Long Story! This will also come in parts.

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1/13/14 4:00 PM

I'm running. Really fast. I'm in Mt.Shiveer with my friends. I was on a mission from the Alphas to find t


The Winter Stone.

he Winter Stone. The Winter Stone was a magical gem that can control winter weather, and snowy places. It also had the power to bring blizzards, winter thunderstorms, and many other snow weather. If the phantoms got it, they can destroy Jamaa with it. And now your wondering... why am I running fast? Well, I'm with 6 other friends to find the Winter Stone. We were at Mt.Shiveer we were digging around as we found a hidden cave. When we went in, the Winter Stone was there. We took the Winter Stone and headed off but then phantoms came out of nowhere and started chasing us. They already got one of my friends and she is in a deep sleep. We eventually made out of the cave, it was really big. My friends and I jumped down the cliff on Mt.Shiveer as the phantoms stared at us from the tip, watching us fall. After a while, they turned back. And now, I'm almost at the bottom. Don't know if I'm going to live or not. I'm holding my journal in my paws. Who am I by the way? I'm Eternal TheWolf. My friends are 2 arctic wolves, a spring bunny, a raccoon, a snow leopard, and a fox. (Search me up, Snowymistypaw. My profile will show all of them!) One arctic wolf name is Sparkle Wingedfriend. The other is Twinkle Superspirit. The spring bunny is obviously called spring bunny, raccoon is called Precious cottonflower, snow leopard is Blooming Happycat, and the fox is Mighty fireyeyes. The one who fell in a deep sleep was Spring Bunny. Anyway, I'm about to fall with them. Don't know if will survive. This is Eternal, date, 1/13/14 (I know it's not March. Just pretend it is. And I know a few animals this time that are in here didn't come out yet. Just pretend they did!)

1/13/14 , 5:34 PM

I'm alive and so are my friends. We woke up but we were not at Mt.Shiveer. We were at a den. Not a regular den. A snow fort. I woke up and looked around. I saw I was the last one to get up. It was poorly decorated, but decent. I saw there were no fridges, beds, or rooms. There were only 2 floors. The bottom one had a few plushies in it, a chair made out of ice, and some other stuff in it. Outside there were sleds, tiny ponds and stuff. But what caught my eyes is that there were 2 powerful snow cannons as well. Upstairs, there was only a orb table and a horse plushie. There was also a small place up there. But there was frost around it and there was a Mira Statue. I looked around and saw my friends drinking hot chocolate. I asked them, "Where are we? How did we get here? Who owns this den? Where did you get the hot chocolate?" One of the arctic wolves, Twinkle replied quietly and calmly, "We're in a snow fort. It belongs to a Snow Warrior. Her name is Infinity IcyCat. She's a bunny. She works for the alphas. She takes in adventurers and help them. When we fell down, she was walking around and saw us. She took us in. Also, she gave us these." Blooming quickly said after her, "Infinity is out on a mission. She said she'll be back in 20 minutes." I slowly nodded and sat down. The floor was made out of ice and it was hard and cold. Then, about 1 minute later, a bunny in a hood came in. She had a blue hood and neon arrows. She wore a blue long spiked collar and a black glove. Infinity had a soft voice as she said, "I see you are all awake. Please, make yourself comfortable and tell me why you was out there." Mighty explained to her about the Winter Stone. Infinity nodded and she quietly said, "Do you have it?" Mighty then looked at me because I had it. I showed her the winter stone as she stared at it. "There is more to the Winter Stone than you think." she said. "Come with me upstairs, red wolf. I must speak with you privately."

1/13/14 7:50 PM

A while passed by since I wrote in this journal. Anyway, I think I should tell what she said to me. When she took me upstairs, she sighed and she looked at me. She began the story. "A long time ago after the phantom war, the phantoms mostly stayed in Mt.Shiveer because it barely had any life. Or at least they think. Animals were kicked out and sometimes killed by the phantoms. The alphas saw the destruction and wanted to stop it. They used some of Mira's leftover magic, their own magic, snow magic, and crystals to make the Winter Stone. The Winter Stone could do more then simply making winter weather. It had the power to freeze lands or living organisms to the death. The alphas used the Winter Stone on the phantoms. It could also give Winter Powers to the one who uses it. They used snow powers and the Winter Stone freeze powers to defeat the phantoms. After a while, it was held in the center of Mt.Shiveer. But then, thieves tried to steal it for their own purposes. Some wanted it for revenge, some wanted it to sell it and make money, and some just want it just because of it's appearance. The alphas then had to hide the Winter Stone as they saw how greedy animals were acting. They hid the Winter Stone deep below Mt.Shiveer. For thousands of years, no one has heard of it. But then one day a phantom was roaming Mt.Shiveer. As it floated around it saw a spark from the ground. As the curious phantom dug for 5 days, he discovered a cave. He entered and he saw the Winter Stone. He alerted many other phantoms about it and the invasion started. And the invasion is still going on today. I'm sure the alphas sent you and your friends to get it so the alphas can have it in a safe place. And now you have it... the phantoms are going to come after you. You must quickly give it to the alphas before-" Infinity was cut off by phantoms coming from everywhere. She took out her arrows as she shot the phantoms. I started to run downstairs and it was swarmed with phantoms. My friends were attacking them. After a little while, they retreated and left. Right now, the fort is a mess. I'm helping her clean up. Anyway, I need to put this journal away.

