This is about a fox girl named Mel Birkett and lots of other people's views. View the story for more..

The Story

Keira's View

I was walking on the slippery floor of Blue Tree Leaves school. I have no friends. I am a sloth and I am Keira. I have black hair tied into braids, a blue tank top, jeans and Converse trainers. I was daydreaming about the friends I could have. Suddenly, I saw a blue car drive into the parking lot. A fox with ginger braids in came out. Her mom was walking behind her. She had a suitcase. She must be new.

Mel's View

"Your school will be lots of fun Mel, trust me sweetie!" my mom smiled. "Ok, ok! I'll be fine mom!" I said. There was a huge den which looked like the crystal palace. "Is this it?" I asked. "Yep!" mom replied. We drove into the huge parking lot and parked up. "I'll sign you in! I hope you have lots of fun Melody!" she smiled at me. I waved at her as she signed me in and left. "I'll take you to your dorms!" the teacher smiled.

Kayla's View

I was messing about in the pink dorm with Katie, Yvonne and Willow, the popular girls. I looked out the dorm window as I saw stupid Keira skip past. I heard Mrs Mcdonnell's voice. "Now Mel, knock on the dorm doors and see if they let you in!" she said. A new kid, Mel! I wonder if shes popular, not nerdy! No nerds aloud in the pink dorm. I heard a knock. OH THATS MEL! I opened the door as fast as I can and shes popular

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"Can I be in this dorm!" Mel's soft, kind voice asked. "Oh sure, your so cute!" Willow giggled.

Mel's View

I was so happy to be in the popular girl dorm. But what if I reveal my hair to them. What will they say? I took out my braids and brushed my scruffy, hair. "EWW! LOOK AT HER HAIR YVONNE WILLOW AND KAYLA!" Katie shrieked. "Eww! So disgusting yuck!" Yvonne screamed. "I can throw up right now!" said Willow, holding her throat. Kayla turned around. "AHHH! GET OUT MEL! YOUR SO DIRTY AND DISGUSTING EWW I HATE YOU SO MUCH WHY THE HECK DID I LET YOU IN HERE EWW GET OUT MEL!" screamed Kayla. I wiped a tear from my eye.

Keira's View

I heard knocks and screams from my black dorm. It was so annoying. I just had to check it out. I opened my door to see a brown fox with ginger, spiky hair crying. I went over to her. "Are you alright there?" I asked. "No, my hair is bad, the popular girls just freaked out!" the girl replied. "Its not, their wrong! Your hair looks lovely, my hair looks like boy hair!" I smiled at her. "Really! Do you mean it?" the new kid asked. "Yep, by the way, my name is Keira Robinson, you?" I smiled. "Mel Birkett, we can be good friends!" Mel smiled. "Yeah, we can!" I replied.

Mel's View

Being a Mel Birkett, everyone thinks I am a gospel tutor when I am not. I am a 12 year old fox. I like Keira not those arctic wolves. Especially, Kayla. "So, for the first thing you need to do, is you need to knock on a dorm and see if they let you in!" Keira smiled. "Ok!" I said. I knocked on the green dorm. An otter opened the door looking at me like I had done something bad. "Is this dorm full?" I asked. "No!" the otter said. "Can I come in this dorm!" I asked. "Its not up to me, its up to Georgie!" he replied. He asked Georgie. A llama came out of the door. "Umm, no way! Not with that hair!" Georgie jumped. I tried the yellow dorm. I knocked on and this time a bunny come out. "Can I-!" "No way, your hair is far too disgusting for popular dorm no. 2!" the bunny boasted. I knocked on the black dorm. Answer was no, hair is disgusting. One dorm left, blue dorm. I hope they let me in. I knocked on. A wolf with glasses came out. "Can I share this dorm please?" I asked. "Sure thing!" the wolf smiled. I went into the dorm. Its small. "My name is Reed!" Reed smiled.

Reed's View

I like the new girl herself. By the way, it is only September 6th. I am turning 12 in January. "My name is Mel, pleased to meet you Reed!" Mel smiled. "I am 12 in January! Yeah I can't wait!" I giggled. "I am 13 in 5 days, that makes me 13 before you!" Mel smiled showing her braces. "You need to learn some basics of the school, Mel! First of all, we will start with the nerdy kids and popular kids!" I teached Mel. "What are popular girls and nerdy kids, at Foxwood, my old school, there weren't any nerdy kids or popular kids!" Mel asked. "Well the nerdy kids are people who are clever and wear glasses and umm read books and stuff and study alot yeah, and popular kids are bullies, pretty, rich and think they're the only things in the world!" I sighed. "Thats bad! If I was popular, I wouldn't think I was the only thing in the world or be a bully!" she smiled. "Also, there are these things called residentals! Do you know what they are?" I asked. "N-no, w-what are they?" Mel stammered. "They are amazing, they are cool, THEY'RE THE BEST THING THAT CAN POSSIBLY HAPPEN IN SCHOOL! You go far away from home and then you camp out for 2 nights and its just so fun!" I explained. "Thats really amazing!" Mel beamed, jumping up and down. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Mel answered it. "Ugh! Can't you two just be quieter! Your so loud that the dollies in my bedroom are bouncing!" Tara, the popular bunny, growled.

Tara's View

Uma, Sasha, Kylie, Em and I were playing dollies in our dorm. Uma is 9, Sasha is 8, Kylie is 7, Em is 6, and I am 10. Reed is always noisy. I hate him so much! All he does is yell yell, la la, sing sing. We can't control our dollies anywhere! "So Mrs Giffy, would you like some tea!" I asked Kylie's doll. Then Reed started to yell again. My face grew red with anger. I stomped outside my dorm and banged onto the door. "Yes?" Reed asked. "Ugh! Can't you two just be quieter! Your so loud that the dollies in my bedroom are bouncing!" I growled. "Its not our fault, I am just telling the new kid about residentals!" Reed groaned, rolling his eyes. "SHUT UP YOU MEAN WOLF!!" I yelled.

