Please be warned as this story contains mild language.

The snow glistened white and pure on the hillside. Three lone figures trekked up, leaving a trail of footprints. One lifted his head, bracing against the howling blizzard. "That's where we're going," he said in a low voice. "That place? Are you crazy?" asked one of his companions, the one with a crimson cloak. "I wouldn't go there if I got a thousand gold coins!" The third person, who had a blue cloak, snorted. "Like you'd know anything about coins. Every place you've gone has kicked you out just as you entered the gates, hungry and penniless." The lead traveler stuck his hand into his belt and took out a long orange sword, shimmering with a green light. It cast a toxic green shadow over the three. "Shut up," he growled. "and stop bickering. We need to get there before midnight, and it's 11:49." His companions quieted down.

They stayed silent as they trekked up the hill all the way to a battered shack. Seven people stayed huddled around the meager fire that burned in a rickety hearth. A figure by the table stood up. "Ah, Gray, you three have come. You're the last ones. Come on, let's start." Nodding acknowledgement, Gray took out a short three-pronged trident. It had an orange glow on the leftmost and rightmost points, while the middle one glowed a flaming red. His crimson-cloaked companion took out a candle, made of black wax. Its wick was bright red. The blue-cloaked companion brought out a band of silver metal, streaked with bands of gold. The candle was placed on the table with the band encircling it. The trident's leftmost point, then its rightmost point, were touched to the candle. The wick glowed blue. The center point was touched to it. It glowed purple, red, black, then white, and everyone inside the shack disappeared.

Chapter 1

Everything was dark.

Gray stood up and drew his sword, bathing the company in green light. "Where are we?" he asked. "If I knew, I'd tell you," his blue-cloaked companion answered. "Shut up, Jeff," the crimson-cloaked companion replied sharply, laughing unpleasantly. "No, BOTH of you shut up!!" a pink-cloaked woman admonished. "Whatever, Caspiea," the crimson-cloaked companion answered.

"All of you stop arguing. We're obviously in some sort of problem," a gold-cloaked girl replied. "How do we get out?" "I have no idea, Chief," said a brown-cloaked figure.

"Welp, guess we'd better go home now," Flaming, the crimson-cloaked man, replied.

"Trouble is, where is home?" asked Jeff.

Nobody knew.

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