Hello! I am going to do a rp thing in the chat! Here's how it works:

I will list all the available roles you can try out for.

I will comment on the peoples messenger wall saying if they made it. I will also give a small bio.

Cats available:

Birdflight- agile shecat, brown tabby with green eyes. Her kits where killed by Bravestar (more about him later) She's now the medicine cat.

Goldeyes- a fast and sleek hunter, her mother was killed by Bravestar upon becoming an elder. Obviously she has a gold type color to her fur.

Appleleap: a to be queen, her mate being Feralclaw. She's a light gray tabby.

Doedusk- A calico queen with a litter of four kits Ebonykit, Eaglekit, Mintkit, Oakkit.

Boulderspark- black tom, a amazing fighter. A too be father to Doedusk's and his kits.

Feralclaw- a Redish colored tom. He fled the clan after he heard of Bravestar and what he did.

Bearscar- A brown tabby tom, he is usually mistaken for Bramblestar/claw.

Lightningcloud- A white tom with orange patches.

Hailpaw: A light gray tom with white paws

Palepaw- A tan she-cat with darker marking around her nose, ears, paws, and mouth.

Owlpaw: A dark brown tom. Training to be the next medicine cat

Willowpaw- A ginger tabby she-cat

Ebonykit- A pure black tom-kit

Eaglekit- A reddish tom-kit with white markings

Mintkit- A calico like her mom

Ok if you have made it this far then good for you! I will be put a two prologs here because my cat has a weird history. If any of you guys want a back story like mine don't wait too ask!

Prolog one:

"Psst Feralclaw, come on! Time to leave,"

"Ugh I'm up, lets go" Feralclaw whispered

"You get the queens and apprentices, I'll get the warriors,"

Stormleap got up, shaking the rest off the rest off. He started padding toward a sleeping she-cat.

"Goldeyes, we are leaving,"

As the she cat rose Stormleap looked for other cats. He spotted Bearscar waking up Bolderspark.

Good everyone is waking up Stormleap thought

"Are will ready Stormleap, or is it Stormstar? Said a soft voice

"Greetings Birdflight" Stormleap said turning to see the she-cat, "Is Owlpaw awake?"

"He is, as for all the other cats in the group," Birdflight answered.


"Are we are to leave now? The moon won't stay in the sky forever."

"Yeah, let's go."

As the group of cats left ThunderClan, the first streams of dawn filtered into the sky.

"Run! We have to make it out of the forest before the dawn patrol is out!" Stormleap yowled.

Prolog 2

Stars in the sky glowed like small fireflies. A lone she-kit sat by a gushing brook, suddenly a large shap loomed over her. The she-kit didn't meet the wolves gaze.

"Here you are little one," The she wolf said, sitting down next to the kit.

"Hana why am I so small?" The young she-kit wailed.

"Peace, musume, the great wolves made you for that way a reason," Kokoro, the wolf said.

"But I want to know now!" Tsukiko said.

"Have you heard the story of Usagi?" Kokoro asked,

Of course she had! The stories of Usagi and Kyo where one of the first stoires wolf pups ever heard.

"Tell it agian hana!" Tsukiko begged.

"Well Usagi and Kyo where the pups of the sky and earth. Kyo had blode fur that looked gold in the sunlight. Usagi had a grey coat. When they where older Usagi and Kyo took over the sun and moon, Usagi getting the moon, Kyo getting the sun. Every night and every day Kyo and Usagi take a patrol of our ancestors. That's what the stars and clouds are. Now you have to get to bed," Kokoro said.

Usagi nodded and padded toward the cave she came form.

Prolog 3 (Infinity wolf's request)

"I say these words before Foxrunner so his spirt will hear and approve of my choice," Bravestar yowled "The new deputy of ThunderClan will be Bolderspark!"