Mel's View

Wow.. That kid who just banged on Reed's door is so bratty. Is she like 5 years old or what? Reed was only trying to tell me about the basic things about school for goodness sake. "So, what more basics?" I asked. "You also need to learn about proms!" Reed taught me. "PROMS!? What in the world ARE proms? Foxwood didn't have any proms!" I shouted. "Foxwood is for babies, you should die in a hole like what age are you, you said your 12 hah but your like 4 years old!" Reed boasted. "Oh no its not! REED! How dare you say that about my old school! It has a hydrotherapy swimming pool and everything!" I growled. "I bet it doesn't you farty idiot, anyways, proms are end of school year events. You have to get a date and dance with them. Then they announce the prom king and queen!" Reed explained. "Ok..!" I muttered. The bell rang for tea.

Mrs Mcdonnell's View

All the kids came for dinner. The popular table then the nerd table. I clapped. Everyone else clapped except Reed and the new kid. "You have to clap when she claps ok?" Reed smiled. "There is a new kid we would like to announce to Blue Tree Leaves School, can the fox come up please?" I asked. The fox came up to the front. "Start introducing sweetie!" I said. "My name is Mel uh Birk-kett yeah Birkett and I am 12, 13 in 5 days. I lived in Liver-liver yeah Liverpool!" Mel muttered. "You can sit down now Mel! Tuck in to your teas everyone!"

Owen's View

12 year old brat fox, LOL. "Josie, look at me, I am M-M-M, oh I forgot my name MEL!" I chuckled. "WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA SO SO SO FREAKING FUNNY AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" arctic wolf Josie yelled. Eden looked at me, rolling her eyes. "Go away Eden! Everyone knows your so so nerdy lol!" I smiled and smirked. Eden is a lynx who is all black, even her clothes. She always rolls her eyes at me. I hate her.. Idiot. Nerdy. Stupid. All Mel Conditions LOL!

Mel's View

It was pork meat and potatoes for tea today. I don't like such meat like pork but I did have to eat it anyways. I am allergic to dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt) and fish but not allergic to tuna and salmon. They are my favorite types of fish by the way. "Mel, what would you like for dessert?" this teacher asked me. "Please may I have chocolate pudding please?" I asked in a beautiful manor. "Sure thing, you have brilliant manors, I am Miss Roseanna by the way!" Miss Roseanna told me. Roseanna is a beautiful name. I ate my chocolate pudding. "See you in the dorms Reed!" I smiled and walked off towards the dorms. Some arctic wolves pushed me in the way to the blue dorm. It was right next door to Tara's dorm. I looked through my dorm window. The popular bunnies (, Uma, Sasha, Em, Kylie) came skipping down the hallways with their straighteners, bows, hairbrushes. "Popular girls always care about their hair, day and night, I call them the friends-of-hair!" Reed explained. "Your so funny Reed!" I chuckled. Reed put on his pokemon pajamas and got out his pikachu plushie. "I am a big fan of pokemon!" Reed said. "I can see!" I replied, putting on my blue pajamas and getting into bed. "Do you want a pillow fight?" he asked me. "Oh, no thank you Reed, I want an early night!" I smiled and fell asleep.

Mrs Mcdonnell's View

I came in to check if all the dorms were asleep. I knocked on the pink dorm where the girls were. Kayla opened the door. "Can you all quiet down and go to sleep, see you tomorrow!" I told them. "Yes, Mrs Mcdonnell..." Kayla sighed walking into her bed. I knocked on green dorm. Macauley the otter came out with his teeth brushed, pajamas on. I have high trust with Macauley. He is the politest, neatest and goodest kid in my class! "Yes, Mrs Mcdonnell?" he asked with a big smile on his face. "Can you, Matilda and Georgie calm down and go to sleep now, good boy?" I replied. "Sure! Sweet dreams miss!" Macauley smiled. I knocked on yellow dorm. I heared hair playing in the background. No answer so I opened the door. All I saw is are the bunnies playing with their hair, pretending their straighteners are microphones singing hair. Uma stopped and looked at me. All of the bunnies looked at me, one by one. "Give me those hair stuff NOW!" I snapped. The bunnies gave me their stuff. Shockingly, they haven't got their pajamas on! "Girls, your not aloud your hair stuff at night! You will not mention hair AG-!" "Hair!" Tara yelped. "TARA JONES, GET OUT OF THE YELLOW DORM AND MARCH YOURSELF INTO THE BLUE DORM!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. Tara went out of the room and knocked on blue dorm. I went with her. I opened the door and Tara slept on the floor. The other two children were fast asleep. I checked on the black dorm. Tammy, Keira and Harry was in there about to fall asleep.. All the kids are asleep now. I will go to sleep. Bless the new kid and Macauley. Goodnight everyone.

Mel's View

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Animalbook Home Page

The sun rose as I stretched in my bed. I woke up. Tuesday today! I grabbed my black iphone and like always, went to Animalbook. I checked all my messages. The first one was of my uncle Vernon. This is the message he wrote to me.

Hey Mel, your mom told me you are in a new school, is that correct? I wish you good luck for this school and your 13th birthday. I can't believe my little sweetiepops is turning into a teenager already. Those years have flown by.

