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As peace is around in Jamaa lately, the alphas found it a good time for a party with the rest of the others. The party is held in a secret location, with no jammers distracting them or any phantoms.

"Great party right?" Peck said, very excited as usual.

"I think it is time to wrap up this party," Liza said. "It's getting late,"

"Everyone, how about a game after we clean all this up?" Sophia said excitedly. After everyone clean up all this mess, Sophia carried a empty soda bottle in her mouth, since she doesn't have hands or paws to pick things up. "How about a game of 'spin the bottle'?"

"Hell yeah I'm joining!" Peck said, with her left fist in the air.

"Of course darling!" Amelia said, with a smirk.

"Y-yes!" Cosmo said. The other alphas agreed to play, just for fun.

"I had business to do." Greely said.

"C'mon sourpuss, there's peace in Jamaa, so why go to business?" Marco said, chuckling. "Besides, there isn't a repot of phantoms lately.

"I'm leaving," Greely said, rolling his eyes with no amusement.

"Please?" Sophia said, giving Greely her cute eyes.

"I decline," Greely said. "I'm not playing this childish game." He started to walk home. Peck had a idea hatched in her mind. She came up to Greely before he excited the secret building.

"If you spin the bottle and it lands on Amelia, you could kiss her," Peck whispered in his ear, with a smirk. Greely, with a hidden grin, agreed to play.

"Okay, I'm playing this childish game," Greely said. He walked to the others. Ruby also started leaving.

"Ruby, where are you going?" LaSalle asked. "Please join us!"

"Eww! Why should I be kissed?" Ruby asked, with her tongue sticking out. "It's nasty!"

"I had apple pie, your favorite." Peck smirked. "You can get it if you play with us."

"Fine!" Ruby said in boredom. "I only play this stupid game to get tasty apple pie!"

"Okay everyone, gather in a large circle!" Sophia said. Everyone sat in a large circle, with a bottle in the center. Amelia realized she sat by Greely. She blushed a bit, Greely still in his usual expression. Edmund sat by Liza, blushing tomato red. "Here is the rules, since there is more boys than girls, only the girls spin. "

"Also, if the boy or a girl refuses to kiss someone the bottle lands on, he or she had to eat the world's hottest peppers!" Peck said, showing the alphas a basket of the world's hottest peppers.

"Anyway, if the bottle lands on another girl, the girl can spin again, once you kissed someone that the bottle lands out, both of you step out of the circle," Sophia said. "Here are numbers of the order the girls spin." She took out a pouch of folded paper with numbers so no one sees the numbers. Ten girls picked up the papers with Sophia having one as also.

"Yay! I'm first!" Peck said, excitedly, jumping in the air. She spin the bottle. Waiting for it to stop, it landed on Cosmo.

"Cosmo, that's you," Otto said, tapping Cosmo on the shoulder.

"M-m-m-me?" Cosmo stammered.

"Come here Cosmo," Peck said with a grin. Cosmo still kept stammering, too nervous to make a movement.

"C'mon Cosmo, don't be scared!" Marco said, taunting Cosmo. As Peck happily kissed him on the mouth, before she almost lost consciousness, she and Cosmo both blushed rosy pink.

"You taste nice," Peck said, then fainted in Cosmo's arms.

"You too," Cosmo said, then lost consciousness too. Sir Gilbert carried both of them out of the cirle and laid their heads on the pillows. Peck quickly woke up a few seconds later, chuckling about seeing sleeping Cosmo.

"Yes! Second!" Harper said, with a smile. She spin the bottle, it shortly stopped, landing on Marco. Harper blushed fiery red. She silently can't move, Marco, with a smile, came up to her.

"Harper, I can't kiss since I had a beak, so you kiss me," Marco whispered to her with confidence. Harper didn't replied back, Marco made his beak and her mouth made contact. Harper, with her face all red, fainted in Marco's flippers. She fainted. Marco said behind his beak. He carried her to the pillows, having her on his lap.

Graham, who sat by Ruby looked at the unfolded paper. It said number three.

"Ruby, you're next," Graham said.

"Eww! No!" Ruby said in disgust.

"Apple pie?" Peck asked.

"Okay! I'm third!" Ruby said, rolling her eyes. "Um, can someone spin for me? I had hooves,"

"I'll spin for you." Liza said. Liza spin the bottle, with the bottle spinning in circles. I want to leave soon! I don't like being kissed by some guy! It's gross! Ruby said in her thoughts. It pointed to Sir Gilbert. Ruby approached to Sir Gilbert with passion.

