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Contains some mild language.

Trip wondered what life was, was it just a dream? Haha. He wished. He grabbed a knife and stuck it in his mouth as he wondered throughout the woods. Often he would sleep with it, just in case. He wondered some more as he placed one paw in front of the other. He heard a rustle, and a rabbit leaped in front of him. "Stupid rabbit," he muttered, nostrils filled with the scent of pine. "I'm starving-what the neck?" He heard another rustle, this time behind him. His younger brother, Castin, lunged in front of him, jaws full of a fish. "Damn it! You scared me you little buttnugget!" Castin flopped on his back, laughing. "Looks like I got the first catch today!" He grinned, flinging the fish on the side. "And Mother says not to swear," he flashed his brilliant hazel puppy eyes. "We're to get our first stitches today, and swearing means BAD luck." Trip thought about the stitches, how every year each young pup would get a number stitched on their paw to represent their back. "A nine," Trip thought. "That's the number I'll get."

Hey guys, I decided to wait before I continued it, just tell me if you liked it or if I should continue it in the comments. I just want to make sure.

Continue: After dragging his brother back to their den, Mother immediately started speaking. "Wash up now, be quick," She ordered. "Scrub those paws, and clean them ears," Mother began to place the fish in a basket. Trip moaned. Now his skillful paws were to be stitched with twigs into by Sister Owl, oh the pain. Bathing in the river, he shook his fur, and saw, yes, an ANGEL. A beautiful wolf, bright crimson fur, gold eyes. He turned his head, blushing a bit. No, he could not be a coward in front of this creature. When she stepped out of the water, Trip immediately went to talk to her. "Hey, um, m-my name's Trip, and uh, hehe." He swallowed, waiting for an answer. She glared at him, and sprang into the water, disappearing. "What...?" Trip looked at the surface. -TO BE CONITINUED-

The creature disappeared, but now it was time for the numbering to begin. 

Trip raced his brother to a deep clearing where they would get their numbers. He expected a 9, which meant a beta in the future.

As all the wolves sat together, he saw the crimson wolf. He just could NOT stop staring at her. Castin received a 9, an unexpected event. "Oh crap," Trip thought. "I'm gonna be an omega." But that was not the case. Sister Owl held out her wing, announcing, "And Trip will be a 10." He heard howling everywhere. He was to be the future ALPHA?

Trip gasped for a moment, unable to feel the sting of the twig being stitched into his paw, in the shape of a 10. He felt proud, yet surprised. "What if this is a mistake?" He wondered. Then he thought again. "Maybe I can impress that she wolf over there," he grinned to himself. Immediately he strutted over. "As you can see, I'm the future ALPHA, so yeah!" He barked proudly, flexing his muscles. Her face grew stern and a bit jealous. "Shut up, you dummy!" She growled, scratching the ground with her claws. "My father is gonna kill me! Ya know how hard I worked to get that 10?!" Then she got physical. She knocked him to the ground, biting his neck. Castin walked by, then made his way back to the stands. "Oh," he grinned mischievously. "I should probably leave you and your girlfriend alone." Trip was unable to speak back, as this "Angel" was choking him. "Shut up, you dimwit! You sasquatch! You oversized cabbage!" Then she ran off, back into the water, like she always did.

Trip brushed off his fur, disgusted. "Who the hell does she think she is?" Then he laughed. "Serves you right, Castin," he thought. "Swearing got me a 10." He grinned.

When he arrived home, his mother was beyond proud. "Oh, my two very own children!" Her face bloomed. "An Alpha and a Beta, how wonderful!" Castin immediately spoke back. "And, Mother, Trip has a girlfriend!" He nudged Trip. "I DO NOT!" Trip interrupted. "That thing tried to kill me!" Mother laughed. "Well, it's time for supper-I think you boys have had enough adventures today." Trip rolled his eyes. "I'm not hungry," he declared, walking off to a pile of leaves and rocks.

While everyone was asleep, Trip looked at his paw, the 10 gleaming in the moonlight. He sighed, and turned his back.