Love your uncle Verny xxxx

I smiled in delight as I replied to his message. This is what I told him

Thank you uncle! I will miss you so much :D!

The next message was from my best friend from my old school, Gimini. It was called Miss Ya Mel :(.

Mel, I seriously miss you in my class. Its not the same without you. By the way, have a wonderful birthday because your brilliant!! Love ya Mel and I miss ya!

I smiled with my teeth open at this point as I replied back to her.

I miss you too, how is it going with mean Mime at your school?

The last message was from my mom. I miss my mom so so much.

Dear Mel,

I hope you made new friends! Every night, I will say goodnight to you and I really miss you ;D Love Mummy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN A FEW DAYS!!

I replied

Thanks mom, maybe we can webcam eachother one day, and yes, I have made two friends, Keira and Reed. I miss you too!

After the messages, I checked on the contests. As usual, it was all the other challenges with one added each week. Pie contest was added on yesterday. I am gonna try that. Then I saw something that caught my eye. An ad. I hate ads but could it possibly be? Its a Jamaa Rocks Ad. That means its the Jam On band. They are performing live on Sunday. AT CLUB GEOZ! I want the tickets. Wait a second. There is a problem, how will I get there. Blue Tree Leaves is far to Club Geoz. We will just need a bus. I thought for a moment. The bus will come into the parking lot then a teacher will go over to it and ask who it is picking up then if the bus driver says it is me, I will get in detention and trouble. I don't want that to happen. I know. I will just walk out the gates without nobody seeing and get the bus there. LOL. I clicked on the ad. I booked the tickets. Reed has woken up now!

Reed's View

Snore, Snore, Snore! I was being a dirty stop in today until my phone went off! I hate my alarm clock. I slammed it onto the floor. "Reed! Reed! Reed!" I heard a voice say. I woke up to see Mel in my face. "Oh shut it Mel, ya get it, its sunday!" I sighed. "No its not! Its Tuesday!" I replied. "Sunday" "Tuesday" "Sunday" "Tuesday" "Mel its freaking sunday!" "ITS TUESDAY AHH!". After arguing, we got dressed and Mel won. I put on my black sweater and my black and red sneakers. Mel looked like she was wearing her blue dress with a orange flower bow on her hair. "Reed, you seriously won't believe it! Do you like the Jam On band?" Mel asked. "Of course, I love them!" I replied back. "Well they are performing live at Club Geoz on Sunday and I know how to get there! I already booked tickets for us!" Mel giggled. "How?" I asked. "Well, first of all, this will be a bit naughty, but we have to sneak out of the school. There is a bus stop near this school so we get the bus to Jamaa Township then we go down to Club Geoz and watch the show!" she explained. "Lets get to the dining hall for breakfast!" I suggested.

Mel's View

I am glad Reed likes the surprise. Plus, my birthday is on Monday too! I cannot wait. I walked to breakfast with Reed. Kayla and her dorm were already there. Willow turned around to me. "Who's the stinky girl with the messed up hair?" Willow asked in a taunting way. "Shut up about my friend Willow, your the weird girl here!" Reed giggled. Mrs Mcdonnell came up to the front when everyone arrived. "Good Morning class and today we are going to eat our breakfast then you will go to your classes! Todays breakfast menu is boiled egg or toast with jam, butter or cheese!" Mrs Mcdonnell explained. Mrs Roseanna came with the stuff. She finally came over to me and Reed. "Please may I have a boiled egg please?" I asked in a polite manor. "Of course you can, and you Reed?" Mrs Roseanna replied. "I would like jam on toast please!" Reed smiled. After we eaten, the bell rung for class.

Reed's View

I walked to class with Mel. I needed to show her where class here. Of course she is new. "Mel! Your heading the wrong way! Thats the bathroom! Follow me!" I explained. We arrived at the classroom. As always, Macauley was there. Macauley is a goody-goody-two shoes. Everyone likes him. He has a club called Polite Animals - Teaching Animals How To Be Polite. EWW! How gross. Tara's club is called Popular Bunnies and Wolves - Teaching Animals How To Be Popular. I don't want to be popular. Owen's Club is called Darkness, Shadow Club - Teaching Animals How To Be Sneaky. Lastly, my club called Nerds and Geeks - Teaching Animals To Be Nerdy. There is only me in my club. Macauley has 4 more people in his club. Matilda, Josie, Tammy and Keira. Tara has LOADS AND LOADS of people in her club. I would have to bulletpoint them out.

  • Sasha
  • Uma
  • Kylie
  • Em
  • Kayla
  • Yvonne
  • Willow
  • Katie

That includes Tara.

In Owen's Club there is Owen, Josie, Harry and Keira. I am lonely alone in my club. I hope Mel joins the club. I hurried to class and sat at the back where I usually sat. Mel sat at the back next to me. She's wearing glasses like mine. Goody Macauley sat in the front with his arms folded.

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My glasses I wore yesterday. Big lenses aren't they!

"You look so kawaii with those glasses on!" Mel giggled. Wow! I am aparri, I am aparri, I am aparti LOOK AT MEH MOVE! The teacher came. Mrs Mcdonnell like always.

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My glasses that I was wearing today!

"Wow! Can you just be too nerdy to die?" Kayla asked me. "Shut the heck up Kayla!" I yelled. "REED SHAMAN GET OUT OF THE CLASSROOM AND GO TO THE HEADMASTERS OFFICE RIGHT NOW! AND YOU KAYLA DONALDSON!" Mrs Mcdonnell yelled. We made our way out of the classroom, downstairs and in the headmasters office. "You started it Kayla, its your fault!" I moaned. "Oh please Reed, you started it because you look NERDY!" Kayla growled. "You did!" "I didn't!" "Did too!" "Did not!". Then the very important headmaster came, Miss Leaves. My tummy kept going thinner as I backed off. She got the cane. "Kayla, paw please?" she asked. She then smacked Kayla's paw hard. Kayla ran off crying. It was my turn. I shivered. I put my paw out, then my other paw. I could imagine myself sinking in quick sand. It hit my hands. "Ouch!" I yelped in pain. "Be good then you won't get it!" Miss Leaves said. I walked to class.