"Um, well Sir Gilbert, it looks like-" Ruby said, but before she could finish her sentence, Sir Gilbert licked her on the horn. Ruby went all rosy red on the lick. Too surprised to move, Sir Gilbert carefully dragged her out of the circle.

"How's the lick?" Gilbert asked, with his usual deep brass voice, with a smile.

"I wasn't finished with my sentence, I don't like being kissed, but I admit I like it" Ruby said, still blushing. Sir Gilbert sat close to her, with Ruby blushing.

"Fourth!" Sophia said with joy. "Um-"

"I'll spin for you," Peck said. Peck spin the bottle for Sophia. C'mon who will it be? Sophia thought in her mind. As the bottle spin, Sophia shook a bit. The bottle landed on Cornelius. Please don't be Cornelius! His breath smells like a swamp! Sophia said in her mind.

"What?" Sophia asked in shock. "Cornelius?" Sophia nervously trotted to Cornelius, but he halted her.

"I refuse!" Cornelius said, with his usual rough voice.

"Whew," Sophia whispered.

"You can't do that!" Graham said. "Or eat the world's hottest peppers!"

"Peck, give me one of the peppers!" Cornelius said. Peck, woken up, threw him the world's hottest pepper.

"Eat it, coward," Peck said, with a snooty look. Cornelius grunted, droped the whole pepper in his snappy mouth. Cornelius panted a few times, then, running around like crazy with the rest of the alphas laughing, except for Greely. Cornelius ignored them, can't handle the spice, scurried outside as fast as he could, dunk himself in the river a few yards from the secret building to wear off the spice. Cornelius, with humiliation, came back in the secret building, all soggy, sat far away from them as possible. Almost alphas are still laughing from the scene.

"What a coward," Peck said, rolling her eyes. Greely thought the same way and so does a few others. Cornelius ignored her, closing his eyes from humiliation. Sophia stepped out of the circle with a glommed look. She sat at a corner with a red silk pillow. She angrily started chewing on the pillow, always wanted to kiss someone for once. She feel that kisses make her special, but she had to wait for a next opportunity, wile chewing on a pillow angrily.

"Well, well, I'm fifth!" Valentina said with pride. She, with her talon, spun the bottle. A minute later, it landed on Biff.

"Eww! No way!" Biff said, backing up form the circle.

"Come here cutie, give momma a kiss!" Valentina said, coming close to Biff.

"Gross! Why me?" Biff asked, nervously, still backing up, then beginning to run.

"Fine! If you won't, then I will!" Valentina said, with anger, losing her patience. She chased Biff around the room.

"Biff, kiss the woman!" Sigurd shouted. With most alphas giggling, Valentina then, grabbed Biff in her talons. Biff wanted to move, but too scared to move a inch, with the bird of prey gazing in his eyes, scaring his soul out of her body. Valentina forcefully made her beak contact with Biff's mouth. Biff then passed out, feeling like he died. I never knew Biff could be a wimp, Valentina said in her thoughts. She happily dragged Biff in her talons, to a corner, resting his head on a pillow. She sat beside Biff, imagining herself giggling.

"Well then, I'm sixth," Liza said. She spin the bottle, waiting for it to stop. It then pointed to Edmund. "Edmund, that's you," Edmund, blushing hot red, gulped down hard. Finally, this is happening, he said in his thoughts. Edmund bent his tall neck down for Liza to kiss him. Liza then, passionately kissed Edmund on the mouth, with Herself fainted by Edmund. Sir Gilbert carried unconscious Liza by a window, Edmund followed him. Edmund passionately watched Liza in a deep sleep. I don't know she could kiss so much with passion, Edmund said in his mind.

"Yes! I'm seventh!" Olive said with gleam. She spun the bottle, waiting for it to go around and around, to stop. Then, it stopped on Sigurd.

"Well pretty boy, come here." Olive said with a passionate smirk. Sigurd walked towards her with confidence, Sigurd quickly made both of their mouths come contact.

"Olive, how do you feel?" Sigurd asked, softly in her ear.

"Happy," Olive said, then fainted beside him. Otto, with his trunk, carried Olive by a table, Sigurd rested her head with a sunshine yellow satin pillow. Sigurd, peacefully sat by Olive, resting beside her.

"I don't know Sigurd can kiss her like that," LaSalle said.

