A/N I've decided to rewrite this story, mainly because I was a fetus when I started writing this, and it was terribly cliché.

Chapter one: Sasha


For as long as I can remember, I have never been free. All the memories I have from my childhood are of me strapped to a gurney with medical equipment swirling around me. The closest thing I have ever felt to this fabled freedom is when they would leave me in a padded white room with certain objects. I hardly knew what to do with them. Other times they would leave me with a dark purple thing with a one big eye, it never did much, but sit there and stare at me. 

The only animals I've ever interacted with are two wolves. I only know one of their names. Andromida. She was nice, better than the other one. He obviously hated me, and possible Andromida. I've seen him hit her, and I hated it. But I never could interrupt, because he would take his anger out on me. It didn't hurt me, Andromida seemed to suffer more than I did, and I hated seeing her sad, so I didn't interrupt.

Today, however, was not one of the those days with the prized freedom.

Shadows danced across my cell as I stared into the abyss that stretched out in front of me. I had lost track of time, and it was torture. Quietly I started to hum a song I remember Andromida singing to me. I tried to make the notes soft and silky like I remembered, but they came out harsh. As I sang I started to rock back and forth, flatting my ears against my head. I didn't want to hear anything else, just silence. Unfortunately, it didn't work and the echo of footsteps reached my ears, along with my terrible song. Along with the footsteps came new voices that I didn't recognize, saying things I couldn't comprehend.

. I need more characters. So comment a picture of your character and something's about them. -Spir

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