1/14/14 8:23 AM

I just woke up. Infinity is going taking me and my friends to the Alpha's Base. We quickly had breakfast and we have a little time to chat. And I just learned that Blooming is a brat. Anyway, I'm just writing in my journal here while the rest of my friends are outside playing. Oh wait, Infinity is taking us now. Anyway I just got outside and started walking. I put one paw inside my pocket. But then, I felt something very very cold. I quickly took my paw out and the Winter Stone came rolling out. It's starting to glow baby blue... me and my friends backed away as it rose up into the sky. Then all of a sudden, a Winter Thunderstorm came and hail started coming down. The Winter Stone then cracked and let out a phantom like liquid. Infinity then grabbed out a crystal, possibly a diamond and said a few words we couldn't understand. "Ruhigen Winterstien!" she said. The diamond then let out a light beam and shot the Winter Stone. The crack was healed and the phantom liquid stopped coming out. It then fell to the ground and the winter thunderstorm cleared off. "W-what was that?" Precious said frightened. Infinity sighed and grabbed the Winter Stone. She then bubbled it with Nature Magic. "I think when the phantoms attacked my snow fort while you guys were there, they somehow got their powers on it. Now they can sometimes control the Winter Stone. I used Diamond Magic to calm it. It will stay calm. But not for a long time. The Winter Stone is more powerful then the Diamond." she said. I then looked at the bubbled Winter Stone. I slowly said, "Then we must get to the Alphas and warn them." Then, the 8 of us ran quickly towards The Lost Temple of Zios. Then, Infinity raised a Heartstone in front of the entrance of the Base Camp. She said strange words. "Адкрыць Альфа прытулак !" is what she said. All I knew it was different language from the last one. Then, the Base Camp entrance disappeared and a new door appeared. Infinity said quickly, "There's no time to lose. The door will disappear in a few seconds." So we all got in and around was a giant castle. It was filled with many animals and the alphas. I have to stop writing in this for now.

1/14/14 4:03 PM

So, what happened earlier. We was at the Alpha's Secret Hideout. We gave them the Winter Stone. Infinity said she would take us home. Anyway, we were walking home until we heard the bushes move a little. We all froze. Then Mighty slowly creeped up to the bush. She then ripped it apart and we saw a deer that looked like... a phantom? We all stood there as Mighty stared at it. Then, Twinkle yelled out "IT'S A PHANTOM! ATTACK IT!" We all then started to attack the deer phantom as it activated a shield. It then spoke out, "I'm not going to hurt you! I am a phantom but I don't work for them! I work for the alphas! You can ask them!" Infinity then closed her eyes and whispered to herself. After a few minutes she opened her eyes again. "She does work for the alphas." she said calmly. "What's your name?" The phantom deer then spoke normally, "I'm Fairy CuteSun. But you can call me Fairy. I'm a phantom deer, but after the Phantom War I secretly started working for the alphas. I can easily go in the Phantom Territory and report their plans. I am a strong phantom so I can easily attack the phantoms because usually they're weaker." Sparkle then came up to her and said, "What if the phantoms ever discover you work for the alphas?" Fairy then just stood there. She then answered, "I don't know. They will probably kick me out, but I been working for the alphas for years. They'll probably do something worse. Like torturing me and- never mind. I don't want to talk about it." I then asked her, "Since you usually know their plans, do you know anything about the Winter Stone?" Fairy answered, "The Winter Stone? Oh ya! All the phantoms are talking about it. They're planning to steal it and freeze all of Jamaa and it's inhabitants. They would take over Jamaa and reproduce phantoms there." We all got frightened by this news but then Precious yelled out, "The Alphas have the Winter Stone, there's nothing to worry about!"

More to come soon!

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