"Trip! Wake up!" Castin pounced on him constantly. "What?" Trip muttered. "The Rebel Pack! They took Mother!" Immediately Trip took to his paws. "Where is she?" Castin had tears flowing down his eyes. "They took her, and some of the other Defenders to their territory! What if-" 

"Stop." Trip interrupted. "Let's go!"

The brothers sprinted across the field, tripping through miles of rocks. Then, they arrived. Whining and howling was all around, wolves being killed here and there, some looking for a way to escape the mess. Mother was lying in the shadow of a tree, appearing injured. Trip and Castin dodged the enormous fight and leaned over her.

"My son's," she whispered. "Promise me, promise t-that y-you-" 

"Mother!" Tears filled Castin's eyes.

Mother opened her mouth as if to speak, "Retrieve the-" she croaked, gasping for air. Blood dripped from her neck. "Retrieve what mother?" Trip's voice cracked, his furry face stained from tears.

"I love you."

"Mother! No-no!" The brothers gasped. Trip turned to Castin, eyes stern. "Run home," he instructed, "Before you get killed." Castin opened his jaws, about to complain, then took off into the dark. Trip placed one paw on his mother's fading face. Her eyes were a bit pale now, pale white, pink veins running across them. Trip felt a tear trickle down his furry cheek, and, with gritted teeth, he forced out one word.


Then he saw that jealous wolf, that one who stood out among the other females. Her rear stuck up as she was cornered by menacing Rebel pups. "It's not right to leave her like that," he thought. "For Mother."

Trip tensed his muscles and slowly walked towards the Rebel pups. "Hey," he called. "Leave her alone." Each started to turn to him, pairs of dark eyes gleaming. "Why should we?" Smirked the largest. "All us against you, puny wimp." Trip Sat down, pretending to be relaxed. "Not really a fair fight," he grinned, looking at his claws. Then the largest approached him. The smallest one, looking helpless and frightened, spoke out. "Maybe we should let her go," he suggested. He was ignored, as now two of the pups approached Trip. Two against one.

They both lunged at him, tearing his ears. Trip felt blood trickle down from ear to paw. The paw with the 10. Trip hit the smaller one with his paw, revealing his Alpha notification. "An Alpha," the larger one menaced. Trip gritted his teeth, biting the large one on the neck. The she wolf was freed by the smallest Rebel cub, and she lunged at the two, claws and teeth out. The last thing Trip heard was,



Trip ran as fast as he could into the woods. He felt like a coward doing this. The female wolf ran past him, whimpering. "I'm a monster," he heard her cry. Trip ran faster, trying to catch up to her. He pounced on her and left her pinned to the ground. He nearly shrieked when he saw that this beautiful wolf was stained in blood, with foam running down her muzzle. "Stay away from me!" She shook him off. "I don't want to hurt anyone!"

Since a bunch of people are suddenly reading this and are well, liking it, I feel bad for discontinuing it. So for your sake, I will continue it.

And yes, I will get new pictures.


The female wolf growled and stood up.

"I- I'm sorry," said Trip. "I didn't mean to hurt you."

She breathed heavily, and then began to look and bit more calm. "I'm Raven," she paused.

"I'm Trip!" said Trip happily. Her fur glistened in the moonlight.

"I just-" she paused. "I've been infected. I get the urge to kill. I have what they call.. rabies."

Trip stared at her for a long time. "Let's get out of here," he said, and lead her out of the woods. The two of them became silent shadows in the night, creeping slowly through the forest. The war had broke out, Rebels against the other packs. Raven wasn't that mean Angel wolf, he thought suddenly. She had to be someone else, because she actually responded, and, well, wasn't that attractive. She was beautiful, indeed, but not as beautiful as the crimson wolf. She had midnight glossy black fur, and dark eyes that reflected the light of the moon. Suddenly, they both heard a noise. "Hooty hooty tooty! Are you a fruity? 'Cause I'm a BOOTY!"

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