Hi! Snowflake snowy fox is the name but you can call me snow. I better start by telling you some stuff about me and the people in my life,otherwise this will make no sense at all. I live at 62 Jamaa road with my buddies snowflake spirit horse and icy snowy seal. Next door to us lives my brother snowflake rocky fox.At number 61 lives my annoying buddy. The reason she is annoying is this. She works in the diamond shop, doing those stupid adverts. That in itself is okay. What isn't ok is that she gets free diamonds on Saturday. IT'S SO ANNOYING! On Saturday she has a massive party at number 61 Jamaa road. In number 62 or 60, on Saturdays don't guarantee any sleep. 

The life of snowflake snowy fox: waking up.

I was woke up to find someone was shaking me. I rolled over, stretched and saw that it was spirit.  'Ugh what is it?' I groaned, struggling to undo eyes that had been glued together with sleep. Suddenly something seemed to click in me and I sat up properly, only to turn my head to the wall to avoid the bright sun streaming in at the open window. 'Wake up, wake up!' hissed spirit. 

'I am awake!' I hissed back, annoyed at the sun. 

'C'mon and get dressed!' said spirit.'Icy has been up for hours!'

'Just like her' I mumbled. 'Move up and let me get dressed then.'

I slid out from underneath the sky blue duvet and climbed up the ladder. I went to the wardrobe and took out my favourite outfit. Cyan gazelles, grey spiked collar, blue rare worn, grey spiked wrist band and a purple and cyan raccoon tail. (No raccoons were harmed during the making of this outfit.) I got changed and had breakfast - a mixture of dried fruit and nuts, along with fruit and cornflakes.

What shall we do?

I sat at the kitchen table with spirit and icy, desperately trying to think of a plan for the day. "What are we going to do?" Asked spirit in a stupid voice, imitating the tiger we had seen on the tv the night before. Icy, always the well prepared one, at once said "I'm going to temple of Zios to the lab. I've nearly cracked this geometric puzzle that's been driving me completely NUTS!" Me and spirit stared at each other and raised our eyebrows. (If foxes and horses actually HAVE eyebrows that is.) There are some things we will never understand. "Well that leaves spirit and me free to do whatever we want!" I said, just a little gleefully. 

"Shopping?" Said spirit.

"Nah. To boring. What about trapping phantoms?" I suggested.

"No way at ALL! You know I think that it's wrong to crush phantoms." Grumbled spirit.

"Okay what about… wait for it… maybe skiing?" I knew I had hit the right one.

"Yeah! On Mt Shiveer! And after we could chill on the beach to warm up!" Exclaimed a excited, round eyed Spirit.

"Um okay…" I said. Spirit always goes just a tad over the top. "Let's get changed!" I yelled,rushing to spirit's and mine shared room. Icy has her own room,and to be completely honest with you, I am quite glad she does. She once spilled burning acid on the floor.BURNING ACID!!! We each got our thick jackets, wooly hats, cosy trousers,ski goggles and skis on. We clumped out of the house (after leaving a note to icy) and caught the bus to mt shiveer. It was a great experience, whizzing down a mountain. When we were both thoroughly exhausted we took of our skis and went to the changing rooms and got into our bikinis, shades and flipflops.

The beach, what we did and who we met there.

Shfrr shfrr shfrr. (No I haven't lost my mind. That was the sound of spirit and I snoozing on our towels at the beach.) I woke up abruptly from my slumber and immediately I saw a tiger crouching in a corner, a whole load of cheetahs, snow leopards and lions approaching him in an angry mob. "Uh oh" my brain said. "You don't wanna go near those 'things' do you Snow?" I had no idea what to do. I was in a spin. If I left them alone or indeed helped the angry mob I would maybe boost my popularity levels in school. (If I did that there'd be less chance of unfortunate injuries.) However if I helped the tiger I would be nice, not immediately classed as a bully and have more friends 'for life'. Then something clicked and I knew what to do!

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