Hey guys - I have not been on in months due to homework stress. I feel bad since I'm still going to be off for a while, so here is a short narrative I had for homework. It's not my best but I need to post something. So here it is. Enjoy!

Princess of the Flame Cats (Stella)

Stella gazed out the window, trying her best to ignore the chaos behind her. A small flurry of snow began to drift down onto the tarseal. She hoped that they wouldn’t have to stop the bus again because of the snow blocking the way. Suddenly the mountain scenery gave way to a stunning view of the lake. As the bus drove along the road perched above a treacherous cliff Stella dug under the seat in front of her for her school bag. As she pulled out a muesli bar, she heard screams and shrieks, louder than they should be. Way too loud. She jerked her head up just in time to see the person next to her dive out the emergency exit. Confused, she looked out the window to see the bus hurtling down into the lake…
Stella looked up. She was sitting on her seat again, clutching her bag, in the bus. Except… She wasn’t really sitting on it, she was draped over it. And her bag was 50 meters away. And she definitely not in the bus. She was floating on a lake, with no memory of how she got there. Then she remembered the bus. She could see other pieces of debris floating around her. She moved her arms and legs to check that they were not broken, and then began to swim to the other side of the lake. It had been midday when the bus crashed, so when she had made it across the lake, still clinging to her seat, it was getting dark. That worried her. She walked for about an hour before she couldn’t see because of the dark and snow whirling around her. But, very faintly, she could see a farm. She ran towards it. As she got closer she could see that it wasn’t a farm, but a stable. Oh well, She thought. I can sleep in that shed. She walked up to the shed and opened the door. It was unlocked, fortunately.
She dived in and shut the door. She opened her backpack, which she had rescued from the lake, and checked the contents. Her books were unreadable, her muesli bar was no where to be seen - but her plastic lunch box had sealed out the water. After a sandwich and orange for dinner, she fell asleep on a sack. Voices awoke her 10 hours later. She jerked her head up and looked around. This isn’t a shed, She thought whilst looking at her surroundings. This is a Tack Shed. Well, there would be no other reason to have a shed in a stables. Opening the door just a tiny bit, she peeked out. In front of her was a tall black mare. She slammed the door and peeked out a gap in the wood. Two burly men ran over and grabbed her by the rope on her halter. She whinnied and bucked, but they held onto her. Grunting, they led her over to a small paddock walked in with her. Both of them tried to mount her multiple times, failing. Until she finally let one stay on her back. He cheered and began to trot around the paddock. The other fetched a saddle and reins, and various equipment. They tacked her up and tied her to the fence. They seemed ready to mount her again and test her abilities. However, they did not notice what Stella noticed. A mischievous glint in the young horse’s eye.
Stella had been watching these two men and horse all day, and nothing had happened yet. It was starting to get boring. Then they began to take her over some jumps. She obediently went over five jumps before deciding to edit the course. She flew over the paddock fence, dumping the man riding her in the process, and took off. The men looked shocked. Then they broke into argument. While they were busy, Stella took a carrot from a sack and hurried off after the horse - her ticket back home. When Stella found the mare, she was so exhausted that she collapsed on the ground. The horse trotted over to her, and nosed her backpack. Sighing, Stella took out the carrot and gave it to the horse. When the horse began to munch on the carrot, Stella quickly mounted it. It seemed that the first thing the horse had done was get rid of the saddle. However, the reins were still inta - okay, not in too much of a great condition, but still useable.
When Stella rode into her town on an extremely muddy horse that no longer looked black, with tangled hair and soaking wet clothes, the first person to see her - a postman, he gasped and went pale. He waved a newspaper in her face. Or rather the horse’s face. The newspaper showed many pictures, some of her, some on the snowy cliffs over the lake, surrounding one big photo of the bus wreckage. She smiled and nodded.

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