife, setting the business next on the death list.

Then- then happened things Winter is certain she won’t be thinking about.

Thing is, she’s on the run from her country’s head council, and she hasn’t exactly thought about a ‘plan’ to escape.

The sudden sound of footsteps disturbed the fox’s train of thought, as another figure tumbled from the snowstorm, falling straight into Winter, who was now huddled in a large crack in the bridge.

Winter took a second to recover from the other body that was now panting on top of her, before pushing them off.

“Who…?” she didn’t manage to finish her sentence before she was being pushed into the corner of the hole, to make room for the second figure. Now that Winter could take a good look at them, they were also a fox of some sort- slim, with long ears that were currently soaked. They were panting hard, seemingly just ran for a few good minutes.

“…Would you mind…?” she asked the second fox, glancing down at her tail that was now being uncomfortably used as a seat cushion.

“Of course, of course” muttered the other, getting of Winter’s tail and slipping to the other side of the hole. Winter immediately noticed that the other was shivering, soaked to the bone.

This surly wouldn’t end well for them.

Winter slipped of her coat (luckily enough, she had warm sweater underneath) and slipped it over the other fox’s back. She was rewarded with a glare, but the other snuggled into it nonetheless.

For the next few minutes the both of them sat listening to the howling wind and pouring snow. Winter was a bit uncomfortable with the silence, yet the other fox didn’t seem to be bother as much.

“I’m called Winter. I just got here today- what about you?” the fox finally spoke up, as the other casually glanced at her, narrowing her eyes.

“Winter, aye? Maybe it’s you who brought this snow storm here with you. Nevertheless, my name’s Umbrey. Though I’d prefer you call me Umbreon” the second fox answered, before laying her head back down on the ground, the coat now fully put on.

“…Maybe. I’ve never really been the luckiest person, it only seems logical for this storm to have followed me. Also, nice to meet you, Umbreon.” Answered Winter, leaning back againced the wall. Her scarf was hot againced her neck, but she didn’t dare take it off. Zios knew how cold that would make her.

“What’s your deal here? You said you just came today. If you’d be coming to visit a friend or some family, you’d be there, not freezing under some bridge” Umbrey broke the silence after a while, yet didn’t move to look at her current companion.

“I’m having problems with my country’s head council… I have trouble with people who shouldn’t even be mad at me. I’m haven’t done anything to anger them- I’m innocent.”

“Nobody’s innocent- nobody can ever be innocent. Even the kindest have some kind of dark secrets” Umbrey muttered, as Winter just rose an eyebrow.

“I guess so, but, they’re claiming I did something I hadn’t done”

“And what might that be?”

“You expect me to tell you my life story?” Winter muttered, letting out a humourless chuckle. She can’t even think about it, much less tell a complete stranger about it.

“Well everyone has things to hide, I guess.”

“Well then, what’s your deal here?”

“Not your business.”

“So, you expect me to tell you my story when you won’t even whisper out your own?”

“I’d leave right now if it weren’t for this snowstorm” and once again silence set upon the both of them. It wasn’t as tense and uncomfortable as before, so that was a plus.

The storm continued to roar on.

-to be continued -


long-time no see, aye?

School and work got in the way e,e

-kat 👻

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