Seraphenite: *grooms wings with beak* So... You're asking me to eat that brown stuff that's lying on the table?

Me: Errr, if you're really saying it that way... Yes!

Seraphenite: *turns her feathered head in disgust* No WAY am I trying that stuff!!!

Me: It's either you eat it willingly or be forced to eat it... *I wink*

Seraphenite: *ducks under the table* No! No no no no no no NO!

Me: *I slowly grab the chocolate bar when Onria the dragon all of a sudden crashes through the ceiling*

Onria: Sorry! *scrambles out the front door*

Me: Wow, Onria really has a fetish for crashing through ceilings... *I sigh and place the chocolate back on the table*

Seraphenite: *suddenly bumps the table, causing the chocolate to go flying* Well, I think the chocolate's gone! Coast's all clear! *dashes out from under the table, only to have the chocolate land in my mouth*

Me: Well, I told you that you had to try the chocolate...

Seraphenite: Pickles.

I probably won't be releasing a picture of Seraphenite anytime soon! However, if you wish to draw your own picture of her, she's a female owl with light green feathers and a pine green square swirl pattern. Seraphenite in real life is a gemstone which has coloring similar to jade.


Seraphenite's Story

Seraphenite scrambled away from the Main Jamaa owl alpha, who was screaming at her for being an 'unforgivable traitor' spreading all of Main Jamaa's battle plans to Vividwing Forest. You see, before this event had happened, the remaining Main Jamaa alphas (the rest were either dead or who-knows-where) - obviously not including Greely since he was insane - were planning another attack on Vividwing. Seraphenite had managed to steal a peek at the lush world of Vividwing, and she ended up finding it so breathtaking and its inhabitants so vibrantly colorful that she wished to halt the attack. Sneaking into the Vividwing alphas' meeting room, she silently waited until all of them came into the area, then popped out of nowhere from under the table. All of the Alphas went screaming, Garnet absent-mindedly unsheathed his sword, and pretty soon, a bunch of weapons were pointed at her. Whimpering, she slowly spoke, "I have come to warn you of an attack from Main Jamaa, but heed no worry. I know their battle plans, and I might just be able to help you ward them off!" Onyx replied with an unusually slightly happy, "Wise move, young one. Can you explain anything sneaky that we could find out how to bane off? Certainly there should be some other spies coming round." And so Seraphenite explained Main Jamaa's attack plans, right from sneaky little spies down to gigantic cannons and magical spells. You can probably guess how it ended for Main Jamaa, but I'll tell you anyways; Main Jamaa ended up failing the attack.

And you're probably also asking how the Main Jamaa owl alpha knew how Seraphenite was the traitor. Well, Seraphenite was the only animal who was supposed to spy on Vividwing Forest that day and bring back photos of all the important buildings. This way the armies knew which areas was to be attacked the most. Anyways, Seraphenite fled off into the far distance almost as fast as a running cheetah, her feathers flowing in the wind quickly. Finally, after she was sure that the angry alpha was far behind, she turned around. Nothing or nobody was in sight, except for rolling grass plains. Sighing, she plopped down, disappointed. There was no way she would be able to return home - if she did, Seraphenite would probably be executed or imprisoned for life. Turning to face the direction she was running in, a phantom suddenly ambushed her and knocked her out.

When she came to, she noticed that a goopy chain was attatched to her ankle, winding upwards around a pillar until it finally touched the round wall. Looking up, Seraphenite spied an oily grate which was surrounded by three other pillars. She shed tears uncontrolably - she was the first animal ever to be imprisoned in a 'pit cell,' a cell which is a circular pit with a grate at the top, usually up to around 15-30 feet deep. Not knowing any magic, she absent-mindedly pecked at the lock on her ankle, trying to see if she would be able to undo it somehow. It did end up working, and Seraphenite sped up towards the grate to see if she could slip out. Nothing - she was destined to rot away forever here. The holes in the grate weren't even big enough for her to slip through! Losing all hope, she dashed down towards the cell floor and sat there, crying. A glow suddenly flashed and disappeared as soon as it came, leaving behind... a notepad, pencil and pen? Why, of all things, these would come by? A thousand questions raced through her head, questioning these objects' appearance.

Around 10 minutes passed, Seraphenite flying around in circles. Sighing, she fluttered down to where the notepad, pen and pencil, beginning to draw a phantom key out of boredom. Adding in some more keys and a small open duffel sack at the bottom, she lay down to rest on the cold stone floor. Even though there was no bed, just the stone floor, Seraphenite was so tired she fell asleep anyways. It turned out to be more of a nap, for another bright glow came and went, leaving behind the very objects Seraphenite had drawn. Confused, she looked at the drawing set she'd recieved, then looked back at the real objects which were once on paper. Finally, she stuffed the drawing set into the duffel bag along with the phantom keys, and Seraphenite was surprised that when she carried the bag, it was almost weightless and also it was apparently bottomless. Unlocking her grate and flying out, it wasn't long before a phantom swarm was triggered. Uh oh... Seraphenite thought. She didn't know what to do - she didn't want to get touched by any of these monsters, but then her mind flashed back to the drawing set. It was blindingly obvious, and she knew it.

But the problem was that phantoms were everywhere! There was no such thing as a safe area at the moment - what Seraphenite needed to do right now was fly the heck out of this place, whatever it was. Clutching her duffel bag tight with her fragile little talons, she flew frantically as fast as she could though halls; through corridors; through rooms; through EVERYTHING. But there was no life-saving entrance in sight. Seraphenite was just about to give up to accept her doomed fate when she suddenly saw a light. She was more focused on getting out of this weird place, but she lured herself to the light anyways.

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