It was a rainy day. Since it was Saturday and I had nothing better to do, I logged into AJ. But there was something weird happening. First, the loading page didn't look like the normal loading page. There were hackers and scammers looking at you. The text on the page said: GET HACKED NOW!. I was really creeped out. Then, I did the daily spin. But instead of getting coins or diamonds or gifts, I won A SKULLY. I thought this was some weird April Fools day glitch (It was April Fools that day) but then I decided it was a bit too creepy for AJ. I checked my server and it said: "Bad Server". I checked the other one and only those two were there. The other one said: "Good Server". Ok, that was really creepy for me. I decided to log off.

The next day, I logged onto AJ again and the same thing happened. But I was in "Good Server". Everyone was there and were doing smiley and laughing emotes. They always asked the same thing the animals say when Liza or Peck shows you around Jamaa. I logged off and on but it STILL was being creepy.

At school the next day, everyone in my class acted like the animals in the game. I went home later and did my homework. The homework questions said the same stuff like the animals In the game. "I need a nap" I said in my mind. I went to sleep and kept dreaming about the animals. I couldn't take this anymore.

---News Flash---

A 16 year old girl has been found dead in her room. Cause of death is unknown, but had some happy and sad questions engraved on her chest. The mother says she may have died because of headaches. She was first found dead next to her computer playing Animal Jam, an online game. See you next time on the news.

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