On an adventure... Exploring the wild... Never knew where i was... Am I trapped...? You've gotta go training runnin' never stop til' you're done! You've got your gear Got your fox all set (All Ready.) for the new adventure! Stormin' Roamin' you're the Big Bang Leader Girl! You'll never stop with your friends because... You are ADVENTURE FOXES! WE'RE UNBEATABLE! WE'VE DEFEATEN TONS OF PHANTOMS! WHOA OH OH OH OH OH! Your final chance... Begin your journey, or nobody... You're the best you can be... Nobody's like the boys and the tomboys... You're in the wild together facing the phantoms! Black Goo, Green Grass what happened after that? Who knows we're all set! ADVENTURE FOXES WE'RE UNSTOPPABLE! WE GO MINING ALL THE TIME! WHOA OH OH OH OH OH! Pepcutedog, lambb997,

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