This story may not be all about AJ.

It was a bright, sunny day at the beach. My friend and I were drying off after being tossed around by some waves. "Hey, I'm hungry. Got any food?" Brenna asked. "I don't know, lemme check." I rummaged through my moms bag, looking for food. I had pulled out a bag of Cheez Doodles, and handed a bag to Brenna. We decided to walk around while eating. Suddenly, I heard a "KAKAWW!!" Sound coming. It wasn't me running around trying to be a homestuck character again. It was a Seagull. From IP close, they look like penguins. Just throwin that in there. I noticed it coming closer to me. It hovered closer and closer, and finally landed. It pecked my foot, thinking it was a Cheez Doodle. After I kicked it off, it grabbed the Cheez Doodle next to my foot. "Woah...did you see that thing peck my damn foot?!!" I screamed. Suddenly, a flock of them... Came hovering toward me... "SEAGULL ATTAAAAACK!" Brenna screamed. We dropped our Doodlez and ran. They kept flying at us. My brothers noticed, and came charging at them with shovels. The seagulls started pecking my face. Then, they flew over to Brenna and started pecking her face as well. It was specifically right near her nose. "Get these OFF OF ME! WAAAH!" Brenna screamed louder then I did when I finished homestuck. My brothers grabbed a bucket and swung at the seagulls while I laughed at the bucket. homestuck reference They came charging at me. All I could see was a red beak pecking my eyes. I noticed the sand near me was red, and the sand near Brenna was covered in blood. I tried to help her, but I couldn't move due to the seagulls pecking my eyes, legs, toes, and hands. Brenna was screaming, and I was trying to fight for myself. Suddenly, it all went white. I couldn't remember anything after that, but I woke up in the hospital along with Brenna.