Before Mira had made Jamaa, there was a place, this place was called Ancientio. Anciento was peaceful, until another part, which is abandoned now, collided with Anciento. This place was dark, full of death. There were different factions, such as, the Voodoo faction, Demonic Faction, and so on. They declared war, millions, maybe even billions, were murdered. One day, a hero by the name of Nair, a brave wolf, went exploring, and found an orb. This orb pulsed with magical energy. He caught all of the factions, for a reward, Mira, came to the rescue and banished it. Because of this, Jamaa formed a place of happiness, maybe a bit of darkness.

Chapter 1: Broken

Bells were ringing as people swarmed in Appondale. Dancing, a pink arctic wolf with a black jamaaliday scarf, praised for this day to come. She watched as Major, a grey seal with a polka dot tuxedo, walked up. "Welcome Jammers!" He cried. "We are holding a day of festivity, a day of grace!" All the animals cheered as Major threw down a blanket which revealed a black orb. Every jammer took a step back, as this held all the factions leaders and if they broke out, well, they would spawn armies and armies. "Don't worry jammers it's okay!" The jammers edged closer to the mysterious orb, one touched it and it stayed still. Dancing on the other hand, hid in the shadows. She didn't want to cause trouble. Then, she saw, a monster.. Something!? It had a black hood on as it edged towards the orb. The thing pushed it down as it cracked. "Why is no one noticing!?" Dancing hissed "They're all looking at the orb, and that thing is getting away!" she hissed. "Well, it's not my problem" she said, as she went out of Appondale and to her den.


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