Warning: May be disturbing for some viewers. A re-make of Spiders since it was deleted for foul language (This one is curse-free!)

"Okay, Welcome everyone! We have hyenas, cheetahs, sharks, arctic wolves..." The manager started after he called a meeting. "We even have kangaroos! We need more! Suggestions?" Arty, the youngest employee and usually the quietest, raised his hand. "Yes... Marty?" The manager snickered, obviously not liking him. "It's Arty..."Arty corrected."Anyway, I, I think we should add spiders." A few other employees agreed. The manager looked skeptical. "Okay... Anyone else?!" He quickly said. No one raised their hand. The manager hesitated, sighed and then said," Very well then. Spiders shall be added to Animal Jam."

One hour later, Arty was in his cubical. Many co-workers cheered and congratulated him. A girl named Maria walked up to him and said," Great job Arty! You should add more abilities!" Arty smiled, but didn't say anything. As soon as Maria left, Arty smiled grimly and walked to the cafeteria. Soon, Arty's popularity grew larger than the boss!

A week later, spiders were added. The manager called in another meeting. "Well, Arty." He started. "Or apparently, Smarty. Got any cheap, useless ideas for us today?" A few employees laughed, but Maria stood up and yelled,"Shut up, you jerk! You had the idea of kangaroos, eagles, AND hyenas! Now it's time you give someone else the spotlight, and stop acting like a child!" The manager nearly strangled her, but stopped short and took a deep breath. "Very well then." He said. "Well, Arty?" Arty looked up quietly and stuttered. "Well, um, I, I, well, I guess we could give spiders more abilities?" Most of the employees clapped, and a few of them even cheered. In the commotion, Arty whispered to the manager,"Now look at me, idiot! You're the bad guy, and I'm the hero! I like this way better, so I'm keeping it this way. Get used to it!" The manager gasped in shock and ran to his cubical. He went into the Animal Jam files and clicked on," Spiders."

The manager added the ability for spiders to make webs, and when players weren't spiders and walked into the web, the couldn't escape. The spider would then be able to bite the players head off, and blood would squirt and gush everywhere like a shower. You would then be able to rip there eyes out off of the cords, cut them open with your teeth, and squirt the insides into your mouth. You could also cut their stomach open and rip their ribs apart, and jam them into your abdomen, blood gushing out. The last ability you had was to rip out their tongue, to find out that all of the organs came out with it, and using the tongue as a scarf. After that, you would be forced to leave while the victim's body would lay motionless, viciously bleeding, dangling from the web.

The employees were shocked to find that these abilities were added. They thought only one person could do this, which was Arty himself. Despite how much dirty looks Arty got, he seemed amused by the employees, and seemed to like this attention better.

That night, Arty went to the manager's house. "Oh, Arty! I wasn't expecting you!" The manager said, trying to be nice for once. "Good... I wanted it that way." Arty said, grinning. "W-what do you mean?" The manager asked, backing away. Arty grabbed the manager's arm, and stabbed him multiple times, until he lay there in his own pool of blood. Arty picked up the manager and squashed a spider with the body.

"There!" He said."No more spiders!"

Spider zapper

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