A young wolf ran through a forest , being chased by , something. He left a small trail of blood from his tail. A black dragon suddenly formed in front of him. It sneared " your alone! You will always be where you are!". The wolf cringed from the pain in his head " Am I the only one I know" the dragon took a swipe at him and he jumped " raging on wars behind my face and above my throat?" The wolf dived for the dragons leg " Shadows will scream that i'm alone!" The dragon pinned his tail to the ground " but I've made it this far " The dragon's mouth opened to deliver the killing blow " made it this far ". The wolf jumped away " yeah yeah yeah " The wolf ran away " YEAH YEAH YEAH!".

The wolf ran into a small crowded area. A rabbit jumped up " THE FREAK IS BACK!". He paused and gulped. The shadow dragon floated behind the crowd and stuck its tongue out him. It turned into a falcon and struck him on the back. The wolf ran as fast as he could " but I've made it this far."

The dragon met him in the middle of a forest and laughed in his face " one blow is all it takes my friend ". The wolf growled " mark my words one day " the wolf jumped at the dragon " you will pay , YOU WILL PAY !" the dragon reverted back into a falcon and flew off . the wolf screamed " KARMA'S GONNA COME COLLECT YOUR DEBT !" The wolf sighed heavily and ran off again.