Something crazy happened yesterday that I need to vent to all the people reading this. I was playing AJ as usual, but it was lagging very badly. Then, my screen turned crimson red for about 10 seconds, and every picture on my computer turned into a picture of a bleeding walrus. I assumed that it was just my crappy computer that probably has 100 viruses on it, and it turns out it was and that whole segment had nothing to do with my creepypasta whatsoever. Luckily, I conveniently grabbed a backup computer from my closet and logged into Animal Jam. I opened the daily December Christmas gift, and it was blank - there wasn't any item or item name. I assumed it was just a glitch and it was, and those 2 sentences also had nothing to do with my creepypasta. So then I went to Aldan and begged for a spike collar as usual, and I got a Jam-A-Gram! I opened the JAG, and it was from someone called Fman or Donald or something. They sent me a gift, and it was a necklace! OMG! I deleted it, but it wouldn't delete.... instead it went into my inventory! OMG! So I tried to delete the necklace from my inventory, but that just gave me 10 more necklaces! OMG! Then something SCREAMED! wait it was just my hamster nvm. So I kept playing AJ, and all of a sudden, I was teleported to Donald or Fman or Rickanious Rickardious or something's den. Then Donald Rickardious 122 told me to put on one of my necklaces to get a free spike collar. This guy who randomly put 11 necklaces into my inventory without me even accepting his gift was definitely not a hacker or scammer so I put one of the necklaces on, and then my wolf became a NECKLACE! Literally. I am not making this up - just ask fdsaafdsfsafsdagkjlskajfkslafjdsklaru28432843209. Then - I went to Jamaa Township. And I told everyone that anyone who sends me a spike collar automatically becomes a necklace. Now I have 1,921 spike collars. I quit my job as a plumber's assistant's apprentice's cat's veterinarian's maid so that I can spend every minute earning spiked collars. I have become the rarest jammer ever to exist. OH MY GOD SOMETHING SCREAMED AGAIN. wait it's just my hamster again.

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