Mel's View

Reed came back. "So, Tara can you give out the maths books?" Mrs Mcdonnell asked then she looked at me. "Oh, Mel! Your not assigned for this class, your in Class 4, Miss Robinson's class!" she told me. "I don't know where that is!" I said. "Macauley, can you show Mel where Class 4 is?" I asked him. "Sure thing!" he replied. I walked with Macauley. I just recognized Macauley was the otter who opened the door in the green dorm with Georgie. "Here, Reed!" he said. "I am Mel not Reed!" I explained. "Why do you have the same glasses then?" he asked. I took off my glasses and looked at them. "Oh, so umm they umm are the s-same?" I replied. "Of course, they are! Now go into your class!" Macauley said. I walked inside really shy. "Oh hello, Mel, we have been waiting for you to show up, come and introduce yourself to the class!" the new teacher smiled. She seemed really nice. I gulped. I walked up to the front of the class. "Hello, my name is Mel Birkett and I am the new kid here. I moved here from Britain and I am 12 years old and 13 on Monday. I went to Foxwood school and I loved it there? Anyone got any questions?" I asked in a shy voice. The sloth raised her hand. I am sure I saw her before. "Yes?" I asked. "Mel, do you still remember me, I am Keira the one you saw yesterday?" Keira asked me. I thought back to when Kayla kicked me out of her dorm. Now, I remember her. "Yeah, I do Keira!" I smiled. "Mel, you sit at the front next to Tabitha! Tabitha, raise your hand!" Miss Robinson. A pig raised her hand.

Reed's View

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My work

I miss Mel. I know why because she is older than me and her birthday is in a few days. The classes go like this in the age groups. 6-7 year olds are in Class 1, 8-9's are in Class 2, 10 -11's are in Class 3, 12-13's are in Class 4, 14-15's are in Class 5, 16-17's are in Class 6 then you graduate from the school. This class is Class 3 and Mel is in Class 4. I wrote my date and title in the book. Tuesday 6th September 2016 - Adding up 9 Digit Numbers. I finished my work. Its easy but I need to improve my A's and 7 add 5, I skipped that question. The bell rung for snack time. I need to show Mel where the playground is! Mrs Mcdonnell came around with the snacks. I chose an apple and ran to Class 4. I knocked on. Miss Robinson answered the door. "Mel doesn't know where the playground is! Want me to show her?" I asked. "Sure, what a kind friend you are, Reed!" she replied. We went to the big playground. I went to the monkey bars. "Oh Mel, your in the teenager playground!" Miss Wilkinson said to Mel. So I don't get to play with Mel in the playground AND be in class with her! I can only be with her in the dorms.

Mel's View

My heart broke into two pieces when I saw the teacher take my hand and take me away from Reed. She took me to a boring, teenagery playground. I am not ready to be a teen yet. I just sat in a wig-wag den. I sighed. Reed is like my only friend. Keira came over to me. "Hey Mel, are you alright?" she asked me. "No, nobody likes me here, except you and Reed!" I sighed. "Tabitha, Ramble and Natasha are my friends!" she told me. "You can play with us!". I smiled at Keira and blinked at her. I walked with Keira to play with my new friends and her. We went on the big slide, went in the forest, climbed the multi-gym, hid in the wig-wag den and we played until the bell rung for our next class. I went to class with my new friends and sat down. I giggled with them hugging them. "Ok everyone! We are going to do science! Open your science books!" Miss Robinson told us. We opened them up and I smiled. I love science. "We're doing a quiz about science! Ramble, can you give out the quizzes?" Miss Robinson asked.

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My lovely Quiz everyone!

"Yes, Miss Robinson!" he replied. "Can I tell you something Mel?" Natasha asked. "Sure, anything!" I replied. "It is the gymnastics competition tomorrow night and the two show-offs and coming tomorrow, their names are Oval and Tammy! They will choose a captain for the cheer and gymnastics team! I want it to be you, do you even do gymnastics!" she told me. "Yep, I do!" I responded. "Wait a second! Its not tomorrow, its today Natasha, do you have a mixed up brain?" Oval the arctic wolf snorted. "Oh, its today!" Natasha groaned. TODAY!!! NO!! We finally did the quiz and the lunch bell rung. "Class Dismissed!" the teacher said. Oh boy! I ran to lunch.

Reed's View

Our class was lining up to go to lunch. I know Mel isn't going to be there because she's going to the TEENAGER lunchroom! Then, Class 4 came down to lunch lining up behind. Mel is in class 4! I didn't know Class 4 come to Class 3 now! I didn't see Mel though. The cue died down a bit and it was my turn to get my lunch. "Apple pie with wedges please?" I asked in a polite manor. "Sure Reed! Enjoy it!" Mrs Roseanna called. I sat down to eat my lunch. Then Mel, Tabitha, Keira, Ramble and Natasha came over to my table. "Hey Mel! How is Class 4?" I asked excitedly. "It is brilliant! Look at my new friends!" Mel replied. "Hi!" "Hi!" "Hi!" "Hi!" Mel's new friends said. There is a big conversation at this point so lets just skip it. Miss Leaves came up to the front. She clapped so we clapped. "Since its the gymnastics competition tonight, you can skip class this afternoon for you to practice!" she said. We all screamed and ran to our dorms. I cant wait for the gymnastics competition to see Mel in order. Lets just skip to the gymnastics competition.

