A wolf named Spirit ArcticGem was in Madjasterx's den roleplaying Warriors. She was a power player, somebody who plays roleplay for warriors and fights to the death for no reason. She was almost done finishing off a kit named Tiny LittleGhost right before she said,"What seems fun now will hurt later..." Spirit didn't give it much thought, and she ripped the kit's head off, eating the brain straight from her broken skull. She was the most popular power player, and she had a group of about 23 others. Her main target was kits and queens, since they couldn't fight back. After she was done torturing and eating Tiny's body, she killed her siblings and her mom as well, and used the bones as armor. Tiny was right, Spirit was having the best time of her

AnimalJam 3

Tiny LittleGhost, a helpless kit that swore revenge on Spirit before she killed her.


That night, Tiny's soul visited Spirit's dream of killing off all of Thunderclan, then Windclan, and Riverclan, and

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Spirit ArcticGem, A power player that targets kits and queens.

to keep Shadowclan all to herself. "You have fun now..." Tiny whispered, Her body looking the same as when she was dead. "But you'll regret later..." Spirit, who was too busy shoving deathberries down a newborn kit's throat, didn't listen.

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When Spirit woke up, something was different. Instead of the usual bustle coming from the nearby township, everything was quiet. "I guess it's just a quiet day!" She

smiled, brushing it away without a second thought. She decided to go to the Sarepia Forest, frowning when there was nobody there. Until she heard the whispers. "You'll regret it." Spirit was starting to get angry, growling until suddenly she saw the chomper plant. There shouldn't be chomper plants in inhabited areas, they didn't need defending!

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(Nightshade's part)

Spirit padded nervously out of Serapia Forest, thinking, Perhaps they were planted because phantoms are nearby! She lowered her ears and cowered, scanning the whole area for anything strange or suspicious. She then heard the awful whispers again.

You'll regret it.

Spirit whimpered, tucking her tail between her legs. Then she shook her head and snarled to herself, "I'm a warrior, not a scared kit! Why am I even here anyway?" She tried to stay calm and act like nothing was happening, but the voices continued to whisper eerily in her head. Just then, out of the bushes, a strange shape appeared in front of her. It was truly menacing; it was not a phantom, but an arctic wolf, eyes blazing bloodlust and rage. The animal snarled at Spirit and pounced, raking its claws down Spirit's fur. She screamed and wailed at the pain, but there was nothing she could do to stop it. Her body hung limp in the arctic wolf's jaws. She was in horrible pain, frozen, her scruff in the wolf's mouth, but not dead. The arctic wolf needed her alive. Spirit's eyes wavered over the one chomper plant ahead of her before she finally fell unconscious.

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She woke up in what she imagined to be Mt Shiveer, but she was in an icy cave. Her paws were

AnimalJam 1-0

Wretched QuiteGhost, A "creature" That kidnapped Spirit.

frozen to the floor and she could see her breath, freezing within 2 seconds of leaving her mouth. She was going to die. Suddenly, the arctic wolf came back into the cave, sitting down right in front of her. "I told you." The voices seemed to say, as she whimpered and tried to get away from the other arctic wolf's stare. It suddenly lunged forward, trying to rip her head off just as she did to Tiny. She ducked and the ice broke below her, sending her tumbling down into a ravine.

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I nearly died before, I'm not going to die now! Spirit screamed out loud, jamming her claws into the slate on the walls. She clawed herself back to the top, and plunged toward the creature. She didn't get enough grip to pin it down, but she got it in one spot. "Who are you?!" Spirit yelled. Though she had millions of other questions, this was the first one she blurted out. Light started shining in the cave, just enough to give Spirit a good look at it. It was a large male wolf with a white pelt. "I am Tiny- I mean, I am Wretched QuiteGhost." Wretched was quite handsome, but Spirit had more to do than love something that almost killed her. "Y-you're a monster! Get me out of here!" Wretched smirked, amused to see her so scared. "Well," He laughed, "Now we know who the kit is...!" Spirit growled and leaped at Wretched, but he dodged and all Spirit got was a mouth full of dust. She hacked and spit it out, squirming away from him like a kit, just as Wretched said. "Bring me home!!!" She cried. Wretched smiled and grabbed her scruff, still treating her like a kit, and proving to be much older and stronger than her, at least 30 moons. "I shall bring you home..." Wretched said reluctantly. "If you answer some questions along the way." Spirit nodded, desperate to go home.

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Spirit was humiliated, her body being dragged across Jamaa in the jaws of quite a handsome wolf. She didn't bother to try and escape. She knew it was no use.

Wretched stopped at the Adventure Base camp, finally dropping her.

"Well?" Spirit demanded, "Why did you try to kill me?"

Wretched smirked, "We needed you."

"Needed me? For what?" Spirit retorted. Her heart began to pound.

"For this!" He forcefully buried his teeth in her scruff once again and hauled her into one of the green, shining portals. Then he jumped in, following her into the unknown.

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The unknown was beautiful but deadly. The plants ate anything in sight and spirit saw her worst nightmare in there, it was every kit, queen and the other innocents that she killed in cold blood.

