Two figures stood in front of the setting sun. One was a female artic wolf with blue-gray markings the other was a handsome artic wolf with a golden mask.

"Zios come back here you little..!" Mira shouted gleefully.

In a flash of white light the cobalt artic wolf was now a beautiful gray heron. Taking to the skies she caught up with Zios and transformed back into her Artic wolf. She landed into Zios, his gaze being more loving than hurt.

"You caught up to me, how am I ever going to get ride of you?" he asked.

"Your never going to get rid of me, get used to it," She replied.

"Alright Birdbrain. I want to show you this," He said moving his tail in a sweeping motion over the valley below them. It had thick dense forests to towering ice covered mountains to crystal waters.

"This is all yours," Zois motioned to the diverse land bellow them.

"Its our land. Whatever we do we do together," Mira smiled.

"Together," He promised. Then he did something more amazing then anything he had done before. He kissed her.

Mira was clutching her foreleg. She had been bitten by a spider while exploring the thick swamp. The venom from the bite prohibited her from changing forms. While doing her best to bandage it Zios found her.

"Don't die on me Mira, we're in this together. Remember?" He said, worried.

Her only response was a grunt of pain. Touching his paw to the area of the snack bite he muttered a incarnation and the wound started to close up.

"How does it feel?" He asked.

"Like my insides have been frozen then microwaved," Mira shivered.

Zios picked her up damsel in distress style, and carried her back to their house

Mira carefully scanned the marshes from above. It had been weeks sense she had been bitten by the spider. Zios was below, his golden mask barely visible. The blue heron gracefully dived down into the swamp and landed beside Zios.

"How are you feeling?" He asked.

"Better," she replied.

Suddenly a strangled cry fell over the marshlands. Zios and Mira exchanged a confused look and quickly went to investigate. A coking sound escaped from Zios, and Mira looked back to see he was coughing up blood, black blood. Mira watched helplessly as her beloved sank to the ground. He gave her one last look of love. Right as his head hit the earth, Zois screamed and stretched his eyes so wide it looked as if his irises were only two blue dots lost in a ivory sea. Mira stepped back horrified. Her eyes drifted above is head. Above him a shadowy wisp-like creature with crimson eyes and a wide smile filled with jagged teeth smiled at her then melted into shadows. That thing had killed Zios. That thing was going to pay. Mira's beautiful gray-blue coat started falling off or melting back into her skin. In its place a smooth, almost leathery skin arouse, black-ish purple in color. Her eyes merged together into one big orb and she rounded out into a sphere like shape. She floated of the ground and tentacles formed around her. Mira left Zios to rot.

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