There's this game called Transformice. There's one mechanic that I want to talk about in this case. Private messaging or whispering is exactly as you think it is. And there are many people on AJ there too. One day, somebody got in contact with my sister, trying to scam her for her rares on AJ. They said many foolish lies and we beat them by pointing out many contradictions in their statements. Before the fool left, he said that he had already gotten ten spikes that way. But there's one thing he never counted on. We got his username. He would get a curse, known to many as the "Shrimp on the Barbecue."

This did not begin the recent "Shrimp on the barbecue" incidents on AJ, though. A spirit, who could sense greed rose up from the ashes, sniffing out the greediest, the most vile beggars she could get at. Her first stop was a giveaway. The person hosting this would not be cursed, since he had already gotten everything he could get, and was bored of it all. Although, the ones entering the giveaway would get shrimped.

The shrimp appear in groups of 7-20. The shrimp know. They always have a spy. When you see a pink wolf with just pink x-eyes, LOCK YOUR DEN. The shrimp will not leave your den until they find another target. This endangers everybody who is hosting a party, a giveaway, a match making thing, and so on. But there was something peculiar about the last shrimp sighting.

They weren't pink. They were the color you'd expect from true darkness. Black. Polluted. They danced around the fire in the forest screaming, "Help us!" or "Help me!". This later evolved in hating the animals that weren't shrimp around the fire because they never noticed them. They said they were your shadows, your guardians. But you never cared and you never helped them. Help them with what, you may ask? A theory points that the shadows are phantoms, and phantoms have to be treated with kindness, or they'll become 'enraged.' But there was one more sighting before this one.

The shrimps were screaming near the temple that Jamaa was going to be destroyed. They said that there was going to be a war that would split apart the world. Who knows? Nobody listened to them.

I've also collected the names of the shrimp.

Pink: cookieonthebarbecue, sankermine, londengirl, sandwichonthebarbecu, cherryonthebarbecue, fishonthebarbecue, catonthebarbecue, storageturtle, imjustakid

Black: theywarnedyou, wewarnedyou, whydidyoulistentothem, youshouldvelistened, itsyourfault, wearestronger, notourfault, starlingnight, shannlivgone, youforcedusto, iwishyoulistened, imcomingbackagain, wearehereforever, imyouropposite, imhereforhere

You can look them up on AJ right now. Just be careful...