Ever since the collapse of the economy of Jamaa, everything has become a wreck...

Remember the old days when everything was fine? It was so cheery and colorful with lots of wildlife to see and beautiful places to go... Now, it's all gone.

It's Hell down here in this smoke-filled world where the jokes are cold. But they don't laugh at jokes- they laugh at tragedies. The buildings are crippled and burnt to the ground. The animals, other than us jammers, have died away. The beautiful sights are gone for good. There's no hope, happiness or anything to savor here but ourselves. One for one, one for none.

But there is a tiny light that shines among a crowd of strangers that sings out to us all.

Darling Shywolf.

She had an amazing voice, unlike any other jammer's. She could reach every pitch. Her voice soothed the ones who were balled up in a tangle of anger and regret. Even the toughest of jammers gathered to hear her sing.

Even though her voice was amazing, her looks weren't. Her fur was messed up in a way and her limbs seemed "off". She didn't walk very much and lived in a hole in the ground, bigger than her. Some jammers were kind enough to get some food for her to keep her alive. Her voice made them think.

It was like she means it.

The songs she sang had meaning to them and weren't just the plain old songs from the top of one's head. They were mostly the songs of sadness and regret. Her songs were well written and were sang multiple times. Nobody seemed to get tired of them, along with her voice. She didn't seem to care for the reward- she was just glad to see them happy.


(Art by me.)

But on one fateful day, this all ended.

There was a gang of jammers called the "Thunder Squad." They were a strong gang, but had little members and a greedy leader. But because weaker jammers feared them and cowered in their presence, they stuck together. They wanted full control over the last bits of Jamaa and its animals. They wanted to get rid of Darling's voice to keep them under their control. The squad's leader, a massive snow leopard by the name of Jawbreaker, wanted to keep all of the animals in line. This meant that they would have to rid of Darling, since everyone flocked over to her.

And that's what they did.

Darling's voice rung into the air. A few bunnies hopped over to listen to the song, and then came more jammers. Right when a giraffe walked into the scene, who was extremely thin, the squad rushed in. Seven wolves, eight cheetahs, three arctic wolves, a polar bear, two eagles and five snow leopards rushed into the scene. They swatted at the jammers, forcing them back. Some of them broke out into fights, blood shedding. A wolf died trying to defend Darling from the crushing jaws of Jawbreaker.

But the other animals fled.

Jawbreaker had the poor wolf in his grasp, a wide smile creeping across his face. Darling spun around, nearly slipping. His large paws gripped the she's haunches, his claws digging into them. The wolf let out a yelp, twisting around to bite. Jawbreaker laughed, slamming a paw down on her head. A faint crack split into the air, her head dropping back. She began panicking, her legs flailing. She let out a cry of fear. The lieutenant, an artic wolf, held the she's head down.

With a cackle, Jawbreaker locked his jaws on her throat, crushing it. Blood gushed out of the wound as her head jerked back. Her body went limp with a yelp, blood trickling out of her mouth. The leopard loosened his grip, thin strands of flesh entangled in his teeth. Blood smeared across his cheek as he wiped the blood off it, licking his paw.

The squad had taken control over the jammers. They all had to gather the small scraps of food for Jawbreaker. But right before a jammer could eat his or her share, Jawbreaker would snatch it right from them. Weeks passed. Half of the population had died and a few cheetah cubs were eaten by the greedy leader. Some of the head squad members were killed by Jawbreaker, since HE was so hungry.

Soon, the population had rocketed down.

The remaining jammers escaped the greedy leader's grasp. They devoured the bodies of dead jammers. When their strength was regained, they planned to attack the snow leopard. With only the strength of four wolves, three cheetahs, two arctic wolves, one eagle and a bunny, they had to put forth as much effort as possible. They planned to attack at night.

When night came, the animals snuck behind an old building where the leopard slept on a few torn pillows. The cheetahs pounced, surprising the massive feline. The wolves then zoned in, biting him from all sides. The eagle flapped its wings around his face to simply pester him. The rabbit began kicking the leopard's head. The arctic wolves then gripped the tail, easily ripping it off.

The long wad of fur flung in the air, a crimson streak following it. Jawbreaker let out a howl of agony, leaping up with a sudden burst of energy. He shook the animals off of him, swatting the bunny. His claws sliced through the tiny mammal, cutting it up easily. The dead body landed on the ground, bleeding.

I had to leave right when the battle began. I lost my eye when his claws snagged it, ripping it right out of my socket. It really hurt- unbearable pain. When I returned, Jawbreaker was dead with no lower jaw. I still hear Darling's voice, as if she sings to us all today. Jamaa has changed back to normal.

I hope this never will happen once more.

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