Mel's View

I got into my leotard for the competition. I can't wait. I have a surprise gymnastics. "Mel, you need to win!" Reed smiled. I nodded and went to the field. I saw Oval and Tammy. Kayla and Tara were there. They all turned around at me. "Your not gonna be captain, no way!" Tara laughed. I rolled my eyes and went to the back of the line. Oval was first. Oval did a cartwheel, backflip and back spring. She was then finished. Tammy did a flip and pulled her tongue out at me. Tara did a cartwheel and did a mean face. Kayla did a flip and laughed at me. I won't win this. I know I won't. "Next please!" the judge said. I gulped. I went to the mat. Reed gave me a thumbs up in the crowd. I turned on tears by clean bandit. I did an aerial. Then I ran up to the bars and did a flip, landing in the splits position. Then I did back hand springs and backflips. Voices screamed quotes like this:

"Look at Mel go!" - Macauley

"I have never so much gymnastics in my life!" - Natasha.

I landed in the splits position and ended.

I smiled. Now it was time to announce the awards. Last place goes to Tammy O'Yiminton. Tammy cried and ran off. Fourth place goes to Oval Cunningham. Oval snarled and took the award. Third place goes to Kayla Donaldson. Second place goes to Tara Jones. I can't wait to see 1st place. "1st place goes to... drumroll please?" the judge asked. I know its not gonna be me. "MEL BIRKETT!" the judge yelled. I fainted onto the grass in happiness. I got up and Reed, Keira, Natasha, Ramble, Tabitha even Macauley ran up to me. "WELL DONE MEL!!" they all yelled at me. I cried with happiness. "RATS! WHY THE HELL! NO! MEL IS NOT CAPTAIN! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I WANNED TO BE CAPTAIN!" Kayla yelled. "Kayla, you are in the club but you won't be if your crying and yelling!" the judge replied. "NO! THAT MEDAL IS MINE YOU SLIMEHEAD!" Kayla backchatted grabbed my medal. Everyone gasped. "EVERYONE! YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT MEL IS A LOSER! SHE BULLIED ME BECAUSE I CANT DO ANYTHING ELSE NOW IM GONNA RIP THIS MEDAL INTO HALF BECAUSE MEL IS STUPID! LOOK EVERYONE IM THE CAPTAIN NOT MISS SHOWOFF MEL BIRKETT!" she screamed. "Don't you even dare Kayla!" Reed snarled. As she ripped it, Reed jumped from the audience into the podium. The medal was broken before I and Reed knew it. Reed landed on the grass with a graze on his leg. "KAYLA! YOUR SO MEAN!" I yelled and ran off crying. "Kayla Donaldson! MISS LEAVES OFFICE RIGHT NOW!" the judge yelled.

Miss Leaves' View

I was sat down in the office checking my computer. I saw someone sitting outside the office. I opened the door. It was Kayla. "Come in Kayla!" I said. The 2nd time shes been here today. "So, what have you done now!" I sighed. "Mel won the gymnastics competition and became captain so I got mad at her and grabbed her medal and broke it and Reed got a graze on his leg! Mel has showing off and Reed was growling at me!" she told me. "KAYLA DONALDSON! YOUR 11 YEARS OLD! YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER! YOU ARE BEHAVING LIKE A 5 YEAR OLD TODAY! YOUR GOING TO BE IN BIG TROUBLE AND BANNED!" I yelled. I called the Jamaa Police and Kayla got took away. I spoke in the announcer. "Can Mel Birkett and Reed Shaman come to my office please?" I asked. I had to tell them about Kayla. Mel and Reed came to the office. "Mel, Kayla said you have been showing off in gymnastics and Reed, you've apparently tortured her!" I said. "Hands please!" I said. I smacked their hands really hard. "Mel, you are not gymnastics captain ANYMORE! Oval is!" I snarled. "B-But Miss Le-!" "MEL! GET TO YOUR DORM RIGHT NOW!" I yelled interuppting her. "MISS LEAVES! I WANT TO TELL YOU THE WHOLE THING OK! KAYLA BROKE THE FREAKING MEDAL!" Reed yelled. "GET YOUR BUTT TO YOUR DORM!" I screamed.

Mel's View

I ran to my dorm crying my heart out. I heard knocking on. I answered it and it was Tara. "GET THE HELL AWAY!" I yelled slamming the door. My heart was broken. My bed was wet due to the tears. Reed knocked on. "GET AWAY!" I yelled again. I was sobbing. Miss Leaves is so mean!

Reed's View

As Mel yelled at me. I needed some help. I went to get Mel's friends. "Yes Reed?" Tabitha asked. "Its about Mel, she got fired! Can you help me and shes screaming at me!" I breathed. "Ok! Girls come on!" Natasha said. We knocked on the door. "GET AWAY I TOLD YOU!" a screaming Mel yelled. "Mel, its me Keira!" Keira said in a light voice. "JUST GET AWAY BEFORE I HIT YOU HARD!" Mel replied in a bad manor. "Im gonna get Miss Robinson!" Ramble said. Ramble came back with Miss Robinson. "Mel, come on out I want to talk to you!" Miss Robinson said. "GET AWAY BEFORE I PINCH YOU!" she yelled. Two more teachers came into the blue dorm and Mel was yelling at them. The teachers grabbed Mel's arms and took her out of the dorms. We went after them. Mel was taken to the chill out zone where she got restrained. "GET OFF ME YOU POOP!" she yelled kicking them. "Mel, thats absolutely fine! I'll take your shoes away from you and put you in a chill out bag!" Miss Tanzon, one of teachers who came in the dorm. "SHUT UP!" she yelled. "Reed, girls can you just go away please?" Miss Robinson asked. Tabitha stayed and spied on her.

