A few words from the Author

I got inspired to write this story from Wires, and it takes place during Wires and afterwards. THIS IS A COMEPLTELY FAN-MADE STORY! All copyright goes to TechSaur who originally wrote the story. Excellent work on Wires, Techy!

The Story

Dembia and Clawslash were the sandcats' most strongest members - yet they weren't fighters. Hiding behind the Jamaa Township board, they watched as the rest of their kind fought and die. Dembia was a female, a small heart-shaped birthmark on her side. Clawslash, a male sandcat, used to fight with fellow sandcats whomn would plot to betray them, but after getting a scar over the eye, stopped fighting. "I'm scared, Clawslash," Dembia whispered. "Do you think we'll be alright?" "I think we will," he replied. "We just need to hope." After the war, it all returned to normal with the rest of the animals - but the remaining sandcat pair were scared hopeless, starving, and thirsty after the long war. They needed a feline alpha who trusted in them. And that, is how they came to Sir Gilbert.

Sir Gilbert was roaring with pride in Sarepia Forest, as some tigers do. He decided to prowl over to the Alpha HQ to see how the others were doing. Gilbert was just about to pack up his stuff when he heard a tiny meow. Knowing that all of the sandcats were eradicated from living in Jamaa, he decided to walk over to where the noise was coming from, seeing as it sounded like a sancat's meow. He was surprised to see the two sandcat survivors from the war, but they didn't have an injury on them. They both were so terribly thin, you could see their ribcage protrude out from the skin. One of them shakily said, "H-hi. I'm Dembia, and the other cat is Clawslash." Gilbert replied, "Why are you two here?!?! You're supposed to be banished from Jamaa, like the other sandcats!" Clawslash collapsed at that very moment, Dembia rushing tearfully to his side. "Because," Clawslash said. "We're not fighters. We simply hid in fear behind the Jamaa Township board, afraid to become one of the fighters who tried to slay." Gilbert wasn't taking this in too easily, though. He needed actual PROOF that they weren't fighters.

After quite an exhaustingly long explanation, Sir Gilbert gave them some food and water. "Here," he said. "You can stay at my den, I will tell the Alphas your story to let them believe you. But I will not reveal this to the public, for the other felines will start attacking you." Dembia and Clawslash nodded in agreement. "I suggest bringing us - concealed on the journey - as more living proof, and it may be better for us to tell our own story." Clawslash suggested. Gilbert agreed, and he gently lifted them under his blanket, motioning them for the to stay as flat as possible on his back. He prowled through the Temple of Zios to the AHQ, ignoring the adoring mob of tigers and other animals asking for his signature or a souveneir from him. He arrived at the Alpha HQ, unveiling the sandcat pair to them. All of them were angry at the two survivors, until Dembia and Clawslash unveiled their story and past of why they weren't fighters. Sir Gilbert added, "Do not reveal this news of their presence, for the felines will try to attack them." All of them nodded. "I have just one thing to reveal to the sandcats," Greely said. "Most of the enviroment outside of Jamaa is dominated by the Phantoms, creating an unfit and dangerous enviroment to be in. Sorry, I truly am sorry for the rest of your kind." Dembia burst into tears, saddened by the fate of other sandcats. Clawslash seemed pretty calm, although deep inside he was raging, telling himself that he would get over it.

Back at Gilbert's house, Dembia was still crying, although she was crying less and most of her tears were dry. Clawslash, him being mentally stronger, was already over it, eating his food. Gilbert, on the other hand, was busy building a room for the sandcat pair, fending off the adoring mob of felines who could see him. He had told the sandcats he was caring for to stay as quiet as possible to deplete the attention towards them, even though what he was doing is pretty noisy. "Aaand... Done!" Gilbert called. "I finished off the roof, the walls, and even some custom decor!" Curious, Dembia prowled over to where the room was being constructed, and what she saw fit perfectly into sandcat enviroment, plus a tree for them to climb if they wanted to. There even was a sandcastle that fit the room's size! "Hey! Clawslash!" Dembia called. "You gotta see our room!" Clawslash arrived, and he too was truly amazed what Gilbert had conjured up.

However, meanwhile, some smart Mary Sue girl cheetah had peeked into one of the house's windows and saw the sandcats. Angry at the surviving animal felines, she called up all the felines (except the sandcats) and gave them orders for a siege on Gilbert's house. "Leave the sancats' room in tact!" she commanded. "We want to hold the house residents hostage there!" "But Lady," said one lion in the crowd. "You don't mess with alphas!" "Who cares?" Lady rudely replied. "Grandlion, it's the bloody plan! Deal with it!" Grandlion fearfully nodded, knowing that despite Lady being a bubbly Mary Sue girly girl, she could switch to warrior-o-mode when she got really annoyed. Gilbert, however, had snuck up a heavily foilaged tree and eavesdropped on the whole thing. Knowing that physically climbing down would grab attention, he teleported magically over to the house.

Dembia was already digging at the sand-covered floor, burying a dead mouse that she caught while looking for prey on the balcony. Clawslash playfully ambushed her, the two play fighting and laughing with amusement. They were shocked when Sir Gilbert peeked into their room, his face with an expression of worry. "What's wrong?" Dembia curiously asked. Clawslash leaped off of her, instantly sitting when he landed. "Gilbert," He added. "Something major must be happening. What's going on, or what happened?" "I don't have much time to explain," Gilbert gasped worriedly. "All of the public felines are going to siege our home and destroy it!" Both of the sandcats cowered. "We have a chance, though. Climb onto my back - I know a backup home I have just in case something like this happens." Dembia rushed foward, Clawslash walking quickly, knowing that he could walk slower but staying meant certain doom. The sandcats hopped onto Gilbert's back, and he teleported to a cool and warm cave. The public cats anihilated the original home, only to discover its inhabitants escaped. "SHOOT!" Lady screamed. "Sir Gilbert escaped! Well, we'll stay calm until one of our 'scouts' find where they now residence."

The cave was actually more comfortable than the sandcats thought; it actually kinda reminded of their old canyons and... home. Dembia sniffed around - she was starting to somewhat like this place - and Clawslash playfully ran around, pretending to chase a mouse. Sir Gilbert, however, was more worried, knowing that the felines now knew of the sandcats that were still here. He looked over at his magic orb, prowling towards it. "Orb, tell me the current location of a feline scout." Gilbert said. The orb glowed, then a blue-tinted view of a sly snow leopard came into view. He recognized the background - it was Coral Canyon's Epic Wonders, dangerously close to the cave's location. However, to acess their cave, you needed to find a gold bar in one of the golden glistening piles. One of those bars was different from the others - it had the symbol of a key on its side. Pull on this bar, and it would unveil the cave. Dembia had noticed what Gilbert was doing, however, so she set up a net trap to catch the sly leopard spy from above. Knowing that this 'scout' would try to hack through normal rope netting, she made it so that the netting was made from diamond-reinforced rope. It just so happened that Gilbert had a pile of the required rope sitting in a corner. Clawslash stopped pretending he was chasing a mouse, curious on what Dembia was doing. "Whatcha doing, girl?" he asked. "I'm making a trap for the scout," she replied. "I saw where the scout's location is through Sir Gilbert's magic orb, so I'm making this just in case he comes in to investigate the place." Reeling up the net, Dembia leaped onto the nearby bookshelf. "What are you doing, Dembia?" Gilbert asked, too busy watching the orb to even remember what Dembia said. "Long story short: I saw what was on your orb, so I decided to make a trap for the sneaky scout." She replied. "Excellent work, however - we're going to need that trap of yours!" He replied back, smiling.

More to come soon! What will happen next?

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