Sparkle jumped into her car and pressed the drive button. She was headed to her den. She was going to do something. Summon The Lost Jammer. She had already bought the AJ Sewer and 3 Tiki's. She had called over her BFF Enchanted to help her out.

When Sparkle got there Enchanted was sitting in there. "You ready?" Sparkle asked her seal BFF. "Ya I guess, but... Is this gonna be another waste of my-our time?"

Sparkle did a fake-mock expression. "Enchanted my BFF, I wouldn't waste your time if this wasn't BIG," Sparkle 's voice raised on the last word."We are here to-"

"I know Sparkle" Enchanted said flatly.

Sparkle set everything up. They waited for what felt like hours for the so called "Lost Jammer". He never came.

Sparkle could see her friend was getting frustrated and wanted to leave. Sparkle looked over and told her best bud something.

"Hey Enchy" Enchanted glared at her"I know you don't want to wait for him... But I can't do this on my own ."

Enchanted nodded her head slowly taking something out. Sparkle thought it was a friendship bracelet...

"Sparkle my dear Bestie I have one too many favors for you. Now you will do me a favor." Enchanted pointed a sword at Sparkles heart.

"O-ok"Sparkle stuttered. She was so scared she forgot she herself had a Bow and Arrow plus RARE Freedom Bands.

Enchanted slashed at her friend. Hard. When she was done. Sparkle lay there sleeping. Sparkle passed. Thinking her friend was still full of rage.

But really Enchanted was sobbing her BFF since they were little, was dead. All because of her. She would no longer be called Enchy. She cried until ahe collapsed crying.

It could be a rumor. But everyone was talking about how strange Enchanted was acting. They'd been told Sparkle died but not how.

The truth was in Jamaa if a jammer killed another jammer they would have to be punished. Sparkle was forced to haunt Enchanted. Until Enchanted herself died.

Unbeknownst to everyone a certain jammer name Awesome SunnyBrave was what had started it all...

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