I tried to make this creepy, so enjoy! Stay tuned! (ALL JAMMERS ARE FAKE)

I was in Jamaa. I was a really, really rare Arctic Wolf. I went into the Pillow Room to discuss vines and complain I was bored. I saw a nonmember wolf, and they looked scary. They were 'crying' on the floor saying "PLEASE ADOPT ME BEFORE I DID!" I knew what 'did' meant. I thought it was funny to make a joke. But suddenly, they said "TRADE ME A BLACK LONG TO ADOPT ME!" I looked on their list and there they had it: Cami's Frog. The only item I wanted. So I decided to hack and scam them. "I'll adopt you!"

I buddied them. At once, they said "WHERE'S MY BLACK LONG?" I snickered. "Here you go!" I replied. Suddenly, they disappeared. I traded ALL their good items to my account. "Sucker!" I laughed. When they logged back on, they were MAD. "SCREW YOU!" The wolf yelled. My computer started glitching. The wolf was glitching. On the screen, the wolf was replaced with fman122. I was getting scared. I felt my animal melting, melting, melting.

I looked at the screen. Everything... my spikes, my betas, my rares, everything, was gone. Glitching. Everything. I was melting. My animal looked as if it was covered in blood. Dripping blood. So, I said it. "I'M SORRY!" I started crying. Fman looked at me. "Sorry doesn't cut it this time." My screen went black.

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