Mel's View

"GET OFF ME!!" I screamed. "Not unless your calm Mel!" Miss Robinson said. I got out of the restrain and ran to the playground. The teachers chased after me. One of them caught me so I clawed her face. They picked me up and then put me to the ground and held me. My shirt was coming out of my skirt so I tried to tuck it back in. The teachers held my arms away. I managed to bite them though. "MRS MCDONNELL! WE NEED SOME HELP!" Miss Tanzon yelled. She grabbed the chill out bag and put me in it.. "TAKE IT OFF!" I yelled. "TAKE IT OFF YOU SUCKERS!". I managed to get out of the bag and run off. They did catch me and restrain me. "Lets take her to the chill out area and put her in the soft play area!" Miss Tanzon said. "NO!" I yelled. They grabbed me by the arms and took to the soft play room and closed the door. I banged the walls for a bit then I cooled off a bit. 30 minutes I was angry for. Miss Tanzon came in and sat with me. "Breathe Mel, breathe!" she told me. I breathed. "Mel, look at the kicks, scratches and bites you did, is this acceptable, how old are you?" she asked me. "12.. 13 in 5 days.." I sighed. "This is not good behaviour for your age Mel, 4 year olds do that, you are 12 years old, everyone is going to laugh at you for it!" Mrs Mcdonnell told me. "Sorry teachers!" I moaned. "You should apologize to your friends too, what you said to them it wasn't nice!" Miss Robinson said. I walked to tea with them. I got first in the cue. "Can I have sausage roll please?" I asked. "Yes you may!" Mrs Roseanna told me. I ate my tea. Miss Tanzon walked over to me. "Due to that bad anger you have, you are going to come to a new class tomorrow!" she said. "Ok!" I said.

Reed's View

It was so good to have Mel back. Mel got in her pajamas and just went to sleep.. "MEL! WAKE UP!" I yelled. "What do you want!" Mel sighed. "I hate you SO MUCH! GET OUT!!" I screamed. "Why?" Mel asked. "BECAUSE YOU AREN'T A FRIEND, YOUR A BULLY!" I replied. Mel packed her stuff and left. I smiled. Its good without Mel.

Mel's View

I walked upstairs to the upper dorms. I sighed. I can't believe Reed was mad at me. You know what, I want to kill Reed. I grabbed a dagger and ran to the blue dorms. "PREPARE FOR YOUR DEATH! I HATE YOU TOO!" I yelled. Macauley saw me and went to get Mrs Mcdonnell. I was aiming it at Reed. "Mel, I am so sorry for kicking you out NOW STOP!" he gasped. "NO YOU SUCKER I WONT STOP YOU HORRIBLE!" I screamed. Mrs Mcdonnell grabbed me and bundled me into the empty black dorm. She restrained me and grabbed the dagger off me. I cried. "LET ME GO PLEASE!!" I yelled. "Mel Birkett, this is ridiculous, stop it now!" Mrs Mcdonnell told me. She grabbed me and my bum was gripping onto the floor. She lifted me up and my tummy was showing. She put me in the chill out area AKA soft play area and closed the door. I just lay in the position she put me in. "Mel, are you ready to come out yet?" Miss Mcdonnell asked. "GO AWAY!" I yelled. I went on the slide there. I did get angry and throw balls at the door. Miss Tanzon and Mrs Mcdonnell came in and grabbed me by the arms. They took me to the upper dorms. They took me to an empty dorm and put my suitcase there. I lay on a bed and sighed. I felt upset. This was all my fault. Its over now. I wiped a tear from my eye and sniffed. I cried myself to sleep. I dreamed about being in court. "Yes, she does deserve to be banned with Kayla! Shes horrid!" a voice said. The cops came and took me away.

I screamed and woke up. I heard someone banging on my door. It was a tiger. "BE QUIET!" he yelled. Tabitha, Ramble and Natasha came at me too. Keira came too. "Whats up guys?" she asked. "Its Mel being mean!" Ramble said. "Your stupid Mel!" Keira said. Now I am down to no friends. I sniffed and sobbed. Mrs Mcdonnell heard me. "Whats the matter Mel?" she asked. "I wanna go home!" I cried. "I'll call your mum. You pack everything up, its sad to see you go so soon Mel! Don't you like it here anymore?" Mrs Mcdonnell asked. "No.." I sighed. I packed up my dorm and dragged my suitcase to the car park. I saw the red car pull up on the parking lot. I hugged Mrs Mcdonnell and cried. I wiped a tear from my eye. "Hello Mel, the teacher asked me to bring you home!" mom smiled. "I just want to go home!" I sobbed. Mom took me home. "Mel, you had a brilliant time there yesterday you texted me about it!" mom said. "I hate it now! I have no friends, MY PLACE AS GYMNASTICS CAPTAIN GOT STRIPPED!" I yelled crying. Mom stopped the car and hugged me. "I just wanna go back to Foxwood!" I sighed. "Sorry sweetheart, you've left forever!" my mom replied. "NO NOT FOREVER!" I screamed. We arrived home.

