It all started one day on Animal Jam, and I was super bored, so I decided to play Ssssnake.

It was your average AJ mini-game, your pet snake eating the mice an such. I was bored, so I had no choice.

I was calmly playing, until I reached 100 mice! Not bad, I thought, until a giant mouse appeared, almost taking up the whole screen.

My snake crashed into the mouse, and a green text box appeared. It read:


I closed out the text box, and rolled my eyes. How stupid. But then, another box appeared.

Your pet has gained a new effect! Click to display the effect!

The effect was my pet snake slapping a giant mouse, and the giant mouse falling over. Then my snake swallowed the mouse in one whole bite.

At this point, I was pretty excited! A new effect, for my snake! HOW EPIC!

Animal Jam had finally added something new, for a change.

I also got a new achievement: Mouse and Snake!

But the excitement didn't last for long, because I began using my effect when I was with my buddies.

Whenever my buddies had their pets, and I used the effect, my snake would eat my buddes' pets instead of the giant mouse.

I had to set my snake free in order to get rid of the 'Giant Mouse' effect.

But the effect was passed on to my pet cats........

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