"Well, Sigurd is full of surprises," Boomer said, with a smirk.

"I'm eighth," Juno said. She with her left paw, spin the bottle. Okay then, who will it be? she said in her thoughts. Then, it landed on Atlas.

"Oh," Atlas said. He and Juno stepped forward, them immediately, both of them drowned in a passionate lick. Few seconds later, Graham stepped in.

"Okay, okay, break it up." Graham said. Atlas and Juno get out the passionate lick and both of them sat beside a green and orange velvet pillow.

"You're such a great kisser," Juno said. Atlas gazed in her beautiful eyes, and replied:" You too." And both went on a conversation.

"Finally! It's my turn!" Jade said, tired from waiting. She spun the bottle, with the bottle going round and round, and stopped on a empty spot where Biff used to be, before he is Valentina's prey. Who will kiss me, she thinked in her mind. Jade spin again, then landed on Boomer.

"What? Boomer?" Jade said, loudly in disgust. She gagged a bit. Why Boomer? He's too weird! I want Otto to kiss me! She whispered so quietly that no one can hear her. "Eww!"

"Please?" Boomer asked, coming up close. "it lands on me, so please kiss me,"

"Bleh!" Jade said, shoving Boomer away. Boomer, with a sad expression, sadly walked away by the door with a frown. Why won't she kissed me? I have been chasing after her and this is what I get? Boomer sadly whispered. He covered his face in his paws from sadness.

"Jade!" Amelia snapped. "What's wrong with you?"

"What? Me? Kiss that thing? Never!" Jade said, in anger. "I'll do it if he is the last animal in Jamaa!"

"Boomer is sensitive you know!" Atlas roared.

"Congrats, you hurt his feelings!" Hudson said. "He always had a crush on you, he does anything for you and this is what you do? He always loves you and you gave him agony! This is how you treat someone who actually likes you?" Jade sighed with shame. "What a jerk!" Marco said, pointing his right flipper to Jade.

"You're a disgrace! I'm ashamed of you!" Otto said, with his deep tone, but more deeper.

"You all are right, I am a jerk." Jade said, with her head down.

"Apologize or eat the world's hottest pepper!" Sigurd said, backing Jade with his big antlers. Greely, agreed with the others, disgrace, shook is head.

"I'll do it then." Jade said, in disappointment. She walked towards Boomer. "I want to apologize from my act."

"I forgive you." Boomer said with a smile. Jade then adorably, let Boomer drown in a kiss, Jade left blushing mad, Boomer then, acted like he is in high sugar rush.

"Woohoo! Best night ever!" Boomer said, with glory, then passed out in asleep.

"Aww. He is cute when he is sleeping," Jade said in a whisper, then a few seconds later, Boomer finally regain consciousness. Boomer and Jade then, fell in a hug. Some alphas goes "aww", then Amelia cut out the scene.

"I'm last! Finally it's my turn!" Amelia said in cheer, she spin the bottle with her paw. Amelia watched the bottle spinning, then, it landed on Greely. Amelia blushed sunset red, with Greely holding in his blushing.

"Well, Greely, get ready for a kiss from a beautiful woman," Amelia said with passion, seducing her tail on Greely.

"Darling, I have been long ready," Greely said, with a slight smirk. He gave Amelia a large, passionate lick on her cheek. Amelia, blushing does the same to Greely. The alphas happily watch the last lickers happen, even Cornelius who woke up from his nap with a slight smile. After the most passionate lickers broke from the lick, they still looked at each other, gazing in each other's eyes. Greely had tints of red on his cheeks.

"Well, party's over," Hudson said. Peck gave Ruby the apple pie, Ruby devoured the pie like a pig. Cosmo is awoken by Peck, with Cosmo walking Peck home, Marco with joy, walked Harper home, Sir Gilbert and Ruby separately walked home, Sophia walked angrily back home, so does Cornelius, avoiding each other, Valentina flew back home, with Biff nervously walked back home.

"Liza, do you want me to walk home with you?" Edmund asked, blushing a pit of pepper red.

"Of course," Liza replied, happily. Both of them happily walked each other home, Sigurd helped Olive walk home, Atlas carried Juno home, Jade walked Boomer home, With Greely and Amelia last.

"So, mysterious, how's the kiss?" Amelia asked with passion. Greely kept staring in Amelia's hypnotic eyes, then snapped out of it.

"Delightful," he answered in a smile on his face as he walked her home.