Mel's Mom's View

I let Mel back into the house. She went upstairs to her room. At first she loved Blue Tree Leaves. Why would Mel want to come home. She needs a school to go to that can handle her ADHD and anger like Foxwood. I sighed. I went up to Mel's room. I knocked on. Mel opened the door. "Melody, can I just talk to you about why you wanted to leave so soon?" I asked. "Sure mom.." Mel sighed. I sat on her bed with her. "What happened?" I asked. "There was this gymnastics competition and I won it and this arctic wolf came and ripped my medal then I got in trouble and stripped off my gymnastics captain place so I got angry with my friends and the teachers came and held me on the floor and put me in this bag thing to calm down then Reed said he hated me and then I wanted to kill him and then Keira said I am stupid and thats when the teacher phoned you!" Mel told mom. "Reed and Keira and the arctic wolf were mean but that doesn't mean you have lash out at them sweetheart!" I replied. I went out of Mel's room and went on the computer. I started searching for a school in Jamaa for Mel's ADHD and anger. She needs to go to a school and there is NO WAY IM LETTING HER GO TO THE FEAST OF CHOIRS EVER! I remember July 6th. ..

"Mom, please, I am nearly 13, i'll be good!" Mel cried. "Ok! Get your best clothes on!" I told her. "BEST CLOTHES! ITS JUST AN EVENT!" she yelled. "Do you want to come or not?" I asked, swinging the key to the car. "Fine.." she muttered. She put on a dress. We got in the car and set off. Mel was playing on her Iphone. She was singing pink flufffy unicorns dancing on rainbows. We got there and I got into my position. Mel was looking at the songs. "We can change I am so glad im free to Honey I'm Good!" Mel suggested. "NO! Honey I'm Good is a cow song for cows, not a gospel song!" I boomed. She looked at the next song. "EWW! I am yours is a baby song! CHANGE IT TO GUMMY BEAR! Im a-!" "No! We're not having that!" I replied. Schools became to come. "Best behaviour and sit on my stage!" I whispered. It was time to practice. Mel got her Iphone out and started to play Pink Fluffy Unicorns. "I need to go to the toilet guys!" I said. Mel got onto the stage and everyone sung pink fluffy unicorns. I was coming back. "OH NO! I NEED TO GO GUYS SORRY!" she yelled. She ran and sat in the audience. "Sorry about my daughter!" I said. "MEL BIRKETT SENIOR PLEASE REPORT TO THE OFFICE!" the announcer called. Then Mel put on Skorm's intro song and everyone was dancing. "I am blue ba ba de de ba ba!" Mel sung with lots of people. I came back and Mel frightened, ran off to the audience. I needed a word with that fox. "Mel! Your 12 years old so stop! Its nearly tea time, EVERYONE CAN GET THEIR TEA NOW!" I yelled. Mel and I got changed. It was time for the concert. The last song it was so shocking. Mel got changed into a cake and yelled over the song, "WHO WANTS TO SING WOO HOO WOO HOO! YEAH! OOH EEH OOH AH AH TING TANG WALLA WALLA BING BANG! OH NO BANG BANG!". Bang Bang came on. I was so furious. "SECURITY!" a parent from the audience yelled. Security came and grabbed Mel by the arms and took her away. 5 minutes later, I got Mel and took her home. "MEL! DO YOU THINK I AM HAPPY WITH YOU YOUNG LADY!" I yelled. "no!" Mel whispered.

YES! I found the perfect school for her! Garigner School. Its wonderful, I will sign her up now and she can join tomorrow.

Reed's View

I wondered where Mel was, I felt sorry. Mrs Mcdonnell came up. "Mrs Mcdonnell, where is Mel?" I asked. "Mel has left this school, she didn't feel comfortable here!" she told me. "Oh.. sniff sniff, I feel so sorry!" I said and wiped a tear from my eye. I met Keira. "Mel's left!" I cried. "NO! I SHOULD NOT OF SAID SHE WAS STUPID!" she yelled. We both cried.

Mel's View

I was playing Color Switch on my Iphone. I heard a knock on my door. I opened it. It was mom. "I put you up for a new school!" she said. "What school?" I asked. "Garigner School!" she explained. Lucky my suitcase was packed! "Go take a bath for tomorrow!" mom ordered me. "I guess.." I sighed. I hate taking baths. I run the bathtub and put bubbles in. I got in and washed myself.

Bandicam 2016-08-21 12-16-35-561

Credit goes to MyBunnyToots for drawing of me. My room

I got out of the bath and put my towel on. I went into my room and chose my clothes for tomorrow, pajamas and socks. I put them on and put my towel back in the bathroom. I put on my pink fluffy robe. I decided to play Piano Tiles 2 while waiting for my long ginger hair to dry. I got 1023 tiles. I forgot I haven't even been on Animalbook today! I checked my Animalbook. I did get a message from Macauley. It said:

Dear Mel,

I haven't seen you in school all day, I want to know where you are thx!

From Mac

I replied back this:

Macauley, I've left from Mel.