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"W-why am I here?!" Spirit said frantically, though the Unknown seemed quite beautiful, besides all her enemies. "Welcome..." Wretched said, as if he had never met her. The dead bodies creeped carefully up to Spirit, and starting to bury her. "No, NO!!!" Spirit said, trying to wriggle out of the bodies' grip. "I DON'T WANNA DIE!!!!!!!" She cried. Wretched stood motionless in front of her, and closed his eyes. He turned into Tiny. Not as the gored, bloody Tiny, but the cute and helpless Tiny. "In exactly 12 days..." Tiny whispered. "You will feel every single pain, cut, broken limb, you have ever gave to your own clanmates... And die." Spirit's eyes widened with terror. "NO!!!" She screamed. "I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY I'M SORRY! PLEASE, JUST LET ME GO!!! I-I" Tiny shushed her with her tiny tail. "It's okay!" She smiled, as if nothing was happening. "You're a warrior! I look up to you. You're the one who I admire most!" Spirit silently gasped. Why is she acting so nice? I killed her! She thought, the bodies starting to disappear. "B-but I killed you!" Spirit cried. Tiny chuckled with delight. "Silly! You would never do that!" She whispered. Tiny's body started to fade away, replacing herself with Wretched once again. "No, don't leave!" Spirit yelled, as if she was a kit and Tiny was a warrior. Wretched laid down next to her and closed his eyes. "I will bring you home, but it will not matter in 12 days. You must pay." Spirit was still crying, but not enough to notice. I don't want to die...! She thought. But she knew that wouldn't help, so she went to sleep.

The next day, she was back in Madjasterx's den, crowded by kits, apprentices, warriors, and queens once again. A white wolf walked up to her. "I heard you are Spirit, the power player." He said with delight. Spirit nodded, reminding herself that she was back home, with the same urge to kill. Her brain became warped, and one full side was filled with the NEED to kill. She smiled with sinister written all over it. "I'd like to train to be one myself." Spirit wondered why he wanted to train. You don't need to train to join, just the need to kill. She thought, but she kept it to herself, nodding once again, with a puzzled look on her face. "I thought you only accepted the best of the best, and you had to be proven worthy...?" The wolf said. Spirit started getting her memory back, and losing so

AnimalJam 4

Major DarkWolf, a wanna-be power player.

me as well. "Yes, uh, what is your name?" She asked. "I am Major DarkWolf." He replied, walking to the top of the camp. Spirit followed, smiling at another day of winning.

Spirit was fighting Major, already winning. She fought many arctic wolves like him, so this would be a cake walk once again. She jumped toward him, about to end the ever-so-short fight, but Major made her miss and fall down. He then pinned her down, proving to be much bigger and muscular. "Remember when you just started playing animal jam? You loved the alphas, trading, and especially adventures. You played those for at least a year everyday." Major started. "Until one day, you had a boom seed, glitched to be called a chomper seed,and it exploded. And you died with it, unable to return. Strangely, You lost all of your levels. So you quit. I was there for all that. You became mad, mad to the head. Your only option in your mind was to kill. It started with just an abandon kit, then it turned into thousands of clan kits. It grew into a hobby, and you thought others would like to join you. I was there for all that." Spirit's eyes widened. "I was even there for the 12 day chat!" He laughed. Spirit started to panic, since his grip became tighter. "Please, let go!" She wailed. Major bit her until her flank started gushing blood, and the clan started to turn pitch black. WHY CAN'T ANYONE SEE US! HELP ME! Spirit yelled, but she realized she couldn't speak, only cry. Major picked up wolverine claws, and pinned her fur down. He then walked away.

The entire den then became pitch black, only being lit up by her eyes. She heard some crying and screaming in the distance. WHO IS THAT?! Spirit thought once again. She then heard some murmuring, and then Major walked back in with a light in between his jaws. Spirit then noticed she was being watched by thousands of kits and queens. But, but I have 11 more days! Please, stop!! Spirit cried. But no one noticed. Major closed her snout shut. "You are not going to live to see tomorrow..." He yelled. "You will feel all the pain right now that you ever gave to others..." He yelled even louder. "NOW ATTACK!!!" Immediately, all of her betrayed clan members started to attack. Her own mother ripped her stomach open, slashing at her insides. Spirit cried, but the others laughed in delight. A kit ripped her eye out and shoved it down her throat, while the blood from the cord trickled down her nose. It didn't last long, however, since Tiny's older brother, who was only 5 moons, ripped her throat out, and shoved it in her eye socket. "I think this surgery went well!" He laughed mockingly, just as Spirit said to him before she killed him. She thought she was dead, but the pain continued, and she realized the kits that were less than 1 moon were eating her alive. But a strange voice scared them all of, and Major dropped the torch so it slowly burned Spirit. The voice turned out to be Tiny.

"Please... Have mercy!" Spirit wailed, finally being able to speak. But Tiny didn't reply. She simply stood in front of her with her head down, tears falling on the ground from her. "I looked up to you..." She whispered. "B-but you betrayed me!" She cried in disbelief. "Feel, what I felt! You felt fun yesterday that will now hurt now!" Tiny then ripped Spirit's head open, crushing her skull. That was it. Spirit ArcticGem was dead. But Tiny didn't pay much attention to it, eating her brain straight from her broken skull.

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Spirit woke up in an all-white area. Just, white. Nothing else. It was strange. Spirit realized she was just an outline of an arctic wolf. No eyes, no mouth, no fur, just an outline. Spirit then saw a tunnel. No outlines, just a white tunnel. With nothing else to do, Spirit went through the tunnel.

When she came out the other end, she saw Mira & Tiny sitting together in what seemed like a blue throne. "You're not here yet..." Tiny started. "But don't worry. All will be forgiven soon."







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