I forgot to mention this is my Summer Writing Contest Entry, so enjoy it!

  • clears throat*

Once upon a time, in a galaxy, far far away-

Wait, wrong one?

Ok so..

Space, the final frontier, we boldly go where no man-

Really? Wrong one again? Ugh...

This is a Hitchhiker's Guide/Star Wars/Star Trek space story with a Shystar twist in it :3

The Beginning

I paced around my little hut. I growled and waited for Marvin to come out. If he doesn't come out soon, I will-

My thoughts got cut off as Marvin, the robot rolled out of the room.

"Shystar, I see no point in waiting. We need to get off this ship. The Imperials will be here at any moment!"

I groaned. I've been living my whole life, running from the Imperials. The stupid idiots think I've commited crimes. All I did was maybe "borrow" a few guns, but so what? A werewolf's gotta live in this hard world. Oh yeah, I'm a werewolf. I'm Prototype 500 to be exact. Would space werewolf be exact? You wanna hear the backstory? Ok....

After Earth got destroyed about 15 years ago, I was sought out by the Imperials to become a monster for their army to bring peace to all worlds. I immediately hated the Imperials. Really? Mutation to bring peace? Dude, how does that make sense?! So I escaped, with my good friend Jay. He was Prototype 501. After a while we found Marvin, and Jay fixed him back to his old self. I missed Earth. I was only about 5 when it got destroyed, so yeah.

"Shy, how's the planning going?" Jay popped his head out of the door.

"Awful. Got your sorry butt outta there and prepare to run. The Imperials found us."

I could hear his groan from about 30 paces away. I understood his frustration, every time we think we found a good hiding place, they found us.

"How do the nitwits find us so easily!" He exclaimed.

"Dunno. Marvin, prepare the Hitchhiker's Thumb, we're gonna go far this time."

Artflow 201507170748

Well, there goes Earth...

"Those whosits! They relocated again!?" A voice exclaimed. "I need them back, ASAP! They're my ticket outta this joint! Commander, if you don't get them back, I'm demoting you!"

Commander released a gasp of breath. He couldn't be demoted! Not now, after 15 years! He nodded and replied, "I'll look for them immediately, Sir." He ran out of the room.

Captain Longbeard, official pirate of the Imperials needed those werewolves. If he couldn't get them, he would be stuck there forever! He hated the prospect of that.

Eventually me, Jay, and Marvin found ourselves on the deck of a blinding white spaceship. Me and Jay shielded our eyes, it was painfully bright. Marvin said, "I do believe we are on a Rebel ship. Maybe if we find them, they can help us."

"Good idea Marvin kid, but the problem is, we're here, on a deck, and they're somewhere, probably thinking we're Imperials." Jay scoffed.

"Now you're starting to sound like Zaphod..." Marvin grumbled.


Marvin kid, the only problem with that is we're here, and they're there..

"No, we can tell you're on our side." A voice said.

I spun around, only to be faced with a strong looking man, some people may refer to him as sexy. I snorted.

"How so, Mr. Buff?" I asked coldly.

"I heard your conversation with your partners, Jay and Marvin."

I immediately disliked this guy. Too sure of himself, that's clear.


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