I unplugged my charger and put it in my suitcase along with my phone. I looked at my pictures on the wall. One of them was a picture of me as a 12 year old now and one of them was me as a 3 month old baby. I loved bees then. I am supposed to be in my 2nd grade of high school now! Instead, I am going to a stupid special school. My hair finally dried. I hopped into bed and pulled my zebra duvet over me. I have a whole new life tomorrow at a new school (hopefully better than Blue Tree Leaves). I dreamed about my new school. I slid down a rainbow where it took me to a beautiful dorm. I smiled and unpacked my stuff and there was more stuff. I heard the birds chirping outside my window. The sun rose as I stretched my arms into the air. I got out of bed and reached for my Iphone. Then I remembered it wasn't there. It was in my suitcase. I made my bed. I tided my room. "Breakfast time Mel!" mom yelled. I took one last look at the pictures on my wall. I walked out of my room and closed the door which said: MELODY JANE BIRKETT'S ROOM! KNOCK FIRST! I walked down to breakfast and sat at the table. "Here, I made you a fruit salad!" mom said. I ate it up. "Grab your suitcase and lets get in the car!" mom told me. "Ok.." I sighed. I got in the seat next to my mom and put my suitcase in the back. I buckled up my seatbelt. Mom drove to Garigner School. We got there and we pulled up in the car park. "Hello, there!" a teacher said. "Hello, this is my daughter Mel!" mom introduced. Im not getting out the car. EVER! "Mel, come out of the car!" mom said. "NO!" I yelled. She grabbed me and picked me up. She handed me over to the teacher. The teacher walked me to a dorm. She knocked on a dorm. A kangaroo answered. "Hi Alphys, can you let the new kid in the dorm?" the teacher asked. "Sure!" the kangaroo, who was called Alphys said. I came in. Alphys was the only person here. "Is there just you and me or other people?" I ask. "More, some have gone to class!" Alphys explained. I unpacked. It was 3:00 and people started to come back. An arctic wolf came into the dorm. A fox came into the dorm. Lastly, a penguin came into the dorm. There was 2 bunk beds and 1 single bed. The arctic wolf came on the top bunk on his side of the dorm. Alphys went under him. The fox went on the single bed and it was the penguin on the bunk on his side of the dorm. I went over to the penguin. "Can I sleep on top of you?" I asked. "Sure!" the penguin said. I looked for the ladder. "You have to come in here and climb up the ladders under my bed!" the penguin explained. I climbed on there. I sat in my bunk. I heard a knock on. "Who is that?" I yelped. "Just me, I just wanted to introduce everyone to you!" a voice from under me explained. "Ok!" I accepted. "My name is Pine Williams and this is the yellow dorm! On the top bunk next to us, is Grace, the bottom bunk next to us again on the bottom bunk is Alphys, and on the single bed its Rosie, nextdoor pink dorm is the popular girls, Snowy, Rianna, Kylie and Rise, next door is the worst dorm you've ever had to be nextdoor with, Awesome and Nessy, they play the annoying song, Hit or Miss every night to wake you up and we all hate it, green dorm is the nightmare dogs and a mean arctic wolf Rosy, she never shares her dogs and black dorm is Enchanted and Gorgeous the popular mean girls!" he introduced. "Thank you Pine!" I said and put my stuffies at the end of my bed.

Pine's View

I lay on my bed. I grabbed my homework and wrote it. Write an essay of being born. My big sister, Mandy was 14 at the time and now shes 28. I wrote 3 pages of the homework. I put it back in my bag and put my bag by my bed. Then, Hit Or Miss came on. One person from each dorm knocked on Awesome's door. She turns it up louder. I bang into her dorm."GRRRRR! SHUT UP!" I yell. "Stinky Pine! Stinky Pine!" Awesome mocked. I hate it when people mock me. I storm out of the blue dorm. I closed my curtain on my bunk and put up a sign saying PINES BUNK DONT DISTURB ME! I sigh. The new fox fell down. "Are you ok?" I asked. "Yeah!" she said.

Mel's View

I fell down the stairs. I walked to the bathroom and then a dog came to me. "Hello boy!" I said. An arctic wolf came over. "Thats MY DOG!" she yelled and pushed me down the stairs. I banged my head. I began to cry. The dog rushed downstairs and began to bite my arm. "STOP! GET OFF!!" I yelled. The arctic wolf and two other dogs began to attack me. I fell unconcious. I lay on the floor covered in scars and bites and hits and kicks. I felt somebody pick me up. It took me to a table and lay me down. They put their hand on my heart. I felt dead. I woke up in somewhere. It was the hospital. I had stitches and a breathing mask. I breathed into it. "Melody, are you there?" a voice asked. "Yeah.." I sighed. It was morning. "Do you feel better to come home?" it asked. I nodded. They put me in a wheelchair. They wheeled me into the ambulance and took me back to school. They took the lift to the dorms. "Mel! MEL!" Pine said. "Why are you in a wheelchair??" he asked. "ARE YOU MAD!! THIS FREAKING ARCTIC WOLF AND DOGS BIT ME AND ATTACKED ME!" I yelled. I ran out of the wheelchair and in the green dorm. I started to hit the arctic wolf. I bit it and scratched it and hurt it with all my mighty. A teacher came. I punched it in the eye. She lifted me up and tried to walk me. "GET OFF ME NOW!" I screamed. "Mel, you need to be calm!" she said restraining me. "SHUT UP TEACHER!" I yelled. Another teacher came. "Would you like help?" she asked. "Yes I do!" the one restraining me replied. They grabbed me by the arms and brought me upstairs. They took me into a room. I kicked the door hard. I ran out. "GET OFF ME COW!" I yelled. "Mel, your choice of behaviour, you can stop behaving this way now or stay this way and get detention!" the teacher choiced. "GRRRR!" I growled. I ran away to the sensory room. The teachers closed the door and locked it. ".... get off!" I sighed. I was angry for 19 minutes. A few minutes later I walked out. I went to the playground and I heard a loud scream. "APARRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" the scream screamed. "Be quiet!" I said. I ran to the dorms. Pine came. "Are you calm?" he asked, "Your face looks red!". "No!" I sighed. "We're going swimming, Yellow dorm!" Alphys said. "Sure thing!" we all said. We all got our swimsuits on. We got lead to the huge swimming pool. Alphys and Pine jumped in. "Come on girls! The water is fine!" Alphys smiled. Grace and Rosie jumped in. I was a little bit afraid. TBA